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J & B Microfinish Auburn Style Inserts

Here are a couple of prototypes for a possible new product from J&B Microfinish.  The Auburn style inserts have been designed to fit into the confines of a ‘32 Ford dashboard and many other years and makes of cars and trucks.

This 5 & 6 hole Auburn insert is available with engine turning, polished or brushed inset panels.  The lower panel was designed to have more space available for extra switches and controls.

Please contact us for more information!

J&B Microfinish's experienced craftsmanship is put into each piece designed and manufactured. That is why you can see their products and one off parts displayed on high-quality vehicles that are featured in hundreds of nationally recognized magazines. With drive and innovation they are continually adding to the product line and are proud to say they are a dealer for Classic Instruments. Give us a call to get your instruments and order your dash insert. Dash inserts are also available custom bored using all the gauge brands. See the site and look at all of the award winning cars that have beautiful J & B Microfinish hot rod accessories. It's all about the details, so be sure and take a look at J & B's high-quality product line or talk to them about that custom designed one-off piece J & B, creating the details that set cars apart.


J&B Microfinish
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