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Making Progress on NEW FORMAT !

We're making progess on our new format.  We're two weeks into our new format, and we've gotten some suggestions from our readers so we thought we would let you know what we are working on.

Speed of the site:    We are working on  tuning up our new servers, load balancer and content delivery network.  Getting all of these different pieces of equipment to work in harmony has proved to be a bit of a challenge.... BUT ... We WILL get it ...  so please be patient as soon things will be zooming along.

Car Show Articles:  

1)    The most common suggestion we have heard relates to "clicking" on one of the "grid view" photos to enlarge or go to slide show.  Right now when you click on a photo, it just starts the slide show at the beginning.  We ARE going to change that so that it enlarges the exact picture you click on. DONE .. This feature is working just as it did in our old format


2) We have also had people say that they would like the thumbnails in the slide show to be larger... so we are working on that.   STILL WORKING ON IT.

3)  DONE  The order that shows are listed.   Right now  (as always)  the shows appear in the list  in the order we put them on.  Sometimes we do not get photos from a few weeks... even a month.. after the show has taken place.   When this happens, we still put the show in the list at the time we put it online because if we moved it down to the date the show took place, then many people wouldn't see it.  So ...  shows will always be seen in the order we get them.. With the NEWEST  ones we got that day at the top.  We are, however, going to give a  "Posted Date"  and a  "show date"  so readers are not confused

4)  You can always see the shows in the date that the show occured .. just click on the link at the top of the list that says  "Jan - March"  ,  or  April - June ,  etc.  and it will show the articles in the order of the show date ... not when we received them.


5) DONE  Newsletter:   The newsletter will be back on schedule this week...  fingers crossed  


WE STILL NEED YOUR HELP... Please let us know of any "glitches" that need to be fixed... and of anything that would make your experience here better.


Email   [email protected]   or give us a call at 877-700-2468