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April 5, 2012

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    .  Our NEW Format is now about 2 Weeks old and we are getting many of the initial problems resolved and working on others.  The biggest issue for our readers was with the Car Show coverage articles.    This is what we have fixed....  Now when you click on a thumbnail ... it will take you to the picture in the slide show that you clicked on instead of starting at the beginning of the slide show.  phewwwww.... that was a big one !

AND In case you didn’t notice,  you can click on any Slide Show image and it will enlarge it even further if the photo was sent to us in a larger size.  In  this mode, you can also SAVE the picture to your computer if you want to.  This was a big issue for many of our readers.  You will also notice that our photos are now MUCH nicer resolution due to this improved software.

Some readers are still having periodic issue with site speed ... and we are addressing that this week and next.  When we adopted this new software platform for our site, we had to upgrade our equipment ... now we have  TWO Webservers,  One Datebase Server,  A  Load Balancer, and a CDN Content Delivery Network.  Getting all of this equipment to work in harmony has been a bit of a challenge but we have made progress and are determined to tackle it by the end of next week....  Once this is all running smoothly.... you will notice SUPER Fast Speeds in all areas of our site at all times...   PROMISE ! 

There are many small issues to fix ... we are going to be addressing each of them in the next few weeks... but if you see anything you think we should be working on...  just email us or give Mary Ann a call at 877-700-2468... we NEED your help  and we want your suggestions.


The Hot Rod
& Restoration
Show had many industry icons and friends visiting the Hotrodhotline


Ed “Isky” Iskenderian was the star of the show.  He was awarded the Petersen Award for lifetime achievement and had a car at the show that he built in the 40’s

It’s always great to see our friend Sam Memmolo, of  MotorHead Garage TV Show.  Sam was telling us about a great project he has this year... he’s raffling off a Fantastic Engine to benefit the Douglas County Humane Society ...  we’ll have all the details on this next week.

Jesse Greening Hotrodhotline booth

Golden Builder Award Winner, Jesse Greening of Greening Auto Company was there with his Ridler winning T Bird

Great 8 Winner from 2011, Johnny Martin stopped by and we had great fun talking with Johnny.  He built that fabulous Corvette you saw in Detroit last year.


Roving Reporters Donnie and Bridgette Jeffries and Dave Huber were at the show... always good to see our fantastic Roving reporters on the road.

Steve from Advanced Plating was at the show with Jesse Greening and the T Bird.  Advanced Plating had done the chrome work on 5 of the Great 8 cars this year.. WOW !

We have lots of pictures from the Hot Rod & Restoration Show, including an article that just went online this week showing all of the New Products that were on display.  You’ll want to see this article... our industry has so many talented people and companies, It’s  amazing.  Check out the New Products Here

article dry lakes hall of fame

The Gold Coast Roadster & Racing Club announces the 18th Annual Dry Lakes Racing Hall of Fame ‘GAS-UP’ will be held in Buellton California on Saturday April 28, 2012.  The Club is excited about the new Spring date which will kick-off the racing season and they expect an exceptional turn-out. The event begins at 9:00 am, includes a Santa Maria-style Barbeque lunch followed by the Dry Lakes Racing Hall of Fame induction ceremony and concludes with raffle prizes until 5:00 pm.

article sema1

Texas DMV Issues Implementation Policy for Street Rod and Custom Vehicle Law; Contains Major Flaw

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has issued its policies and procedures for issuance of titles and specialty license plates to owners of vehicle owners seeking registration as street rods or custom vehicles.  The policy also provides for a basic safety equipment inspection to be performed by an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) master technician.  These procedures were drafted pursuant to the 2011 enactment into law of SEMA model legislation. Originally slated to go into effect on September 1, 2011, the new law defines a street rod as an altered vehicle manufactured before 1949 and a custom as an altered vehicle at least 25 years old and manufactured after 1948... Read More Here

article grumpy jenkins

NHRA Pro Stock icon Bill "Grumpy" Jenkins, a master of the internal combustion engine and a legend among the Chevrolet faithful, died March 29. He was 81.Jenkins, voted No. 8 among NHRA Drag Racing's greatest racers in a 2001 experts poll, scored just 13 NHRA national event wins but earned his well-deserved spot in drag racing's top 10 because no other individual has contributed more to the advancement of normally aspirated engines for drag racing competition than the legendary "Grump."  Read more here

article young rodder ashley

Now this is a YOUNG RODDER !   Ashley Zimmerman,  daughter of Scott and Debbie Zimmerman has been brought up with hot rods.... starting with a 37 Ford stroller, Ashely “graduated” to this very cool  Mini “T”.  Check out her story in our Rodders  Row ...then send us your story. You don’t have to be THIS YOUNG  ... we like stories from our young rodders as old as  35 Years Old ...  send us your stories and your build articles.

SPRING HAS SPRUNG.... AND  We’re SELLING CARS  at Hotrodhotline  !
We’ve been online since 1999 and offer the best results and great service !

sold 40 chev sold 567 ford truck
sold 37 ford6 sold 57 chev1
sold challenger sold corvette1
sold merc1
sold chev truck

And we can Sell YOUR Car too....

Did you know that you can see the most recent “SOLD” cars in our classifieds ?  Just go to the Classifieds,  Click on  Pre 76 Vehicles where you’ll see  Ford, Chev, categories etc... well there is a category  named  “Solds”  When we are notified of a sale we move the ad over to the solds where it stays until the term of the ad runs out. It’s a good way to see recent sales. 

This is the time of year when we are working on our cars ... and we need many products ...  this is a great place to find the new products and services you need, and we have lots more in our  News Section and our New Products Section

Introducing a tight-fit bracket system for the 1964-68 Chevelle, El Camino and other low hood applications using the short water pump and have limited space for power steering. Mounts alternator and power steering on drivers side and may be used with or without A.C. Compressor.  Read More here

prod alan grove19

Dolphin Gauges are available in many colors: White, Gold, Aqua, Tan, Black and Gray. Dolphin Instruments has a style and color gauge set to compliment any custom interior.  Take a look here


Engine Factory is now the engine supplier  for the television show  Car Warriors ....   Three engines we just finished today for the TV show Car Warriors take a listen.
http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=518309488611 http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=518273770191


PERFECT TORC GM 4L60/65E & 4L80/85E Transmission Controller State-of-the-Art stand-alone transmission controller for the General Motors 4-speed 4L60/65E and 4L80/85E automatics. Fully compatible with carburated, fuel injected and diesel engines. Laptop software included with several "base" calibrations to start off with for each application.... Read more here

prod painless performance

Clayton Machine Works Coil Relocation Kit For LS coils - Machined from 6061 and black anodized, these relocation brackets allow you to remotely mount your coil packs virtually anywhere. Designed to work with LS-2,3,7 and 9, each kit comes with 4brackets and all mounting hardware.  Take a closer look here

prod clayton machine8

With D-W-E-L-L Control, Internal Tach Driver and Static Timing LED Light.    The DIS4 (Distributorless Ignition System) is derived from new technology created by OEM’s to improve timing issues, energy loss, spark degradation and low emission standards associated with normal distributors.
Learn More Here

prod computronix5

Juliano Designed 37 Ford Headlight Systems for all '37, '38, and '39 Fords    One of the biggest safety issues with our older cars is inadequate headlights. The lights and lenses were designed when 35 or 40 mph was fast. Now we are always overdriving the stock lighting. Even if you have upgraded to Halogen bulbs, the lights are still not up to modern standards.... Read More Here

prod julianos16

Kwik Wire’s add on fuse panels will allow you to ad the necessary circuits you will need to complete your Street Rod , T-Bucket, Roadster, Dune Buggy, and even that custom Rat Rod. Kwik Wire solders all connection made in the block and insures you are getting the best quality part for you money.   Get the details here

prod kwik wire4

Radir Wheels Cheater Slicks
Radir Dragster Slicks and Grooved cheater slicks feature a 1 piece design. The 7" tires come with the checkered flag tread, and the 8" & 10" do not. 4 Ply Sidewalls, Tubeless, with a 2 1/4" Wide whitewall. Distinctive "Pie Crust" Ribbed sidewalls for that Nostalgic look.. Can be turned in for the black wall look.
Radir Dragster Slicks ARE NOT RECAPS.
Radir Dragster slicks are an all new design made with modern technology, But with correct early/mid sixties styling.
Available in a true slick or Grooved cheater style

prod radir2

Vintage Air 1964-72 Chevelle Gen IV SureFit System The Gen IV™ climate control system now delivers Vintage Air's proven "just right temperatures" and dehumidified defrost to 1964-72 Chevelles. The Gen IV™ uses an exclusive fully electronic microprocessor control system that requires no cables or vacuum connections .  Get complete details here

prod vintage air6


Welder Series Featured Product...
Welder Series Rear Coil Over/ Shock Brackets  We called these new brackets “rear coil over/ shock brackets” because they’re great at mounting coilovers or shocks to your rear axle. It’s a handy name. On the other hand, my name says nothing about me. “DW” isn’t even a word. What was I talking about?
Made from 3/16″? folded steel, these brackets are available individually or as part of a coilover bracket kit. As a coil over bracket, they include a 1″? x 1″? steel block that gets welded inside the bracket to support the coil over bolt... Get the details here

prod welder series7

Fatman’s frame stubs were  developed to allow the installation of a modern IFS into cars whose original frame did not allow use of a simple crossmember.  By carefully plotting the location of the radiator, sheetmetal, and bumper mounts, these trick units can easily replace the original front frame and supply Fatman’s custom IFS systems for up to date handling and style.   Take a Look

prod fatman12

 Bedwood and Parts, LLC, has developed a truly innovative product to deliver yesteryear’s classic touch for all light trucks – from 2010 domestic and import models back though the muscle car era (including El Caminos, Rancheros, etc.) to the pre-war classics– the RetroLiner™ wood bed liner system. The RetroLiner wood bed liner system is designed for Pickups, plus SUVs and Crossovers with steel beds or floors.. Check out this really cool NEW Product now

prod bedwood and parts

Specialty Power Windows Street Rod Kits  Universal
Our Power Wonder-Lift Cable Driven GM Motor Kit is the most versatile power window kit available and is simple to install. This lift kit completely replaces your old crank handle and regulator. Complete kit contains lower glass channel, GM switches, complete wire harness with switch and motor plugs and flexible stainless steel wire conduit kit for door opening.   Take a closer look here

prod specialty

Hedman Hedders Featured Product - Old School Street Rod Header Kits.   LAKESTER Hedder Weld-Up Kits FUNNY CAR ROADSTER Hedder Weld-Up Kits PRO MOD Style Hedder Weld-Up Kits
Pick you style .. we have whatever you need in Hedder Weld Up Kits...  Check it out here

prod hedman26

Dynamat Featured Product   Dynamat is the world’s leading product for eliminating unwanted noise, vibration, and heat.   For a complete list of their Frequently Asked Questions ...which we’re sure will answer ALL of your questions ...  Take a look here

prod dynamat28

Weedetr Street Rod Components Ultimate rear suspension kit  New 9" Ford rear end assemblies can be added to any of our rear suspension kits. The basic unit consists of a new housing with the mounting brackets for any of OUR rear suspension kits installed, new axles with bearings installed and new seals. Just add $870.00 to the price of the suspension kit.. Read  More Here

prod weedetr6

prod spal usa3

SPAL USA Muscle Car Fan ...From our high performance fan line the 30102052 is a popular choice among truck and muscle car enthusiasts. It features a curved paddle blade design for increased airflow and reduced noise. Each fan is individually balanced for long life.      Learn More Here

Do you want ultimate power, aggressive looks, and the ability to drive down the expressway? Then your hot rod this 550 HP supercharged monster from Snug Harbor Hot Rod Engines. The beauty of this supercharged engine are the components that are used to assemble this motor. That together with polished components and painted in your choice of colors, says "Best Engine In Show”.. Learn more here

prod snug harbor10

At Surf City Garage, we're excited to introduce the 2012 additions to our Enthusiast Grade® Detailing Product Line. Like every one of our Enthusiast Grade products, these are all guaranteed to be the best you've EVER used or your money back:  Check out the headlight restoration kit, and some of our other fantastic new Detailing Products... Look here

prod surf city1

Is the dash in your classic muscle car worn out and old? Replace it with these stylish new panels from Classic Dash. Built to replace your current dash and fit like a glove, you have a choice of twenty two different gauge pairing types or you can get these dashes predrilled without any gauges. All of these are available in Carbon Fiber, Black and Brushed Aluminum to fit what ever style you have in mind.... Get the details here

prod classic dash

Made4You Hotrod TricKit  Give hoses, tubing and wiring a custom braided look. Provides additional protection from abrasion, cuts, and cold. Expandable nylon will cover heater and air conditioning hoses, radiator hoses, vacuum lines, or bundle electrical wires. Colors coordinate with our T-Clamps and loom kits.  Take a closer look here.

prod made 4 you

Introducing MSD Atomic EFI, a throttle body kit designed to update engines using outdated carburetors with all of the modern benefits of a fuel injection system. Current aftermarket options to convert a vehicle to EFI can be difficult and time consuming, but with the all-new Atomic EFI all that will change. Atomic EFI was designed for the average car guy, like you. Installation is easy and replaces a 4-barrel carb with just basic tools.   Look Here

prod msd efi

Tanks 1932 Ford Stainless Steel Fuel Tank
 Reproduction of the Original Tank
16 gauge Stainless Steel 304 Grade
Pickup Tube & Vent - Top-Mounted as Required by the Federal Code of Regulations
Take a closer look and get all the specs here

prod tanks fuel tank

Whether you need a radiator for your 32,  your ‘37 or your Tri Five... Saldana  can help you out.   All of Saldana Racing Products aluminum cores are oven brazed. Our Hot Rod radiators are available with 1 or 2 row cores and can be built as a single, double or triple pass for maximum efficiency. We can also add a Spal fan and shroud to cool even the most stubborn engines. Custom radiators are always welcome. Learn More

prod saldana9

Now THIS  is  CLASSY !  But then everything that comes out of Steves Auto Restorations is classy .. check out this custom luggage set ...  these are built specifically for YOU to fit in your car...  The cases can be configured any way that you desire, one case, two cases, three cases, however many that you want. The interiors can be configured with seperate sections or other variations that you may require.  Look here

prod sar1

Buy any of the listed Powerjection III EFI Systems at
 our regular low discounted price and receive a free Professional Products
 Powerflow Billet Oil Filter of your choice.
Learn all about this promotion here

prod performance injection

Stainless Steel Brakes OFFER



Hotrodhotline has a HUGE Event Listing Section....
Check it out here for a show near you.

Hotrodhotline Event Schedule is now Sponsored by Chrome Insurance ... and now when you list your events FREE at Hotrodhotline.com you will automatically have them listed in the Chrome IPad app and on the Chrome Event Listing Page

Good Guys Rod & Custom Association has  a fabulous  2012 schedule of events.  With new shows added, and some changes in locations for some events .. you’ll want to check out the new schedule and make you plans early.  Take a Look

HRH Animated 200x120

NSRA’s  schedule for 2012 is out and it looks like it will be a banner year.   With much planned for their stable of shows,  Joining the NSRA gives you many benefits including discounted show admission, safety inspections, your monthly magazine and much more.  The New NSRA Schedule for 2012 is  now online. So be sure to check that out as well.


Somernites Cruise is gearing up for their first cruise of the year in April. This series is the largest FREE gathering of muscle cars, street rods, hot rods and classics in the country. Every month from April through October, the streets of Somerset, Kentucky are rocking and rolling and roaring with the sounds of cars and rodders. ’Check out the upcoming activities for the April Cruise.... we know youll love it... Learn more here


Good Guys  7th Nashville Nationals
May 18, 19 & 20, 2012, Nashville, TN, LP Field, Titan Stadium
 Over 1,500 Rods, Customs, Classics, Street Machines, Muscle Cars and Trucks thru ’72.
 Super Sunday Get-Together
 Vendor & Manufacturer Exhibits
 Swap Meet & Cars for Sale Corral
Get the details here

biz gg nashville

19th Summer Get-Together presented by J. Rockcliff Realtors  June 2 & 3, 2012, Pleasanton, CA, Alameda County Fairgrounds    Over 3,000 All American or American Powered Rods, Customs, Classics, Muscle Cars, Street Machines & Trucks.   Huge Swap Meet & Cars 4 Sale Corral
 Vendors & Exhibitors  Goodguys AutoCross
 Model & Pedal Car Show  Kid’s Play Area Goodgals Gallery  Over 40 Outdoor Show'n Shine Awards . Details Here

biz gg pleasanton

The Syracuse Nationals is  right around the corner..  July 20th ...  and everything indicates a banner show.  The Twelfth Annual Syracuse Nationals was a Record Setter!   Every attendance record was broken! The car count climbed to 7,589 show cars. Five Canadian provinces and 40 US states where represented at the NY State Fairgrounds. Over 86,748 fans attended the three day event under clear blue Central New York skies.  Be sure you don’t miss the 2012 event ... look here

biz syracuseRightCoast-sitebanner

Tickets to the 10th annual Holley NHRA National Hot Rod Reunion presented by AAA are on sale now! ! The NHRR is scheduled for Father's Day weekend, June 14-16 (Thursday through Saturday) at Beech Bend Raceway Park in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The NHRR is a 3-day festival of speed, hot rods and American automotive enthusiasm. Family-fun activities include Hot Heads nostalgic drag racing, the sensational Cacklefest, free Honoree Reception, SoffSeal Show N Shine, swapmeet, vendor's midway and more. Purchase online

upcoming hrr

The Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum announces the premier Ford-Cobra-Shelby Reunion with an exhibit honoring the 50th Anniversary of the Cobra and a weekend of related events. The Ford-Cobra-Shelby Reunion is a 3-day fun fest for all Ford and Ford-powered vehicles, including GT40s and GTs as well as all Shelby vehicles. The Ford-Cobra-Shelby Reunion is scheduled for April 21, 2012, and most events will be centered at the Museum.

Museum Ford Cobra Shelby event

If you have a show or event coming up  be sure to let us know about it so we can get you posted in our Event Listings AND in the Anpac Mobile IPhone system.  please email us and we’ll be happy to post them in our Event Listings for FREE ! Email details to [email protected]

We continue to add many new businesses to Hotrodhotline.com... providing you with the only place online you need to find the products and services you need..

Since 1974 Pete and Jakes has stood at the forefront of the Hot Rod movement. Starting in the seventies and moving into two thousand and beyond, Pete & Jake's will continue to be the first in quality and innovation leading the way and setting new standards in this exciting and rapidly growing market. We carry a full line of Chassis, Frames, 4 Bars, Ladder Bars, Axles, and many other true Hot Rod Parts. We guarantee you the Best Quality, The Best Service and the the Best Tech Help... check out our full line of products.   Learn more here

biz Pete and Jakes final banner

Tuff Stuff Performance Accessories is a family-owned and operated company that has been in business over 35 years. Tuff Stuff produces premium quality, made in USA, chrome plated, polished aluminum and powder coated alternators, starters, water pumps, power steering pumps, master cylinders, power brake boosters and related accessories for the custom, hot rod, and muscle car markets. All Tuff Stuff products are made from new – not remanufactured - components. All polishing, chrome plating and powder coating is done in house, in Cleveland, Ohio, along with hand assembly and testing. “Our Chrome Will Get You Home” is more than just a tag line – it is your assurance of premium quality and long term dependability that is built into every Tuff Stuff product . See what they have for you


Formed in 2002, Classic Dash is the original maker of molded ABS composite dash panels. Recently, they acquired Thunder Road, the instrument panel maker that emerged about three years ago. With a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and now called Classic Thunder Road, the Nevada-based firm offers hundreds of dash models for Chevrolets, Fords, Pontiacs, and Chryslers. Using thermo-forming machines and a vacuum process that operates at 320 degrees Fahrenheit, Classic Thunder Road molds sheets of ABS composite into modern, clean and stylish instrument panels. The panels, which are lightweight and exceedingly rigid, are impregnated with a UV inhibitor to protect them against sun damage. Says company President, 49-year-old Greg Wambold, Presently two websites exist; however, both Classic Dash and Thunder Road brands will shortly merge in one website: Classic Thunder Road.

biz classic_dash_banner1
biz thunder_road

Performance Injection offers a wide range of performance products with fuel injection systems being the main specialty. Our company goal is to provide quality products at affordable prices with a personalized touch not always found with larger companies. While the company is relatively new, it is backed by many, many years of experience in the performance industry, primarily on the manufacturing side.


Woodys Hot Rodzis quickly building a reputation as “THE Place” to have an amazing Tri Five Chev built ! We were lucky enough to have a booth right across from the George Poteet 57 that Chris built at GNRS... and not only did the crowd loved the car... but it got the Foose Design Award... Check out the fantastic Tri Five’s


Yogi'sWhen you think about Iowa I bet you think of corn fields not car parts, but that’s changing. Yogi’s has become one of the Nation’s largest dealers for Classic Car and Truck, Street Rod and Muscle Car parts. With their central US location, low overhead and “Get it done and do it right” Midwestern work ethic, more and more people are calling Yogi’s their favorite parts supplier.


TANKS, INC. has been a leader in the street rod industry, receiving various awards for safety and innovation. In addition, it was the first to introduce style into street rod gas tanks; radiused edges, die-stamped openings, flush-mounted fittings, indented panels and slotted mounting flanges, just to name a few. It was also the first on the block with a true reproduction Deuce tank, though many had tried and failed. Their exclusive "Baffle-Tunnel" made polyethylene gas tanks a viable choice for the rodder. To top it off, the company holds three patents in the automotive field, two of them for gas tanks


Dynotech Engineering,with more than 80 years of balancing experience, has built custom steel, aluminum and carbon fiber driveshafts for OEM support and replacement, as well as for racing, muscle car, hot rod, four-wheel drive and specialty applications. All Dynotech driveshafts are hand assembled, computer welded and high-speed balanced to the highest standards in the industry. Our custom driveshafts feature the industry’s most sophisticated engineering and building process carried out by our team of highly skilled technicians, which allows us to offer a vibration-free guarantee that has led to our unofficial reputation as the ‘industry referee’ on balancing. Learn More here


Street Rods by Michael, Inc.began as a restoration shop in Nashville, TN in 1990, restoring classics, muscle cars and antiques. Later adding street rods to the mix, helped Michael expand the business. MIchael came to Nashville in 1980 to play music. After a good career as a studio musician, he found that running a shop that specialzed in classic cars was more fun than the music business. Growing up in Oregon, Michael played with cars from the time he was able to sit behind the wheel. Owning literally dozens of hot rods from high school on up gave Michael the experience and passion for cars that has carried over to the business you see today. Check it out here


American Autowireis the premier automotive electrical manufacturer for OEM/Restoration, Modified Restoration, and Street Rod/Custom Vehicles. We currently offer 5 different product lines of wiring harnesses, accessories, and parts that cater to all types of automotive projects. Our products are proudly MADE IN AMERICA at our manufacturing facility in Bellmawr, NJ. American Autowire is celebrating its 25th year in business in 2012!

American Autowire

 Made 4 You shares a commitment to provide exceptional products for the automotive and marine enthusiast, professional builder and racer...in other words...YOU! We're represented by a network of retail and e-commerce distributors on both domestic and international levels. Every step of the process, from idea to part to completed assembly, through shipping, is maintained at the highest standard, insuring consistent quality in both clerical and manufacturing procedures. Each member of our corporate family is community involved, family oriented, and takes personal responsibility for the environment. We are 25 years strong and look forward to another 20 years of providing you with exceptional products you demand and deserve.


Murray Kustom Rods can handle your Hot Rod and Custom needs at any stage of your project. Whether you need a full build up of a car/truck, custom fabrication work, or just repairs performed on your existing creation; we are your guys. Our work is race proven and of the highest quality. If you are tired of not receiving the service you know that you deserve; then bring your next project to Murray Kustom Rods. You will leave with a Hot Rod that you have confidence in and you know is built right!


Our readers just LOVE to see pictures and stories sent in by YOU....  it’s great to share you  build,  your garage shots,  and your RIde with your fellow rodders.  You can send in any pictures you would like to share and we’ll put them online for you.  Just email to [email protected]     Take a look at some of what other car guys have sent in ... and then SEND US YOURS .....

Spring Fling Car & Truck Show – BASF Carizzma Candy Red Silverado  Steve brought out his amazing Chevy Silverado showcasing our BASF R-M Carizzma Candy Cinnamon Quartz Pearl paint. Steve won another Best of Show award this year..   BASF paint is winning more and more awards these days ... and was featured on several cars in the Great 8 at Detroit ...Look here

article basf8

Do you have some moldings or trim parts that look like this ??  Are you  in or near  Ohio ??? Then Superfine Shine is the place you need to get your  parts looking like new.   Take a look at how great these parts turned out after being sent to Super Fine Shine.. Check it out here.

article feat biz suuper fine

American Collectors Insurance covers more than cars!    In addition to being the nations leading provider of collector car insurance we also insure COLLECTIBLES... so whatever your need, take a look at all of the services we offer.   Learn more here.

article american collectors10

Quiet Ride Solutions Plenum Party -  What's a plenum"?  The final distribution port for the HVAC system that distributes the hot and cold air across the front of the vehicle.  QuietRIDE makes heater plenums for the 1949 through 1957 Ford, Mercury and Thunderbird cars as well as the mid-1960s Fairlane and Flacons cars..
Take a look at the “Plenum Party”  here

article quiet ride

Grand Opening of America's Car Museum Nears
Construction is complete for LeMay – America's Ca Car Museum (ACM) as it recently received its Certificate of Occupancy from the city of Tacoma, Wash. Although the official grand opening is set for June 2, ACM is already hosting business meetings and conventions, weddings and, naturally, car club events. Learn all about it

article americas car museum

Centerforce Clutch Diagnostics & Installation guide
This clutch diagnostics guide will help determine the cause of several known clutch failures. Please read all the diagnostics before concluding the cause of a clutch failure. Often, compounding problems will cause a clutch to fail. Keep the following questions in mind:
 1. What is the reason for the replacement of the clutch assembly?
 2. What types of symptoms were occurring in the vehicle?
 3. What changes were made to the vehicle prior to or with the installation
 of the failed clutch component or assembly?
 4. Was the clutch assembly installation performed properly and in
 accordance with the vehicle’s factory service manual?
 5. Has the clutch component or assembly failed in the same manner before?

article centerforce diagnostic guide

Next week we are kicking off a HUGE campaign to help all of clubs and small shows across the country get their events listed in the Hotrodhotline Event Listing page as well as in the CHROME Insurance  I Pad App and  Chrome Insurance Event Listing section.  Watch for news in a separate email next week... but you can get more info now too

article chrome ins

Edelbrock to Host Rev'ved Up 4 Kids Charity Weekend to Benefit Children with Learning Disabilities.  Edelbrockk is excited to host the Rev'ved Up 4 Kids Charity fundraising event from May 5th through May 6th. This year's event promises to have something for everybody, especially people with a passion for the automotive and aftermarket industry! This charity fundraising event benefits The Center For Learning Unlimited; a private educational institution that provides comprehensive education to students with complex learning disabilities.   Learn more here

article edelbrock revvd up

The Murray Kustom Rods crew has a huge gallery of really great looking cars that have come out of their shop... including this very cool 32  Bonneville Car..  Once you see all that they have done,  you’ll want to call on them for your next project...  Enjoy looking at some really fine cars at Murray Kustom Rods

aritcle murray kustom rods

Summit Rod and Custom  has some pretty cool projects going on in their shop, Current Project    1972 Plymouth Barracuda

1972 Plymouth Barracuda. This car will receive a full body respray in its original Hemi Orange color. The factory 318 will be upgraded with a 340.  Check it out here

article summit rod and custom

 RetroPower can rebuild your existing frame and suspension to modern standards or install a pre-assembled state-of-the-art suspension unit from one of our qualified vendors.  We have shop cars built both ways to show you the pros and cons of either set up.  You can select individual components or complete units depending on your needs.  All welding is done in-house.   Learn More Here

featured biz  retro power

When it comes to Chrome Plating ... it’s all in the prep .... so we took a tour of  Sherms Plating to see all that goes into the plating process there.  Sherms  has many award winning customers ... as witnessed at the Grand National Roadster Show this year ....  Take the tour with us now.

shop tour sherms

Image Street Rods has a lot going on in their shop these days... including a new build for Dave Lewis... this 39 Pontiac.    This is going to be one awesome project.. Check out the work on this cool car

article image street rods2

Rodders Row.... where you show off YOUR Car !

article rodders row ray exton pickup

Our New Format gives our Rodders Row a really neat new look.
Send in as many pics and info on your car and we’ll share it with your fellow rodders.

article rodders row 38 chev

Check out the Rodders Row cars here

Hey... It’s  SHOW TIME... and the show articles are rolling in ....  We are well ahead of last years number of shows so it looks like another huge year for Hotrodhotlne.. ...  If you have pics from a show or cruise that you’d like to share...    Email us   at  [email protected] 

show home depot cruise va

Virginia Cruise

show boston wow big al

Boston WOW

show cpp nova cruise

CPP Nova


show huntington beach show roger
shows spring turkey run
show cruisin grand ron podsiadly

Cruisin Grand

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This recent listing in our Real Estate for Car Guys is a South Florida Auto Body Shop ... really a nice looking property.

This residence in Tucson, Az. includes an 8 bay garage featured for sale by owner.  Take a look

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