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Roddings Largest Online Magazine HotrodHotLine Newsletter May 20  2009

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Von Hotrod small shirt recently commissioned our friend, well known pinstriper Von Hot Rod to design our new T Shirts and he came up with an Awesome design for us.  Our new shirts will be personally autographed by Von Hot Rod and will be available in both Black and White T Shirts and also in Black Work Shirts.  We should have them in a few weeks and once they’re in we’ll give you ordering information. 

With over 50,000 Visitors per day we’re seeing Results ! 

Sold 5 days sold62 chev sold 34 ford16 sold 76 vette

Use our “Featured Ad” like these sellers did .... and sell your car like they did

   Scammers contacting sellers. We have been getting reports from many of our sellers that the “bottom feeders” are out in full force, calling our sellers and telling them that “they can sell their car faster” and even in some cases saying they “guarantee” it.  Most of them are people you never heard of ...  they have a website and a few telemarketers who spend all day calling sellers on our site and others.  Many charge hundreds of dollars for their services ... one seller, Leonard, in Minnesota told us he fell for their scheme and paid them over $300 and once they had his money he couldn’t get anyone there to talk to him... he said he didn’t get anything for his money .... but then he did the smart thing ... Leonard called his credit card company and got the charges reversed and got his money back.  We recommend that if you have been taken in by any of these people, call your credit card company and get your money back.. that’s the only thing that will stop them.  But... the smartest thing to do is DON’T FALL FOR THEIR LINE ....  and let us know who is contacting you. [email protected] 

Industry and Product News

  In case you haven’t seen it.... we have a “NEWS” section where we publish product information, news articles and industry updates every day.
... See the Latest NEWS from the world of Rodding and Muscle Cars.

prod welder series9

from Welder Series NEW HALFER Threaded Bungs I often find myself heading to the box of threaded bungs to fulfill my mounting desires. If you, too, are searching for the perfect solution to... mounting that 'thing', these might be the answer. We're offering ten packs of both 5/16-18 and 3/8-16 threaded bungs for half price - only $21.25

prod dolphin5

Our line of great looking, high quality gauges feature the finest air core movements available, glare free lighting, stylish curved glass lenses and polished stainless or gold bezels. The electronic sets include a fully programmable electronic speedometer for easy calibration with any tire size/axle ratio. Dolphin Gauges has a great selection

prod downs dearborn

Downs Industries has a great selection of bodies to choose from.... from their well known 37’s to 32 Roadsters, coupes, and even those awesome Downs Pickups... take a look at the selection and check out the full line of Street Rod parts now available from the Downs Family !

prod hedman9

Muscle Rods HEDDER & MOUNT Kits are designed specifically for the installation of an LS series engine into earlier model Muscle Cars. They make the project easier by taking out much of the component guesswork.  For more specific information regarding this Hedder & Mount Kit,

prod its a snap2

New from It’s A Snap.  Windshield Wiper Kit $143.00
 Wiper Kit with Delay Wiper Switch $198.00  Universal Wiper Kit, Can be mounted as a cowl unit or a header unit. See complete info and diagrams on this cool new unit.

prod koul tools5

Looking For That Special Fathers Day Present? Look No Further.  Since the invention of stainless braided rubber hose, racers and mechanics have been fighting the problem of installing it into the socket part of the assembly. If your lucky and get a clean cut on the end of that hose, you might get it in. Most of the time a little fuzz appears on the hose end and the battle begins.....

Engine Factory Newsletter image2009


prod msd

MSD has the fire to drive ! No matter what kind of car or truck you have, MSD has the fire power you need to step up its performance! MSD is the leader in ignition technology and we offer a broad range of products for everything from your daily driven late model to your weekend cruiser or race warrior! Check out their great tech tips here

prod muscle car challenge

Another great Fathers Day gift idea is this fantastic Muscle Car board game. Remember when Saturday night was for "Cruising", a "Burn Out" had nothing to with stress and "Muscle Ruled the Road"? Cruiser Ken remembers and he's brought those days back in an exciting board game that challenges you to be the first to restore your muscle car. See all of the details here...

prod phoenix1

New products at Phoenix Transmission... the home of the best customer service in the industry ! Cooler Kit
A super strong cooler featuring an internal bypass valve which redirects cold fluid until operating tempatures is reached. For complete details on this and all that Phoenix Tranmission offers.... click here

prod stockton wheels

Nothing can change the entire look of your car like a new set of wheels ... Stockton Wheel is known throughout the world as one of the originators of the early "Hot Rod" wheels. If you're looking for the "Nostalgia Look", your search is over. What we don't have on hand we can build to suite. Mix and match trim rings and caps, or mix or powder coat available. Check out your choices here.

prod surf city13

Bring your leather back from the dead ..... that’s what Surf City Garages Voodo Blend Leather Rejuvenator will do for your seats... But Voodoo Blend doesn’t just rejuvenate. It conditions leather that’s new, cleans leather that’s old and provides long-lasting waterproofing protection for both. And that’s no hocus-pocus Check out this amazing video showing just how it works... You’ll be amazed ...  then you’ll be going to your local retailer to get yours.

Featured Shops
shop finish line

It’s so hard to find a great Interior / Upholstery shop ... but the folks at FinishLine Interiors make it easy to choose them ! Just take a look at their HUGE Photo Gallery of customer cars on their website.  In their 30+ years of experience they have an example just perfect for your car !  They have just added many more cars to the photo gallery .. so take a look and you’ll know where to go for your interior.

shop heinzman

Around the Heinzman Street Rod Shop Here you will find examples of the types of projects we work on every day at the Heinzman Street Rod Shop. Whether a project requires chassis engineering, custom fabrication, body work, engines and transmissions, fuel systems, plumbing, wood and glass, interior, exhaust, or custom sound systems, we can bring any project to completion.  Take a look at all that we do...

shop steves auto restorations

There’s always something great going on at Steves Auto Restorations.  Take this  already nice ’55 Chevy .. it’ll be receiving a complete chassis and drivetrain transplant ! The crew at Steves Auto Restorations are experts in all facets of restoration, upgrading, and customizing vehicles. Take a look at what’s happening with this awesome 55 then see what Steve’s can do for you !


Fastlane Speed and Rod Shop has something NEW for YOU !  They are now taking orders on their new 33 and 34 Coupes and Roadsters... You’ll have to call for the details.. these are so new that they don’t even have the details on their website yet. Check out the latest....

Other Articles This Week
article barn find

Just when you thought there were no more “barn finds”  we get this...Here are some great old 32 Fords and tons of parts, some Chevys, 32 frames, my friend started collecting these old cars back in the early 1960’s, he passed away last year and his son didn’t care for any old cars and put the word out he would sell all the cars and parts, all the stuff you see here went fast... Al Cooper, Danville Ky

article dynamat1

The new “Dynamic Duo”... watch this video as Dynamats Scott Whittaker gives car guy Jay Leno the scoop on how Dynamat keeps cars cool and quiet.  Take a look .

article holley

On Friday, June 19th, the opening day of the 7th Annual Holley National Hot Rod Reunion officially becomes Hot Rod U! Free education seminars, sponsored by Heacock Classic Insurance, will be held on Friday at Beech Bend Raceway Park, the Reunion’s headquarters. The seminars will be available from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m., and are open to all attendees. Get all the details here

Upcoming Shows
show nsra schedule

The National Street Rod Association has an exciting line of shows planned for 2009 ... Coming up next is the Mid America Street Rod Nationals, May 22 - 24 in Springfield, MO. Be sure to check out all of the events and get your registrations in now for the great lineup this summer.

somernites 2009  revised for may

Somernites Cruise first cruise was AWESOME.. we have lots of great pictures ... . The folks in Somerset Kentucky always have a great lineup of activities for each months cruise. Get the details on the May Mopar Madness Check out the latest at 

KOA show

KOA is planning their next show for August and it sounds like it will be a real winner ... We all love those old kustoms and old skool rods... you’ll find them at KOA as well as a great gathering place for Kustom lovers. Check out the complete show schedule here

Tri car logo

Good Guys Rod and Custom Association has 2009 schedule is packed with some really awesome events...Next for Good Guys is the May 30th Pleasanton show...  beautiful location for a top notch show. Check out the details so you can get your registrations in early.  and make all of your plans

right coast 2009opt

The Right Coast Association has three great events this season.... of course the Syracuse Nationals is one of our favorites ... and we’ll see you there again this year ... They have lots of fun events planned, you’ll have a great time at Syracuse so get the details and sign up NOW !


The New Jersey Grand Prix Festival is a first class vintage race event, car show & festival. Activities during the weekend will also include-a Car Show, Remote Control Car Racing, A Live Broadcast from Cruisin' 92.1 radio station, Modified Stock Car Exhibits, a Lunchtime Veterans' Salute including entertainment, Kidz in Concert, The Honor Guard & Color Guard. It’s coming up May 30th

upcoming shows  bowling green

The hot rodders are rolling back to Bowling Green for the 7th annual Holley National Hot Rod Reunion at Beech Bend Raceway on Father’s Day weekend, June 19-21, 2009. “We’re rolling back to Bowling Green with more hot rods, more speed, and more family thrills than ever says Tony Thacker, Exec. Director of the Parks Museum .... details here

Wheels of time

Wheels of Time SRA puts on one of the best events in the country every August.  The Wheels of Time Rod & Custom Jamboree in Macungie, PA has something for everyone.  They have raised the qualifying years to 1969 so there should be a lot of great muscle cars as well as the fantastic street rods that always show up. For details check out the WOT website

New Featured Car Ads ......

 We have tons of Cars being listed for sale now as we hit Spring....
Tis the Season .... and This is The Place ! If you have a car to sell .... has a proven track record of selling cars .. since 1999

feat 32 ford40 feat 32 ford41 feat 32 roadster feat 33 ford11

32 Ford

32 Ford

32 Ford

33 Ford

feat 40 ford10

40 Ford

feat 40 ford.jpg2

40 Ford

feat 40 merc2

40 Merc

feat 55 amphicar

55 Amphicar

feat 59 chev1

59 Chev

feat 72 chevelle1
feat 64 cobra replica
feat  39 zephyr

64 Cobra replica

Zephyr w/ Bike

72 Chevelle

feat 32  not new
feat 69 chevelle not new

Don’t forget to “revisit” our exisitng Featured ads too... some have great price reductions or changes in terms that might interest you.. Like this great looking 69 Chevelle RestoMod or a true Henry’s 32 Ford ...

We have lot’s of NEW Ads every day....  Take a look 
and if you have a car to sell...... this is the BEST place to do that !

If you have a bike to sell.... we have a Spring special going on until the end of May .. list your bike free for 3 mos.

Looking for a Bike ? We have lots for sale at

bike for sale1
Parts Parts Parts.....

FREE Parts Ads for Private Parties ..... Clean out that garage !

There’s a guy just a few miles away from you that NEEDS some of those old parts that have been laying around your garage.... but he doesn’t KNOW you have them.... so get them listed right here FREE and achieve two good things... clean out your shop .. AND help out a fellow rodder. List your parts ads Free here at


350 Engine



We know you have lots of parts sitting in your garage that someone else needs
You can Sell your parts here FREE too.

parts hod scoop

SS Hood Scoops

Need Tech  Info ???

Did you know that our Hot Rod M.D. is none other than Jim Clark, first Editor of Streetrodder Magazine ? Jim is also a partner in the Publishing company “Tex Smiths Hot Rod Library”. With credentials like that you know you can count on the Hot Rod M.D. for expert advice in any area.

We also have articles from many industry manufacturers and other experts in every field of our industry.   Check out the Hot Rod MD before you start your next project.

New    Vendors

We continue to have new businesses signing up at Hotrodhotline.  Check out the latest ! And don’t forget to check out our Vendor Directory for a complete listing of the best businesses in the industry !


The Technicians at Saldana Racing Products’ believe that customer service and top quality products are paramount to the success of a business in our industry. We respect that years of absolute satisfaction in each transaction is what makes a business strong. We take pride in the ability to produce very high quality aluminum radiators at a fair price... .We are proud of what we do here and it shows. Give us just one chance and you will see the difference we can make.


 Fast Times Rods Inc. has built an excellent reputation on the quality and value of our products. We proudly stand behind everything we sell.  Fast Times Rods has become the largest Chassis builder in the state of New York---it comes as a result of an excellent reputation in the industry. Give us a call, we look forward to talking with you.

svappraisal banner

Looking for an appraisal service in Southern California ? If something were to happen to your car it’s important that you can establish the correct value for insurance.  SV Auto appraisals has a wealth of experience in the field. It’s important to have someone familiar with our industry when getting an appraisal on your car. 


MSD Ignition products are the finest ignition components you can install on your car whether it's a daily driver, show car or racer. Our team designs, develops, tests and manufactures the entire line of MSD products including Ignition Controls, Coils, Timing Accessories and Spark Plug Wires and Accessories. !


Champion Racing Engines LLC is adamant that they only provide the best quality workmanship and parts in their engines. With 49 years in business they respect the power of reputation in the industry and have come to be relied upon as the place to go for the best engines, .  GO CHAMPION


Dearborn Classics is an international mail order company that specializes in the manufacture and supply of quality parts and accessories for the Ford Ranchero, Ford Falcon, Ford Fairlane, Ford Galaxie, Ford Torino.  Check out their extensive inventory !


Have you always wanted one of those cool old gas pumps for your shop ? Now you can have one ! For only $2500 you will have your pump custom build to your specs in your colors and design. This is a fantastic new idea with a back to the fifties look and feel. Check out your options here


Cool Flex LLC The original "problem solver" Chrome fluid transfer hose! Made in the USA using only the best of materials. Check out these features: Rolled stamped Cool-Flex logo on aluminum covers guarantees that you are buying the very best! All copper construction for greater heat dissipation, 100% stainless steel clamps, Simply the best you can get for your ride. Cool-Flex is covered with a lifetime warrantee. Get Cool-Flex, it fits! Look Here


“It’s Not Just a Shoe...It’s a Way Of Life”. We are the owners of a major motorcycle website and we came up with these shoes after going to many different motorcycle shows and decided that it was time for something different. Rather then the basic all black leather shoe or boot we wanted the striping to be embroidered into the leather before hand crafting the shoes. Once the shoe sample was finished we knew that we nailed it! The shoes came out great! Now it's time for these kicks to hit the streetsTake a look now and get your order in.

Show Coverage This Week

 Our fantastic Roving Reporters are on the job this season !  We have lots of shows from all over the US and even some from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe !  If you take pictures at a show you can send them in so your fellow rodders can enjoy them too.


Big Al went to 2 cruises this week ...

show clay cnty jack roberts

Jack Roberts got to two shows... this is the Clay County Cruisers

Check out the latest  show coverage s this week...

We have



show german street rod

German Street Rod Association show in from Matthias Vogel

show little guy nats bing

Bing Gatewood got out to the Little Guys Nats

  We have hundreds of pictures from dozens of shows around the country and around the world every week ..  We add new show coverage articles every day so be sure to check back often for the latest coverage.

Order Catalogs from your favorite companies....

 You can order catalogs from many of your favorite companies right here at  Just go to our “Catalog Order Pages” and click on the link. Some catalogs can also be downloaded or browsed online... Take a look  we have 6 pages of catalogs to choose from and many downloadable catalogs too !


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jacks 34

Jack Lawfords 34 Ford

Until Next Time
 Keep Rodd’n and we hope to see you on the road this year...
Jack, Mary Ann
and the Staff at Hotrodhotline


Van Final  400 pixels

HRHL “Road Van”

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