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Juliano's Hot Rod Parts Shows You How to Choose The right Fender Welt for your Ride

You’ve chosen your paint color for your hot rod or classic and need to find a matching fender welt before you can properly mount your fenders. Our newest partner, Juliano’s Hot Rod Parts has just the solution for you!
When it comes to fender welts some people call them different things (fender welting, beading or piping) not every product on the market is the same most customers want something that will last them a lifetime. Juliano’s hand sews their fender welt right here in the USA, Ellington, CT to be exact,  their shop uses only the highest quality marine grade vinyls sewn around flexible upholstery poly welt. The marine vinyl has been chosen to stand up to the elements of sun and water and is commonly used in boat cushions. The poly welt cording is unaffected by moisture and is super flexible to allow for a tight radius in your application. It is sewn with monofilament thread and the finished product measures a 1/4 inch bead with a 1-1/4 inch flap. We offer nine stock colors in 30 foot lengths. This is five feet longer than the industry standard due to customer demand. We have found that many of their customers like to finish off to the ends of their running boards with one continuous piece.
If one of their nine stock colors does not match your paint color, Juliano’s can custom match thier fender welt to your paint sample with over 200 available vinyl colors. After you send us an actual paint sample (don’t send a car part!) we will match it and mail you back several vinyl samples for your final approval. Custom fender welt is made up in nine foot lengths with a minimum order or 36 feet.
You can contact them at 860-872-1932 for further questions or to select your perfect match today!