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Car Features

Words & Photos: Clive Branson Owners:  Barry and Jacqueline Keul
Words and Photos: Gary Rosier
Words and Photos: Chadly Johnson
Words and Photos: Chadly Johnson
A work in progress, my 1974 Corvette will be done soon, it's getting a Candy Apple (2016 Lexus) red paint job, Lambo doors, new carpet, door panels, still looking for Tan C5 Seats, Hooker Headers, Holly 650 Carb, Edelbrock intake (New), Mags, new tires etc...  
Written by Chadly Johnson
This one has been on the street.  I am redoing everything to get it like new again. This car make was in the original 1974 "Gone in 60 seconds" movie. -Jerry
Written by Jeff "Titus" Bloedorn   Photos by Chadly Johnson  
I've been working on it for about 2 years in my garage,  The body and frame were basket cases. It's still a ways from running.  This one is my third HEMI with 8 carbs in the last 14 years.  People around here expect these from me.