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Mullholland Speedster Takes Goodguys Streed Rod D'Elegance Title at Del Mar


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Bruce Wanta’s “Mulholland Speedster” won the 2017 Goodguys/March Performance Street Rod d’Elegance award Sunday at the Del Mar fairgrounds. The Mulholland Speedster had already won America’s Most Beautiful Roadster and the Legends Cup at the Chicago World of Wheels earlier this year.



Owner Bruce Wanta is always happy to discuss his custom creation with fans. The Speedster was a team effort between Wanta, designer E. Black and coach builder Troy Ladd of Hollywood Hot Rods, where the car was put together. Ladd and Black have collaborated on quite a few successful builds, but this is their crowning achievement.

Wanta had always loved ’36 Packards, especially the front ends. When he decided to build his dream ride, he knew he wanted it to have that famous, ornate grille. He, Black and Ladd essentially designed the car around the grille shell, and clearly, the results were astonishing!



The chassis was designed as a figure 8 structure. The suspension is handmade as well and features twin dropped I-beams in front with quarter elliptical springs. The rear suspension is set up with a Winter’s quickchange on custom I-beam arms with quarter elliptical springs. The spun aluminum gold-coated wheel covers are anchored with Packard centers. Adding vintage street rod flair are wide white striped bias ply Firestone tires.

With its Del Mar Street Rod d’Elegance win, the Mulholland Speedster joins the Goodguys Top 12 Cars of the Year lineup. It will be displayed alongside this season’s other big winners at the season-ending Goodguys Southwest Nationals, November 17-19 in Scottsdale, Arizona.