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Kwik Wire Universal Street Rod Wire Harnesses

2nd Generation 22 Circuit Harness

This harness will adapt to G.M., Ford, and Mopar as a cut to fit harness. This harness is based on G.M. color codes. Each group of wires are long enough to adapt to almost any street rod. All of our harnesses are built with GXL type wire that is intended for use in the engine compartment where higher heat resistance is required.

Each of our harnesses are equipped with a coil kill switch. This switch kills power to the coil while allowing power to flow freely to the rest of the vehicle. This switch is used as a safety future when you park your vehicle.

Our second generation harnesses are equiped with a custom cut base plate for mounting and a stainless steel brushed cover over the fuses to make for a a clean look. All terminals in the fuse panel are crimed and hand-soldered making every connection and circuit safe and reliable.

This is a universal kit and will fit your street rod, gramps old pick/up, custom builders, and the rat rod – for any hot rod or restoration project you need to wire.

Wire Harness Option Descriptions


Brake Lights
Radio Constant
Dome Light
Fuel Pump
A/C and Heat
Hazard Light
Back up lights
Electric Fan
Turn Signal
Cigarette Lighter
Power Windows
Power Door Locks
Cruise Control
2 Accessory Wires


The 'Switches' option in all of Kwik Wire's 2nd generation harnesses will include the main switches every restoration needs in the cock-pit of the build. This option includes a headlight switch, ignition switch, and dimmer switch. The installation of all the listed switches are included in the instruction book which is included with every Kwik Wire kit. All of the switches are also available in the switches section for individual sale.


The 'Gounds' option in all of Kwik Wire's 2nd generation harnesses, provide an easy and safe grounding solution for your electrical components. This option is suggested when building a car with a fiberglass body. Your Kwik Wire kit will include a grounding wire built into each of the harnesses' component groups for an easy connection to your components.

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Kwik Wire is a leading manufacturer and retailer of street rod wire harnesses and electrical components. Our Universal Street Rod Wiring Kits are built to out-perform any competitor. All fuse block terminals are crimped and soldered to insure your wiring harness will never fail. Each and every custom wiring kit or street rod part is tested and inspected. Next time you are looking for a wiring harness for that restoration project Kwik Wire will be glad to help. Our Family owned business manufactures everything in the heart of America.

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