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Holley 650 CFM Four Barrel Street Strip Carburetor

The Street HP™ uses the best features from Holley's race Bred 4150 HP™ carbs, but tamed for street and light competition use.

The contoured main body from the 4150 HP™ has a tumble polished shiny finish. The metering system includes a timed spark port for a vacuum advance distributor and is calibrated for a hot street/strip engine setup for outstanding throttle response and drivability. A street HP base plate is used so there are plenty of vacuum ports for power brakes, PCV, etc

· Mechanical secondaries
· Dual accelerator pumps
· Adjustable air bleeds
· No choke
· Contoured venturii inlet for increased airflow
· Four corner idle for precise idle control
· Dual feed fuel inlet
· 1 timed (spark) port, 1 full vacuum, and 1 PCV port
· Intended for lightweight vehicles w/ manual trans or automatics with high stall & low gearing
· Street/strip calibration for outstanding throttle response & drivability
· Ford A/T kickdown, does not work with A.O.D. transmissions



Holley was founded in 1903 around the advent of the automobile and has been a supplier to every major American OEM automobile manufacturer. Holley supplied half of the fuel systems in WWII including those for land vehicles, marine and aircraft. Its primary focus today is in the high performance aftermarket where its world famous carburetion has won more races than all others combined. Holley is proactive in stredeveloping EFI systems for et users and professional racers alike.

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