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HushMat Takes the Guess Work Out of Sound & Thermal Insulation Treatment


HushMat takes the guess work out of sound & thermal insulation treatment! 

HushMat has measured over 200 vehicle platforms from the Muscle Car era and prior to deliver the correct amount of material to treat your entire Hot Rod or Classic vehicle!   HushMat doesn’t provide puzzle pieces – we provide the square feet you need to insulate 100% of your vehicle!  Hushmat Full Vehicle kits treat 100% of the Firewall, Floor, Tunnel, Roof, Doors, Trunk and Rear Quarter Panels.  Don’t leave holes in the insulation of your Hot Rod – Use HushMat!! Learn More at  Follow HushMat on


HushMat’s universal sound and thermal insulating materials have been manufactured in the USA for over 20 years. HushMat Ultra was rated the #1 insulating material in recent independent study (Restorer Magazine Jan 2009) . Tired of that Hot, Noisy and Uncomfortable ride. Enjoy a Cool, Quiet and Comfortable ride with HushMat.

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