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Owner: Jon Mannila
Written by John Gunnell The first year that Gene Gerber went to Bonneville was 2008 and he took a NASCAR racing car.  Even though Bonneville has dozens of classes, there was no class for such a vehicle and all he did was run for speed.  But, all five of his team members drove it and got their Class A (200-mph) driver licenses.
                  E-bay has become a powerful tool for both buying and selling classics cars over the years.  The vast majority of transactions done via on-line sales are successful for both parties involved, but I’m sure we have all heard of a horror story or two.  Such is the case with the gorgeous Chevy II you see gracing these pages. 
Words and Photos: Clive Branson
Heidts Rear Suspension Photos and text by Chadly Johnson The second step in our suspension upgrade was to match the front Heidts system with a rear Heidts set-up.  We also replaced the stock rear end with a Currie that is complete with Wilwood brakes…this was followed up by a rear swap bar.  OK…here we go.
Text and Images by Clive Branson