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Posted February 15, 2013 - I started the 1932 Ford Coupe in December of 2010 Steve’s Auto Fab did the chassis. I finished the car around Memorial Day and put about 600 miles on it. I am now putting the final touches on interior. I spend all my time in the garage it helps keeps my sanity; lol.
John Willoughby’s T-Bird Deuce Has a Long and Storied History  
Posted January 24, 2013 - Kathy Sullivan and Jeff Nicholsan’s Lincoln Capri Rat Rod
Goodguys First Ever Giveaway Hot Rod Back on the Road
Thank you to all of our readers who sent in photos from their car clubs. We love to see your cars, your groups, and your gatherings, so please keep sending them.
DREAM OF A HOT ROD WINTER by Richard Stanley Cagan
  My 1950 Blue Flame Pickup Truck Was Completed In The Summer Of 2012 Features:  Fuel Injected LT Motor, AC, Custom Fender Skirts, Top Chopped 2-1/2", And Much More Bronco Bob 
Hi just wanted to tell you about my truck that I started in 2009 and finished in July of 2012. It has a Camaro front clip, 355 cubic inch motor with 350 trans lots of fun to get to drive down the road now knowing I built all of it my self. Thanks I like looking at your web site. -- Chris Nichols