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Irwindale Rises from the Dead. AGAIN!

Words: Anne Proffit     Image courtesy

Irwindale Speedway is like the mythical phoenix – it keeps rising from the dead. The track, which includes a 1/3-mile oval, 1/2-mile oval and 1/8-mile dragstrip on the grounds, was scheduled to shutter on January 31, 2018, but those plans are no longer in play and it should have at least two more seasons of operation.

A new lease was signed Dec. 28 between the property owners and a new management group that includes Agoura Hills racer Tim Huddleston and his Justice Brothers distributorship, using the name Group of Motorsports Enthusiasts.

Team 211 Entertainment, the operators of the 63-acre motorsports and entertainment facility, were told in July of 2017 that their lease wouldn’t be renewed and that all activities would cease as of Jan. 31, 2018. Three months after that announcement, the owners’ plans for the property changed and the group was offered a new one-year contract extension.

It was at that time that 211’s president and CEO Jim Cohan realized he needed to act quickly even though 211 had other new business plans in place for the coming year. “Being presented with the right of first refusal, we quickly reached out to Huddleston’s group, helping to negotiate a deal that would assure both a smooth transition and continued operations of the track. It was just the right thing to do,” Cohan explained.

Team 211’s tenure at Irwindale will close with a “Night of Destruction” on January 31, the original “closing date.” Cohan said the planned event will go on with “the biggest fireworks show in Irwindale Speedway history.”

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