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Rodders Row

  By Austin Baird Conley  
Bill's 1928 Ford Model A: Bill at 16 on front fender with friends  
Pictures of 1929 Nash Sedan with a Detroit 871 blower built by Greg Baum in Boise Idaho.
50 olds. holiday,old school. powered by a 63 394 olds, 3x2s, 4 sp. jetaway trans 3.42 rear gears, a/c, ps, p/brakes disc in front p/windows tilt steering black tuck...
Here are two projects that i have going 1936 ford slant back sedan ,1936 ford pickup truck, the truck is mostly done the sedan is on the back burner. 
Just found your site. I wanted to share my current project. I found this 2.5 yrs ago. It had been sitting out in the woods for over 50 yrs. I am doing a traditional build.
This car was a original small block 4 speed car, it was blue with a white top and interior, I redid the car about 8 years ago, new paint ,got rid of the white top and changed interior to black . Engine is a strong 350 with a late model 6-speed Fun car to drive. Would like to change engine to a LS .
This is my 65 Chevelle Wagon    I have 5 grandsons and this is our cruiser.  My oldest is 18 now ...
By Dave Frederick 
I got this from customer and was worth sharing, thought some of you might like to check out a really sweet 68 ambassador a long way from home, now in Germany.