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HotrodHotLine Newsletter October 6, 2010

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More tech updates..... Our new servers are fully provisioned but some software issues have prevented us from flipping the switch until next week.   With these changes and upgrades there are always  “growing pains” ... which are a good thing but sometimes kind of annoying... so   If you experience any difficulties in logging in or placing an ad please give us a call at 877-710-2468  or email us your ad and we’ll take care of it for you.


We’ve added a new article to the Hot Rod M.D. this week. It’s on selecting and torquing nuts and bolts.    This article is from our own  Hot Rod M.D.  Jim Clark. 

Check out the newest article and browse the hundreds of other informative articles we have for you.  Lots to look at !

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sold suburban
sold 5 days sold 29 ford4

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Did you know that you an see the most recent “SOLD” cars in our classifieds ?  Just go to the Classifieds,  Click on  Pre 76 Vehicles where you’ll see  Ford, Chev, categories etc... well there is a category  named  “Solds”  When we are notified of a sale we move the ad over to the solds where it stays until the term of the ad runs out. It’s a good way to see recent sales. 

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Clayton Machine Works (CMW) Door Handles & Window Cranks with drilled i-beam styling. Inserts can be painted or upholstered. Durable chrome plating and fits GM, Ford and Chrysler.  These are just one of our  many fine products for your interior.
Check it out here.

prod aclayton

Nobody offers this many Air Bags in ONE PLACE! We are the manufacturer, and therefore we can give you deep discounts, like our FREE AIR BAG SPECIAL!When is comes to managing your Air, we are here to help. We offer complete PLUG-N-PLAY systems, Air Engines, and Push Button Valves systems to make an EASY job of every install. Don't miss out on getting the latest in digital gauges on the Smart-Rides programmable FBSS system. Take a look here

prod airbagit

ENGINE FACTORY has been building quality engines since 1969.  .. You can see and  hear over  75 of our Engines actually RUNNING  on Video... Go to  and click on the VIDEOS  link...then pick your engine !  You can also see our quality machine work and all of the engines we have available.


engine factory aug 2010

ALAN GROVE COMPONENTS INC. has specialized in fabricated specialty vehicle components for many years. SMALL BLOCK FORD  Due to the large variety of timing cover, water pump, and pulley combinations used on Small Block Ford engines, we designed this bracket.  Check out the details here.

prod alan grove9

The Boyd Coddington Kustom Shop has the ability to create entirely new custom One-Off wheels, steering wheels and accessories. If you can dream it, we can build it. All finishes  are available in a painted powder coated, hyper polished, bead blasted, anodized or satin finish. All of our Kustom shop products are made from the finest American made materials and hand crafted by the most talented American Craftsmen Take a look.

prod boyd1

Computronix DISTRIBUTORLESS IGNITION ultra high performance distributorless igniton system for those that are serious about performance. The DIS8™ (Distributorless Ignition System) is derived from new technology created by OEM's to improve timing issues, energy loss, spark degradation and low emission standards associated with normal distributors.  Learn more here.

prod computronix3

Dolphin  Gauges   manufacturers of precision, high quality, reliable gauges for the automotive industry. Over the years we have worked to bring you the perfect gauges for your needs. We have listened and made changes to the design to make our gauges into the quality designs used today. Take a look here...

prod dolphiin

Dynamat gives you and your car better sound, more music, more bass and a much more comfortable ride. Dynamat Custom Cut is pre-cut to fit your vehicle right out of the box. All you do is peel-and-stick Dynamat to your interior body panels to greatly reduce buzzes, rattles and vibrations. Professional builders and restoration shops trust Dynamat to give their cars the solid feel of a new luxury car. Dynamat first, for a really quiet and incredibly solid ride.   Get more info here

prod dynamat16

Muscle Rods HEDDER & MOUNT Kits are designed specifically for the installation of an LS series engine into earlier model Muscle Cars. They make the project easier by taking out much of the component guesswork. Designed to work together, the components in these kits take out much of the component compatibility guesswork to ensure a quicker, safer LS engine swap project  For additional information on these kits or any of the many other performance related products available from the Hedman Performance Group,

prod hedman14

Image Street Rods is your West Coast solution for all your custom fabrication and specialty street rod needs! From one off components to complete turn-key dreams we have the knowledge and ability to make it happen. Our commitment to quality insures customer satisfaction everytime.  See some of our parts here.

prod image streetrods

Most of us forget that Juliano’s started out in 1971 as a custom trim shop, which explains why today they manufacture this beautiful line of fender welt from high quality naugahyde in nine colors. This custom-stitched, multi-colored fender welt features a ” bead and a generous 1/1/4” flap to hold it in place. The welting is very easy to work with, because it’s extremely flexible and made to go around a tight corner radius easily, without fighting you. Check it out here.

prod julianos8

Painless Performance now has DOD and VVT for your HOTROD !   Just released from engineering is this brand new engine and transmission transplant harness #60526. If you're looking to install a 2007-UP gas engine and automatic transmission from a full size GM truck/SUV into a project vehicle then this harness is for you. Get the details here.

prod painless16

 I founded Restore A Tag  after I starting my own personal collection. The antique license plates that I found contained rust, dents, dimples, extra holes, peeling paint, and more. In the beginning, I sent some plates out for restoration – and was very disappointed in the results. As a metal fabricator by trade and a perfectionist at heart, I embarked on developing a process to fully restore license plates to their original - if not better - quality. Take a look here.

prod restore a tag

Genuine SAR parts  Rear Rolled Pan - 1932 Roadster and 5W Coupe Hiboy Finishes off the bottom of the body when not using stock gas tank or fenders(specify body manufacturer). Includes 1" wide mounting flange on top edge. Can be welded or bolted to bottom edge of body. 3" tall from top to bottom.  Take a closer look at all that Steves Auto Restorations offers...

prod steves auto

Of course, Surf City Garage’s glass cleaner is streak free. But that’s just the start, because we’ve made it powerful and undiluted, so it cleans without any ammonia or alcohol. And no ammonia means no more ruined weather stripping or tinted windows. Plus, it’s safe for all surfaces, including plastic and Plexiglas. So why use any other glass cleaner, when you can do Clearly Better.   Check out the entire line of Surf City Garage Products .... watch the Surf City Videos that will show you just how superior their products are for your ride !  Look Here


prod surf city2

Vintage Air, Inc. manufactures a wide array of components for air conditioning your vehicle. We specialize in manufacturing products that can be used to air condition most any type of vehicle. Our main focus is within the specialty car market such as Streetrods, Muscle cars, Customs, and Classic cars and trucks. The Gen II universal system can be installed in any vehicle with an engine that can drive the compressor and enough space to provide fresh cool air to flow over a condenser.   Get details here

prod vintage1

Weedetr  has mandrel bent head pipes for 35-48 Fords with the small block Chevrolet engine using block hugger style headers such as Patriot, S&S, Hedman and Hooker. NOT FOR SANDERSON HEADERS. Mild steel, 2" mandrel bent pipes designed to run through the original exhaust holes in the frame. Our Price: $75.00   Take a look here

prod weedetr5

Welder Series Motor mount kit for Chev small or big block w/urethane bushings .  Get a closer look at this kit as well as the hundreds of other  kits we have that you can weld ....  check it out here...

prod welderseries

Need an easy way to lower the rear axle of your 1965-79 Ford pickup? This newest design by Fatman Fabrications will drop the truck 5” in the back, using the original axle, without any welding being involved. A special bracket allows the axle to be shifted to the top side of the stock rear leaf springs, and a new pair of proper length shocks are bolted to special axle brackets.  Get all of the details  here.


We add lots of NEWS articles every day ...     Check out our

Hotrodhotline has a HUGE Event Listing Section....
 Check it out here for a show near you.

Long for those  “good old days” ....  seeing the great old drag races that we loved so much .... .. well coming up  October  15th - 17th is your chance to take that trip back in time...    The California Hot Rod Reunion at  Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield, Ca  is one of the best times you’ll have.
Right now they’re offering some special  seating,,,  Watch the drag strip action near the starting line in the new Quarter-Mile Courtyard at the 19th California Hot Rod Reunion.   Get the details here. 

feat biz  hot rod reunion

Oct 23 - 25th   It's Big, It's Fun & It's Free - The Daytona Beach Dream Cruise will be held for the 3rd time.   The show in 2010 features more fun & free activities of interest to car & truck lovers. We've added terrific venues including another super riverfront park.  For details look here.

DaytonaBeach Dream Cruise 2010

Somernites Cruise  is celebrating TRI FIVE  month for the October cruise.  This is the last cruise of 2010 so be sure to head that way as they plan on ending the season with a show you won’t forget !    ..   Check it out.


Good Guys Rod & Custom next show is 3rd Nostalgia Nationals  Oct. 15 - Oct. 17, 2010 Beech Bend Raceway Park Bowling Green, KY    and there are still lots of  shows left in the Good Guys season so be sure to take a look .      For the complete schedule  click

goodguys logo1

The season is winding down for NSRA this year.  Check out the Southeast Nationals in Florida...  for October then Check out the NSRA  2011   lineup and mark your calendars !  Get the schedule here and dust off that  Tri Five or Camaro and join the fun


It’s time to start planning for those Fall and Winter indoor shows that we love so much ...  and there’s a new show that had it’s debut in 2009 ... We were there and it was AWESOME... MUSCLE CAR Heaven  is the only way to describe it.     We’ve never seen so many muscle cars of top notch quality  in one place... Check it out.

Sample Ad Rev

Radir Wheels have been found on some of our industries most famous cars....    Check out some of the places you’ve seen them on television and movies...  Take a look here.

article radir wheel

K&N Filters announces a program to provide up to 18 young racers sponsorships from $5,000 to $25,000 for the 2011 racing season. K&N Filters has a long heritage of providing ongoing support for grassroots racing across America.   This is a great way of supporting our industry... get details here.

article knfilter

Color by Foose      Paint by BASF
   Are you ready to put Chip Foose to work in your paint shop? Now you can. That’s thanks to new BASF paints that blend our superior coating technologies with colors formulated personally by the legend himself.  There are many really great colors available... take a look here.

article basf1

Congratulations to this week's winner of the
 My Cool Ride Contest! Anthony Pitta’s 49 DeSota
Check out the other winners and find out how you can enter your ride in the  American Collectors Cool Ride contest.  Get details here.

article american coll1

Saldana Racing Products  October Special is featuring   32 Ford Radiators and 39-40 Ford Radiators at special low prices  !

Check out the quality offered at these special reduced prices... just in time for your  Fall project work !

Take a look here....  and SAVE with Saldana

specials saldana

We continue to add many new businesses to providing you with the only place online you need to find the products and services you need..

The Old Dog is here! Your Source for a complete line of street rod parts to satisfy your needs. Old Dog Street Rods carries products that will help take you from project car to prize possession. If you are starting at the beginning, Old Dog Street Rods can also supply you with frames, bodies, and engines. Old Dog Street Rods is committed to getting you out of the garage and on the road. This commitment comes from fellow street rod-owners and builders. See how we can help you with your project ! 

Final New Dog Small AD1

FPM Metals is a leader in the production and development of "Pattern Polished Metals" for automotive and architectural applications. Dashboards and firewalls of the 1930's were common places where this finishing style could be found. They now have brought this once tedious process of engine turning into the 21st century and expanded on it to include an inspiring array of patterns for your auto or show room applications. Contact FPM Metals


Are you proud of your great street rod or pristine restoration? Shouldn't your license plate be just as spectacular? RestoreATag, the premiere tag restoration company, uses a unique process that makes even the ugliest, rustiest tag an beauty to behold. Regardless of your state, we can restore an existing tag or create a vanity tag just for you. We can restore an existing plate or Custom Build on for you! The options are  endless!   Check us out here

Restore a Tag Fall Ad

Now Sponsoring Our Garage Shots Section !

Krist Kustoms has been in the hot rod interior business for over 12 years. Krist Kustoms started as a custom hot rod upholstery shop in 1998,  While they still specialize in custom hot rod interiors, they now have their own line of hot rod seating and interior parts and accessories. With all of their products geared towards the hot rod enthusiast that demands products with good looks and functionality, Krist Kustoms has become a trend-setter in the hot rod interior market.


The Mean Green Gear Reduction Starter is the answer to all of your starter problems. The Mean Green Starter provides 100% more torque than an overweight stock starter. With a 4.4 to 1 gear reduction, roller bearing support, and an integrated solenoid, the Mean Green Starter can crank any engine no matter how high its static compression. Get details here.


Saber Cabinets are heavy duty metal cabinets offered at a 40%-50% discount to other comparable high-end metal cabinets.  Our cabinets are not the light-weight, flimsy cabinets sold at Big Box stores.  With solid steel construction and double wall panels, Saber Cabinets can handle all of your work area and storage needs.  By selling Factory Direct to the customer we are able to offer our cabinets at low prices without compromising quality.  For details  look here..

Saber Ad

GM Performance Motor is an authorized GM dealer that sells genuine GM Performance Parts online with most Engines in Stock. Browse or search our selection of GM Performance Engines, we have in stock and ready to ship to you. We keep our warehouse fully stocked and have a huge inventory of GM Performance Parts.  We have some of the lowest prices on GM Performance Parts, GM Performance Engines, and GM Performance Transmissions.  Take a look.

GM Performance

"MORE CARS ARE DESTROYED BY RUST THAN BY ACCIDENTS"  Rust Bullet, It Kills Rust! Introducing a Patented New Technology for Rust and Corrosion Protection to the Automotive World. Rust Bullet has been Scientifically Proven to be the BEST and has received an unprecedented Two United States Patents! Little or NO Surface Preparation Required, Coats Directly Over Rusted and Clean Metal, Easy to Apply 

Rust Bullet

American Muscle Cars is a full service custom automotive fabrication, body and paint facility,  with  the  modern  equipment  and  expertise  to  turn  your  garage  queen  into  a breathtaking  work  of  art.  Whether  it's  a  minor  repair  job,  or  a  custom  one-off  project, the  staff  at  American  Muscle  Cars  can  make  your  dream  a  reality.  At American Muscle Cars we have a passion for all things custom, whatever your version of muscle is we can accommodate.

American Muscle cars

Newstalgia Wheel is your source for Street Rod Wheels, Muscle Car Wheels, Sport Truck Wheels, and Custom Wheels! Newstalgia Wheel does not hide any fees or handling charges. Compare our bottom line price with FREE Mounting, Balancing, Shipping and you will pay NO SALES TAX(except orders inside TN). Save Money, Time and start enjoying them right away! SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! At Newstalgia Wheel, we do business the old fashion way. If you're not 100% satisfied with our products, we'll give you your money back. GUARANTEED!  Check out our line here.

Complete Ad

Is YOUR  Business represented here ??  Why NOT ???   You’re missing out on over 60,000 potential customers every day.... our rates are VERY affordable and effective.  Call today  877-700-2468 ask for   Mary Ann

We have been receiving an unprecedented number of show coverages....  it’s our BUSY  SEASON  and we still have  more than  60 Show articles in our  “que”  to be put together and go online... so please be patient as we work to get them all done... Thanks to our fantastic Roving Reporters for doing such a great job.  If you have pictures from a show or cruise near you send them to us and we’ll do an article on your show.  ...     [email protected]  

show gg chicago j and b micro show nsra sac show jalopy showdown drags big al

Good Guys Chicagoland pics from Jeff of J & B Microfinish

NSRA Sacramento pics from Gary Matranga and John Stimac

Jalopy Showdown Drags from Big Al

show great labor day cruise roger

Great Labor Day Cruise from Roger Rohrdanz

show concourse leavenworth wa audi

Leavenworth Concours from Audi

show vintage ford

Vintage Ford Friday at the shop of our friend Darold of Vintage Ford Sacramento... 

This Week we have already posted over 30 Show Articles !   And there’s more to come so keep checking back. 

 We add new shows every day so keep checking back for the latest.
See this weeks shows here !   We list the shows by the date we have posted them and we are running a week to two weeks after the shows before they are posted so if you looked for something on a show that was held a few weeks ago... keep checking  as we just may have it online soon.

We are adding RECORD Numbers of Cars For Sale so check back often to see the newest ads.

feat 19 t sedan feat 29 ford5 feat 34 ford 2
feat 40 ply1
feat 37 ford12
feat 34 ford9
feat 55 chev13 feat 61 chev3
feat 50 ford
feat 69 ply feat chevelle
feat 69 dodge  has been helping rodders sell their cars now for ELEVEN  +YEARS....  and we offer the best service on the planet.  If you need help with an ad call us tolll free at  877-700-2468.    

We continue to sell more cars and list more private party cars than any other online venue... You can see new featured ads

FREE Parts Ads for Private Parties .....  Clean out that garage !

parts 12

Check out the


parts 13

Hey..... Someone needs those old parts that have been laying around your garage !       Dig them out.... take a picture and list them here FREE !   You’ll have a few  $$$ in your pocket and a fellow rodder will have that part he needed.   We heard a funny story from one of our readers.... he put his parts online here and someone less than a mile away bought them !    Now that’s a story .......  that guy a few miles away just doesn’t know you have just the part he needs.... until he sees it  here.... 


catalog speedway painles2005_Catalog_cover__2_ catalogronfrancis1 catalog eaton steele catalog
catalog clayton catalog alan grove catalog spadaro FatmanCatalogCover catalog holley

  You can order catalogs from many of your favorite companies right here at    Just go to our  “Catalog Order Pages”  and click on the link.  Some catalogs can also be downloaded or browsed online...  Take a look   we have 7  pages of catalogs to choose from  and many downloadable catalogs too !  has  28 Different Sections where we have Articles about all kinds of things for our Pre 76 Car Enthusiasts !   From Hot Rods to Muscle Cars and Beyond.... we have the largest and most frequently updated source of information, news and just plain fun for Rodders...

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Hotrod Hotline’s  34 Ford 3-W

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