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The Iconic "Bullitt" Mustang Showed Up at SEMA

The 1968 Highland Green Mustang from "Bullitt," perhaps cinema's most iconic car, appeared at SEMA 2018 at the Shell “Pioneering Performance” Pavilion. There have been countless myths and rumors of what happened to the car, but recently the truth came to light. Sean Kiernan, the Mustang's owner, discussed the rumors  on the Shell “Pioneering Performance” Live Stage.

Sean’s father Bob bought the car from an ad run in the October 1974 issue of Road & Track magazine placed by a New Jersey detective. He was the only person who ever called about that ad. This was the family car! Sean’s mom, Robbie, drove the car to a parish every day where she taught third grade. Yes, that's right; the actual Bullitt car, driven by Steve McQueen, was then driven by a New Jersey Detective, and then by possibly the most bad ass third grade teacher OF ALL TIME.

Even when the legendary Steve McQueen wanted the car back and tracked “Bullitt” to the Kiernans, they were unable to let the car go. It had become a family member, and Sean and Bob had gotten to work together on the coolest car in the world for years, sharing countless father-son memories that ultimately added to the car's history.

“The 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback is associated with one of the most epic stars in film history and an automotive chase scene that helped propel McQueen to perpetual stardom. From our vantage point, it is among the most important automotive artifacts of the twentieth century,” said Mark Gessler, President of the Historic Vehicle Association.