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Have you ever wanted to learn how to draw Hot Rods?

Have you ever wanted to learn how to draw Hot Rods? Or maybe someone you know has had “the itch that’s needed scratching?” Well, here is your chance to step into the noggin’ of professional Hot Rod Illustrator, Scott Fisk who’s artwork has been featured in magazines such as Renegade, Ol’ Skool Rodz, Car Kulture Deluxe, Smokin’~Shutdown (Berlin, Germany), Cruisin’ Style, Rodder’s Digest and Right Coast just to name a few (we won’t bore you)!

Scott has just launched a campaign on promoting his new “how to” book, titled “Hot Rod Illustration #101, Drawing AUTOS~WITH MOTIVE!” cool, right?! This book is over 90 pages of tutorial and it’s PACKED with imagery!

*If you’ve never heard of Kickstarter here’s how it works, you go and “pledge” for really cool offerings like a “pre-order” of Scott’s book or other fantastic choices and if the campaign does not reach its commitment level; you get your pledge back… You can’t lose! Scott has offered all of his “pledge tiers” at price points that are deep-discounted as a way of saying “thank you for your support!”

Why the campaign? Well Scott has already developed the book, he’s even generated the “soft copies” and everything is THERE! The sole purpose for the campaign is to raise the funds for the printing costs to bring his book to “Hard Cover”; and for those of you that jump on board as a “supporter” during the campaign will receive some really cool “stuff”!

Well enough of our jargon, this is what Scott has to say:

"Hot Rod Illustration #101, Drawing AUTOS-WITH-MOTIVE" is the book I WISHED I had as a KID! It's my way of sharing some of what I know with you, the "aspiring artist". Inside these pages of what will be a HARD COVER book are the initial building blocks to get you started in the world of drawing Hot Rods!

There is just enough verbiage to stay on task allowing you to understand everything without getting so "technical" that you'd end up discouraged. More important, because you may be a "visual" person like I am; there are piles and piles of imagery allowing for a more “hands on” approach! I sincerely feel that people like "us" simply understand a visual platform better, so I designed the book in that fashion. Loaded with imagery and tutorials, it's 90 plus pages of everything you need to start off in the right direction. From there, the only limits are your imagination!

Drawing Hot Rods is supposed to be fun and exciting! There's nothing more I want then to be able to share that experience with you, to give you that same "spark!" Drawing is also a positive way to spend your free time, it gives you the skills to focus, it's self soothing and it's a direct extension of one’s self.

Whether this book is for you or someone you know, it's been designed and laid out to please; and I can say that because I've poured over a year into making it "happen" by crossing all of my "T's" and dotting all of my "I's". If you're pledging towards this book and plan to give it as a gift, you WILL be the hero...cheers.

With your help we can take it to the finish line and grab that checkered flag!

Let’s take it to the “finish line” with Scott! You saw it here “LIVE” on HotRod Hotline, enjoy the cover art as well as a few page spreads from the book!  Click on the Video Below



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