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Maryland Pep Boys Distributes Bikes, Skateboards for Toys for Tots

A Pep boys Speed Shop in Maryland hosted a Toys for Tots that gave out over 300 bikes to kids in their community!

Jeremy Cornwall who works at the Pepboys SPeed shop said this on his Facebook page about the event.

Well the dust has settled and I'm still amazed at what we all pulled off this past Sunday.  I'm not gonna get  mushy about this and the list of people family friends and local  businesses  is to long to list you all know who you are and I❤ you all !!!! . With that said there is a inner core of brothers that I have to thank that have made this event possible... the early morning text and late night shoping trips . The pick ups and drop offs making sure other states had a chance to donate . The how should we do this or that conversations . The opening of there homes to pull off a amazing pre-event .I could go on and on and on ... Thank you  Howard Brown Clifton Brown Steve Jones Trey Stamer Shawn Chambers this is our event  not mine and better yet this is everyones event and I don't know how we are gonna top it next year !!!! But we did it...Remember that cold ass tues  morning before we went on the news  and a challenge was brought forth of 300 bikes or more .. we all agreed we are gonna do it. ... Well now we can say we did it and there is nothing this crazy car family can't do and this event proved it !!! One last very special thank you from all of us to Diane Calhoun we couldn't pull this off without you Aunt Diane  and I know your gonna be mad I mentioned you but it is well deserved thank you .....Now to work on the distribution of all these bikes I will keep you all updated ...