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Rodders Row

Hey there! I've been working on my build since April and thought I'd share the work in progress. It's a 1954 GMC 5 ton with a 5.9 Cummins.
Eldon Westenburg purchased this 1933 Ford Pickup based on pictures alone. Turns out, the truck is chopped and channeled, and with Eldon being 6' 3", he can't get in the seat!
It has the 390/C6 combo. This picture was taken at the Heritage Flight Museums Mustang Round-up. I have owned the car for 14 years and I’m the 3rd owner.
This story is about my wife Debbie Alvey, who has been married to me 30 yrs., of Hotrods Builds. She has been through many Hotrods builds and showing over the years with me.  The last couple of years I got less interested until my wife asked me to build her a car. She picked the paint color, wheels, and tires, designed the interior, etc.
The Hollywood project was started with a very clean California car. The original purchase was in Riverside, California. The car remained in California until Dick Raczuk, founder of Koul Tools, purchased it in 1998.
The history of my car, by Justin K. Ray
It was painted by ProComp in Florida, I am in the middle of reworking the interior (maybe I'll send some garage shots). Its got a 390 that is 60 over, recently rebuilt, don't have the motor back in yet. Tranny is a C6 that was rebuilt a couple months ago. Hope to be rolling in the next couple of months.
Check out Dan Whitton's home-built 1915 Model T. He built it in 1976 and won many awards, but eventually had to sell it. He's looking to track it down, so if you know where it is, let us know at [email protected]!
Check out Frank McLawhorn's 1940 Ford Hot Rod.
This is a 1937 Dodge pickup. I did the metal work and paint work on this truck about 5 years ago for the man who taught me about hotrods, vintage cars, and all things cool! We researched gloss levels on alkaloid enamels from the '30s and got as close to that as we could with a DuPont coating.