Body and Paint

Paint Products

Chopping a Top

Patch Panels

Top Inserts


Paint & Body  Tips

Stripping Paint by Carl Brunson

Hand Color Sanding & Buffing
aka   “Cut and Buff”
by Carl Brunson

Cleaning with a Tack Rag by Carl Brunson

Preparing for Paint   by Carl Brunson

Guide Coat

Airbrushing  Techniques by Retro Power


Spot Paint Repairs  by Carl Brunson


Fish Eyes

Etching Metal


Melting in paint by Carl Brunson

Salvaging Old Cars with Reproduction Body Parts
by Jim Clark


Touch Up

Buffing Compound



Installing Reproduction Doors
by Jim Clark

Installing a Trunk Latch
by Jim Clark

Keeping the heat and air inside your car ..... a tip from Welder Series

Installing Hushmat sound deadening and insulating product in a 32 Ford  Step by step instructions

Installing an Access Door for your  Master Cylinder  by Jim Clark

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