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The Hot Head’s Shop By: Chadly Johnson

The Hot Head’s Shop By: Chadly Johnson


My car club, the Hot Heads, is based out of Eau Claire, WI and consists of a tightly knit group of nine like-minded members. The club had been searching for a club house and shop in which to build our projects, and stumbled across a century year old building that suited us perfectly. Many killer cars came and went out of the shop whether for a quick tune-up or a ground up build, such as my hemi-powered model A coupe. Word quickly spread through the local scene about the club and the shop. Within a few months our shop was the place for all the local hot rodders, especially on social Thursdays, and of course weekends.

We knew our time in the shop was going to be limited as the building was to be demolished within a year, but as luck would have it we were able to call it home for a solid 4 years. As our time narrowed I knew I wanted to capture a bit of the magic that happened at the shop on a daily basis, so I began snapping photos. The memories held in these images and in our minds are priceless as we shared countless hours with our local heroes, the veteran car builders, as they passed their skills and stories onto the next generation of rodders.

Looking back, what I really love about this group of images is that it could represent what is happening in any town in America as hot rodders gather to weld, hammer, and revive vintage metal into boulevard cruisers. I hope you enjoy this glimpse into the lives of the Hot Heads car club and their club house simply known as “the shop.”