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The House of Kolor Digital Paintbooth 3-D

What is Digital Paint Booth 3D?

The House of Kolor Digital Paintbooth 3-D software allows you to choose from popular vehicles and build them digitally on your computer screen. Using ground breaking 3-D technology, you can choose paint schemes, adjust suspension height, change wheels and make body modifications. This new version allows users to see the vehicle from all sides.

The user can change paint colors, generate fades, create two-tones, or add pre-made graphics. You can virtually chop and lower your vehicle. You can also turn on and off vehicle features such as mirrors and emblems. The possibilities are endless. House of Kolor Digital Paintbooth 3-D also offers for the first time, the ability to change wheels. The user is able to control the wheel offsets, tread height, hoop colors and more. All of it is in realistic 3-D!!!!
Paint Booth 3-D gives you the power to create the custom ride of your dreams, just as you have always imagined it - in House of Kolor. See it before you build it!

The latest version of House Of Kolor's Digital Paint Booth 3D allows you to create a 3-D version of your dream project car and see how it will look, complete with realistic reflections and environments. You can easily change colors, wheels, add stripes & graphics, and the software instantly renders the image. Perhaps the best part is that you do not need to be a graphics expert to use it! Here, Carter Hickman gives us a tour of this amazing software.