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Inland Empire Driveline Service Super Strength Bearing Support

Everyone who has ever had a 1958 to 1964 Chevrolet knows the cars have a weak center support. While this design was adequate for the 265 V-8 it isn't up to the torque put out by current engines.

Our "Super Strength" Bearing support is manufactured from 7075-T6 Aluminum and is designed to withstand the stress of maximum horsepower drive powertrains. The Polyurethane cushion can absorb the shock of high torque acceleration and helps to smoothly deliver the power under extreme conditions.



Inland Empire DriveLine The people at Inland Empire Drive Line Service have earned their reputation as the best source for custom drive shafts. Aluminum and steel shafts are built, balanced and shipped, complete with transmission yoke and ready to install, usually within 48 hours of order. They have also designed and built forged steel 1350 pinion and transmission yokes, and a dramatically improved center support for the 1958 - 1964 Chevrolet cars. They offer upgraded shafts for these cars as well as for Classic and late model Mustangs and Camaros, late model Impala SS, GTO and the S-10 extra cab trucks to name a few examples. Check them out for excellent customer service and drive shafts that make a difference.

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