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HOLD ON....a 70 Ford Torino "Twister"

Guy Davenport Sr. was a car guy through and through. He was a mechanic at Summit Ford located in Kansas City Missouri in the late 60's, but also helped wrench on a 1970 Ford Torino that the Sales manager owned and drag raced in the now defunct (as of 2005) AHRA at KCIR (Kansas City International Raceway, built in 1967). Guy had three sons; Guy Jr., Paul, and Peter. The three boys were always hanging around the dragstrip with their Dad and their Mom Carol. Guy Sr. was later sold this car and continued to race it.
The car was campaigned for several years, setting many records in the AHRA, including FS and SS classes.
Tragically, in 1986 Guy was killed instantly in a motorcycle accident. He left behind three sons and a wife with no visible means of support. The car and all his many racing possessions and equipment  were gathered up and sold. This kept the family alive, making ends meet, while his wife Carol went back to college and became a music/arts teacher. The memory of the car was never lost. Guy Jr was just 8 years old at the time of his Dad's passing. Guy recalls vividly that his Dad would always throw an arm out and say "HOLD ON" as he mashed the gas, throwing Jr. back from the pure acceleration!
Over 30 years passed before his youngest brother, Peter, found a '70 N/W edition Torino. After Peter shared that similar car, Guy found a registry post which closely matched the description of the car their father once owned. Peter found a profile, then immediately posted via social networking and got a note back from the current owner of this former AHRA Twister record setter AND their beloved fathers car! (Unbelievably, they had no Vin# to go from as all the paper trail to the car was included with its sale to the next owner in 1986). Their Mom was just trying to make ends meet - who knew at the time these cars were to become so valuable, not only monetarily, but so rich in memories and history to the boys. They never gave up looking for the car.
The "Twister", a 70 Ford Torino specially developed by Ford for the midwest region of Kansas City, was a 429 Cobra Jet engine car with 90 being produced. 30 of these cars were a 4 speed as this one is. It was only produced one year. It was produced almost entirely in Vermillion Orange with a black (bench seat) interior, rear window slats, 3:50 traction lock rear, drum brakes, color keyed mirrors (an option), and the famous T-Shifter Hurst handle. Cool car in its own right - but this is about the son's and family of Guy Davenport after all.
You can't make this stuff up - its real - and for this owner to accept Guy Jr and his family almost immediately was truly remarkable and touching. He wanted to see this car get put back into the place it rightfully belonged.
Now Guy Jr and his family were in no way able to just write a check to the owner. They were just the average family who worked hard, kept their nose to the grindstone and thanks to their Mom stayed the course - getting an education first and taking care of each other. After many hours of discussion, Guy Jr and his wife, agreed that they should do whatever was necessary to purchase the car. 
With a second mortgage, and tapping into their life savings 401K account-  they were able to put the deal together. Remember- the seller was only looking to be made "whole" again, not looking to make what he probably could have gained monetarily, but wanted to see the car returned to the boys.
You can check it out at one of several websites they have produced and keep updated (below). 
Twister Special - You bet! Hold On and enjoy the ride!