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Car Features

After retiring from a sterling career as an Army Aviation helicopter test pilot, Kevin decided to build a special, sturdy rat rod that could double as a daily driver and provide some fun for the kids.
And so it began, with bold intentions to lower the truck, chop it, and reconstruct it in a way a mad scientist might consider a little brash.
  Words & Photos: Gary Rosier  
Brandon had his sights set on recreating a vintage speedster with a body of his own creation.
As Rydell sat at his desk, browsing Craigslist on a Thursday afternoon, his eyes widened as he found this stunning four-door Essex with all four doors proudly suicidal.
With the car's skeleton residing at the bottom of a canyon, Brian and his brother-in-law began the arduous build appropriately - by uncovering a series of boulders and removing the buried '28 Ford Sedan.
  Words & Photos: Chadly Johnson