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Rodders Row

Tilt wheel, 700R transmission, power steering, power brakes with Kelsey Hays stock front disc brakes, Moroso 12 bolt, 3:08 rear end. Vintage A/C. Infrequently seen Edelbrock, 409 wheels, 17 X 8.5. Tweed, two tone grey interior, reclining seats. See this, bone stock LS1, perform about 4 years ago:
Just finished my second build of my 1934 Ford pickup.  New chev 350, Teal-Green paint, and 12 yrs of work to get it all together.   Gene Rogers, Retired teacher.
1939 Lincoln Zephyr owned and restored by Dave Jolly of Norval Ontario V12 engine shaved heads dual strombergs Red’s headers 2 speed Columbia rear axle Diamondback 700X16 tires
Bob and Jacquie Eaton bought this Corvette from the original owner 11 years ago and it's been a work in progress since then with their son. They've worked on customizing the engine, suspension and a one-of-a-kind paint job that features the American Flag and an eagle. It's won numerous awards at local car shows.  
Home Rack for my Toys.   With trying to find room for all my cars to not be left outside had to come up with and idea of keeping them under one roof..  So, without enlarging my garage got Engineering approval and had the Trusses shortened so a pocket inside garage could be made to store my 1935 00Chevy Std.
Frank and Linda Corio Our 1951 Old Skool Merc, Running a 327 th400 American O Drive 9" ford rear end. Lots of fun.
First hot car I ever saw was a midnight blue 65 Chevelle, SS with a 4 speed. I was hooked.
Hey there! I've been working on my build since April and thought I'd share the work in progress. It's a 1954 GMC 5 ton with a 5.9 Cummins.