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Inland Empire Driveline Service Stock Replacement Driveshafts

Driveshafts deliver power, consuming some of it in the process. A new aluminum driveshaft from Inland Empire Drive Line Service will reduce this power loss and run smoother than the mass production, aging original driveshaft

58-64 Chevrolet Driveshafts

We have redesigned the drive shafts for the 1958 though 1964 Chevrolets to be compatible with today’s more powerful engines..

The photo to the left shows our stock replacement shaft set. It uses the stock, 1.25 inch bearing stub. Since these are no longer available, we reproduce them using 4130 steel. This set also features the 7075 T-6 center support bearing we designed and manufacture. In addition this set comes with a telescoping rear shaft to absorb length changes caused by suspension movement. The OEM design previously allowed for this movement but has proven to be too weak for the power of today’s engines.

The photo to the right shows our “502 Kit” It has been designed for use with engines building more than 500 horsepower. The 502 Kit features a larger 1.5 inch diameter bearing stub, 3.5 inch tube and Spicer 1350 universal joints. This set also comes with the 7075 T-6 bearing support and the telescoping rear shaft.


Inland Empire DriveLine The people at Inland Empire Drive Line Service have earned their reputation as the best source for custom drive shafts. Aluminum and steel shafts are built, balanced and shipped, complete with transmission yoke and ready to install, usually within 48 hours of order. They have also designed and built forged steel 1350 pinion and transmission yokes, and a dramatically improved center support for the 1958 - 1964 Chevrolet cars. They offer upgraded shafts for these cars as well as for Classic and late model Mustangs and Camaros, late model Impala SS, GTO and the S-10 extra cab trucks to name a few examples. Check them out for excellent customer service and drive shafts that make a difference.

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