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Yes, I’m finally putting finger to computer.  On my autobiography, that is. I have resisted doing this particular book for decades, although I have banged away at segments of it for the past ten years.

All this has been prompted by a health issue that showed up a month ago. I haven’t been feeling tip top for several years. Went to the doc in Idaho this summer, he said “Anemia”. Meant nothing to me. Back here in OZ began to get woozy, doc said “Anemia. You go get a blood test today!” Next morning before breakfast, got a call from doc, said “You get up to the hospital NOW. You are a sick man, and you need an instant transfusion!” Gee, and have a happy day!

Must admit, barely made it into the nurse station, they took one look and clapped me in a bed for 24 hours. Got a system top-up of three bags. But, they said I  was booked into a special cancer clinic in Melbourne the next week. Where they chiseled some bone and sucked some bone marrow, and then said I had something that was not good. Seems there are several versions of my version, and I am now undergoing a one week on, three weeks off series of sessions. Mostly just to see if it will work. So I asked the time frame, “anywhere from next month to five years.” I am hearing of some longer times. And I am not alarmed about all this. Way the cookie crumbles.

Meanwhile, it has been a top-up weekly. Supposed to make me chipper and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound! Mostly, it keeps me from falling over. Sorta. But it has served to remind me that the autobiography has been woefully sidetracked. As it is, I have been finishing the second two books of my Zane Calder trilogy. Obviously, they are now backspaced.

Fortunately, on the biography I have had the template in place for years. I am clearing that up now. Once done with that. I will start to fill in all the blanks with the juicy tid-bits and scandal that I have worked around all these years. Already, what little has leaked about my autobiography is making some people very nervous. Life in the bigs you guys. Old indins got long memory.

What’s Inside Hot Rodding? Oh, stuff about NHRA and NSRA and Goodguys, and the magazines, and the business that has grown up around the hobby, and the clubs, and racing, and street rodding…..well, the kind of things that less than one percent of the car guys even suspect might exist. I’m not even being nice. If a guy has been an ass-hole, I’m telling it that way.   All of that info will be in the book. So, you want a book, get out your checks and send one for $50 to Tex Smith AutoBio,  PO Box 547,Driggs, Idaho 83422. Already, Brian and Kimi Brennan have ordered numbers l and 2. And Brian doesn’t even know what I am going to say about him!

Tex can now take plastic! For a reserved copy of his forthcoming autobiography. You can use your credit card by calling Tex Smith at 800-513-8133. Remember, we won't do the book unless I get at least l000 orders, each at $50. If we donn't reach that minimum, I send your bucks back. Can't be more fair.

 All checks go into a special bank account. If I hang around long enough to finish the book, and it is already looking to be a big one, I will use the money for publishing. If I can’t finish, all pre-paid orders will be refunded. Keep tuned into HotRodHotLine for progress reports.

And that’s the way it is, this day in Castlemaine, Australia. Where it is springtime. In Driggs, Idaho, the snow is piling up. Have a nice day!