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Gear Vendors Under/Overdrive For Muscle Cars / Hot Rods

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GEAR VENDORS can give your GM / Dodge / Ford vehicle up to twice the forward gear ratios, unparalleled performance and the ultimate in horsepower handling of any auxiliary transmission. There is no competing underdrive or overdrive transmission available on the market that will give you the performance of a GEAR VENDORS UNDER/OVERDRIVE™.


M21 ElectrocnisIf you own a Ford Top Loader or BW T-10, you have one of the best manual transmissions ever put in a car. These transmission are still used in Nextel cup cars because of the durability and you would be stepping backwards to put in some late model 5 speed to get overdrive. This is just one of the reasons you want a Gear Vendors for these tranny's. Not only will you get to keep your bulletproof 4speed but nothing in the car has to change (crossmember, tunnel, shifter and linkage all remain the same). Our kits for the Ford cars are very simple installs handled in just a few hours in your garage or at one of our dealers. No special tools are required and a new 1350 series driveline yoke comes with each kit so your local driveline shop can have the shaft ready by the time you installed the overdrive.

Once installed you will have a whole different vehicle. Our 28.6% faster cruising gear will have your 4.10s behaving identical to 3.20x on the highway (3.55 would be 2.77). This 28% easier cruise gear will have the engine purring and the mileage up 22-28%. No other modification you do to the car is going to pay you back in resale value or mileage like the Gear Vendors. In the long run it really costs you nothing to own our product and on top of these benefits you are stepping into a whole new level of performance.

Bobby Bruhn's, '40 MirageHit the button on your shifter for the overdrive before you leave the line and you activate our AutoLaunch circuit. The car will accelerate in 1st and then shift clutchless to 1st-over which is just like you shifted to 2nd on either of the close ratio 4speeds. You can use this clutchless feature on any gear - say you are boulevard cruising in 2nd and want to show off a little - just squeeze the throttle and hit our button. It's much faster, tirebarking, and only a few hundredths different than shifting to 3rd. In 1/4 mile times you are much faster. The serious strip guys flip the 3-4 sidecover lever over so that 3rd is now where 4th was - then they can shift 1st, 1st-over - doing the entire run with just one clutch depression.

For this reason we ship these kits with our 6speed badges for your car and yet it is far more performance than any 6 speed available. You do not have to be at the dragstrip to enjoy this - it is just a blast to drive. All our kits come with a 2yr unlimited mileage, unlimited horsepower, unlimited abuse warranty. You are under warranty even at the dragstrip. Plus a 30 day money - back guarantee so you know you will be happy with everything about how our kit installs and drives. Gear Vendors is the best you can buy in durability, performance, installation, warranty, operation, and mileage.

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Call us at the factory with any questions, see the Racing section for some "first on race day" Fords.


GEAR VENDORS provides overdrive product to racing cars and trucks up to 2000hp and trucks towing heavy RVs up to 25,000lbs gcvw. Whether you are trying to move a couple tons up a steep incline or moving just a couple thousand down the track — the fastest way is with the right gearing. Add the benefits of a final overdrive ratio to reduce engine rpm and increase fuel mileage by typically 20-28% and you have a product that is the single biggest innovation you can bolt to your car or truck. With fuel costs high the overdrive can pay for itself in mileage and engine wear reductions. That makes the driving pleasure of overdrive, and performance improvements free — and then the vehicle is also worth more when/if you ever sell it with the GEAR VENDORS. In the long run it just doesn't cost you anything to own a GEAR VENDORS UNDER/OVERDRIVE™. For an in-depth discussion on which vehicles can expect these mileage gains see our "common questions" section on the web site.

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