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Gearstar Custom transmission installs — local Akron shop does it best

Custom transmission installs — local Akron shop does it best
Matching passion with performance, one transmission at a time

Akron, Ohio — Gearstar Performance Transmissions is located on North Howard Street, not even a mile from the beating heart of downtown Akron. Owner Zack Farah founded Gearstar after spending years working for another transmission manufacturer that produced up to 100 transmissions and 300 converters per day. As time passed, Farah continually found himself drawn toward the high-performance transmission aspect of that business.

“At the time, very few companies were offering anything other than high-volume, mass-produced transmissions from the big manufacturers,” Farah said. “That certainly worked for that company, but I really took interest in high performance transmissions and custom installs. I decided to start my own business so I could focus on doing what I loved, and Akron was the perfect community to make that happen.”

Farah left the transmission manufacturer, started Gearstar Performance Transmissions and recruited five exceptional builders. These master technicians receive as much time as they need to build a truly customized transmission.

“All of our transmissions are handled by one of four builders from start to finish,” Farah said. “This helps maintain consistency and quality throughout the building and installation process. They work with only the best parts — often shelving common parts that other builders and shops would typically use. They can take as much time as they need so that what’s delivered is simply the best of the best.”

But simply manufacturing the transmission isn’t the end of the line. Gearstar also specializes in custom installations. The company can convert a manual or 3-speed automatic transmission to one of their custom-manufactured performance 4-speed automatic overdrive transmission and converter packages. Gearstar also upgrades four-wheel drive and extreme duty towing applications, all while ensuring the vehicle looks as though a factory performed the transmission installation.

Most of the vehicles Gearstar specializes in are hot rods and street rods, as well as four-wheel drive and off-road applications, and each requires an installation method that’s as distinct as its transmission. The company also performs vigorous dynamometer testing to ensure that power, torque and force are all to customers’ specifications.

“We match passion with passion,” Farah said. “When customers come to Gearstar, it’s because they’re passionate about their ride. It’s their pride and joy, and they want to make sure it’s as perfect as possible. The demands they place on their transmissions are different from those placed on a family car, and Gearstar is perfectly structured to ensure those demands are met and exceeded every time.”

Gearstar is currently in the process of selling its building and relocating to a larger one. With more space at its disposal, the company will be able to perform more custom installations and serve more customers seeking hand-built transmissions than ever before.

For more information, please contact Zack or Mark at (330) 434-5216.


About Gearstar Performance Transmissions

Gearstar Performance Transmissions is an Akron-based, employee-owned manufacturer of high-performance, hand-built custom automatic transmissions. Using only American-made parts, our passion for lasting performance, professional quality and total customization ensures that every transmission or converter we build is the best of the best.