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HushMat, the #1 Rated aftermarket sound deadening and thermal insulation is the only brand Made in the USA

Restoring a MuscleCar? Building a Street Rod? Installing a Sound System in your vehicle?

Olathe, Kansas: – HushMat® is the only aftermarket sound deadening and thermal insulation brand Made in the USA. HushMat is manufactured in the mid-west United States and has been for over two decades. The HushMat line of materials is the only brand whose materials are specified and approved by every automobile manufacturer in North America.

We made a conscience decision to support American workers while every other brand was chasing offshore and perceived lower cost options,” stated Tim McCarthy, Founder. “These other brands have suffered in quality and performance while we have the performance, quality and value advantage”. “In our opinion, automotive enthusiasts will install American made products into their vehicles and HushMat offers exactly that. Our explosive growth in market share confirms this.” McCarthy added.

We are proud to present Made in America on every box of material we sell.

HushMat®, rated #1 automotive sound deadening and thermal insulation material, is the easiest to install, highest performing available to automotive enthusiasts. HushMat® Ultra, a thermal insulating and sound deadening material, is easily applied to the sheet metal, plastic or fiberglass surface surrounding the interior of the vehicle reduces interior noise and heat making the vehicle ride more comfortable. HushMat® is the only aftermarket sound deadening and thermal insulation material made in the USA!



HushMat’s universal sound and thermal insulating materials have been manufactured in the USA for over 20 years. HushMat Ultra was rated the #1 insulating material in recent independent study (Restorer Magazine Jan 2009) . Tired of that Hot, Noisy and Uncomfortable ride. Enjoy a Cool, Quiet and Comfortable ride with HushMat.

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