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New Universal Tubular K-Member from Pete & Jake's Hot Rod Parts

So there you are. A few years ago when you built your ride you put in a rear transmission mount that worked great with your Turbo 350. But just last week your trusted old friend shot craps and you found this sweet newly rebuilt overdrive transmission dirt-cheap and you want to slip it in as a replacement.

Sadly you found out that now you have to cut the K-Member out, reposition it for the new mounting on the longer transmission and re-weld it in. That’s a lot of work but you have to do it because you got such a bargain on the transmission with the overdrive.

Sound familiar? Maybe you know somebody that’s been through this scenario. Well never again. Pete & Jake’s has the only fully adjustable K-Member on the planet. You can weld it in knowing that down the road it won’t let you down. When you need to upgrade that transmission or add an overdrive Pete & Jake’s K-Member will make it a snap and add years to your life by taking the unnecessary frustration of the swap over out of the game.

For Forty years Pete & Jake’s has been the premiere hot rod manufacturer of full chassis, suspension and chassis parts. From start to finish all parts are quality checked and held to high specification standards. Located in Peculiar, MO at 401 Legend Lane they will personally help you with your hot rodding parts needs. Don’t know what you need or have a question? The Pete & Jake family will gladly assist you so that you will be guaranteed to get the part you need. They can be reached by phone at: 1.800.334.7240 or contact Jason by email at: [email protected].


Since 1974 Pete and Jakes has stood at the forefront of the Hot Rod movement. Starting in the seventies and moving into two thousand and beyond, Pete & Jake's will continue to be the first in quality and innovation leading the way and setting new standards in this exciting and rapidly growing market. We carry a full line of Chassis, Frames, 4 Bars, Ladder Bars, Axles, and many other true Hot Rod Parts. We guarantee you the Best Quality, The Best Service and the the Best Tech Help... check out our full line of products.

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