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Tex Smith needs to make room in his Idaho storage unit so that he can get his big finned Chrysler out of the weather before winter hits ....  soooooo... he’s clearing out his supply of Basic Hot Rods books for only $10 INCLUDING Shipping.  Check out this fantastic deal and then give him a call to get your book shipped asap.  Look here


Steinegger & Eshenbaugh debuted a new engine combination at Speedweek in search of a third World Record. The Lucas Oil Products sponsored roadster is now running a normally aspirated 1800 cc 4 cylinder motor. The Phoenix based Geezers on Nitro posse reworked the motor and fabricated a number of components including a dual mag drive and fuel injection system. The little Toyota never expected to run on Nitro!    Read More Here

article s and e bonneville

Cars are SELLLING  on ! has been selling cars for YOU since 1999 and we have MANY Repeat customers who come back to us time and again to sell their cars ....  You can count on getting great customer service, and an audience of dedicated car guys who are looking for their perfect car.    Give us a call at  877-700-2468 and we’ll be happy to help you sell your car.

sold 67 corvette
sold  ford
sold 26 ford
sold monte carlo
sold 40 ford1
sold 57 chev2
sold 49 chev
sold 34 ford 2
sold 34 ford1

And We Can Sell YOURS Too !

Did you know that you can see the most recent “SOLD” cars in our classifieds ?  Just go to the Classifieds,  Click on  Pre 76 Vehicles where you’ll see  Ford, Chev, categories etc... well there is a category  named  “Solds”  When we are notified of a sale we move the ad over to the solds where it stays until the term of the ad runs out. It’s a good way to see recent sales.

Product News

Wise Guys 3 Point Integrated Bucket Seat is the perfect solution for your rod or muscle car.  New - ISS (Integrated Seating System)
 Fully Integrated 3 Point Seat System,  All Belts Attached to Frame
 Seat Belt retractor attached to Frame, Shoulder Belt Harness Deploys From Finished Face of Seat,  Recliner Mechanism Cable Actuated ,  Meets FMVSS certification (207 & 210),  Seat Belts Available in several colors .    Get the details here.

prod wise guys

Is the dash in your classic muscle car worn out and old? Replace it with these stylish new panels from Classic Dash. Built to replace your current dash and fit like a glove, you have a choice of twenty two different gauge pairing types or you can get these dashes predrilled without any gauges. All of these are available in Carbon Fiber, Black and Brushed Aluminum to fit what ever style you have in mind.  Check out our line here

prod classic dash1

 Classic Instruments is now extending their Velocity series to include the Salt Flat Special, an instrument package that will include the incredibly accurate Sky Drive and 270mph speedometer with a fully programmable halo light. The halo light is an intense red LED light that will illuminate the entire instrument face when triggered.   Get the details here

prod classic instrument

The same quality that you have come to expect from MSD products is now available in the NEW DynaForce Starter. Every starter is all-new and hand-built in the USA. For maximum performance and reliability, each unit is dyno tested and blue printed before it leaves the factory. The armature is balanced during assembly and guided by two ball bearings for smooth engagement during thousands of starts.  Look here

prod dynaforce

Eaton Detroit Spring has been  In business since 1937, with over 166,000 stock applications, chances are we have the spring to fit your application. We offer a full line of Leaf Springs, Coil Springs, Attaching Hardware, Edelbrock Shocks and QA1 Shocks for all our applications. Stock ride height, as well as up to 3 Inches lift or lowering is available for most applications. Our springs are built with the correct SAE 5160 steel, from our library of over 24,000 OE Blueprints. High quality application-correct suspension components are our only business. Let us show you how the proper suspension can give you the ride height and ride quality you are looking for    Learn more here

prod eaton

Goodmark  Industries... Doing a classic car, classic truck, or hot rod restoration? Goodmark has the sheet metal, trim, and auto parts you need to complete your project. Goodmark has strived to maintain high quality on all restoration parts whether your project is a Dodge Challenger, Plymouth Barracuda, Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang, Classic Pick-up, or other classic vehicle.  See how we can help you here..

prod goodmark1

Over the past five years, the GM LS engine family has quickly become the hottest horsepower-per-dollar powerplant on the aftermarket, thanks to huge advances in airflow technology and a plentiful supply of LS1-LS9 engines. Drag racers, hot rodders and tuners know one of the easiest ways to make big LS power is through cam changes and valvetrain adjustment, a task that used to require removing pulleys and dropping the oil pan - until now. .. Learn how Hamburger Performance changed this...

prod hamburger

Koul Tools Since the invention of stainless braided rubber hose, racers and mechanics have been fighting the problem of installing it into the socket part of the assembly. If your lucky and get a clean cut on the end of that hose, you might get it in. Most of the time a little fuzz appears on the hose end and the battle begins. It is not only time consuming, it can get bloody. KOUL tools has delivered a solution that makes the assembly a snap.. Learn how here

prod koul tools1

The Car Lock, most commonly referred to as a Wheel Immobilizer is the ultimate theft protection for the true car enthusiast. Hot rods, muscle cars, classics and exotic rides are extremely vulnerable to theft when left unattended. Older cars don’t have electronic alarms and are not very secure. With the Car Lock you can drive that special car without worrying about where or how long you’ll park it. Get the details here

prod mcgard

Painless Performance  Since we introduced it in 2005, PowerBraid Wire Wrap has become one of our hottest selling products and now we have a second version of this popular wire covering Classic Braid!  What is the appeal of PowerBraid?  First of all is the look.  Unlike traditional convoluted tubing, PowerBraid does not have that hard plastic look.  The best description is that it looks like braided hose and it really dresses up an engine compartment .. get the details here

prod painless

Performance Plus Connection Chrome Gasoline Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator   Regulates your carburetor fuel pressure from 1-6PSI, Universal Fit.  This fuel pressure regulator can adjust your fuel pressure on carbureted engines from 1 to 6 lbs. It fits 5/16 in. and 3/8 in. fuel line, and includes the fittings  Take a look

prod performance plus1

Phoenix Transmission Chrysler A-500 Transmission Introduced in 1989 and 1990 these transmissions are essentially the good, strong 904 and 727 trans with .69 to 1 overdrive added to the rear. 4th gear is controlled electrically, requiring a simple toggle switch to engage 4th gear or lockup in stock applications....   Get the details here

prod phoenix1

Pro-Tec Trailer Security System is designed to monitor and protect the trailer and it's contents. Any movement of the trailer, or the opening of a door will trigger the alarm. This will cause the electrical brakes of the trailer to be applied making movement impossible in addition to exterior alarms alerting the public.. Learn more here

prod pro tec monitor

OEM-style subframe from PST   Why waste time and money trying to repair a dented, bent, or warped subframe? Replace your worn out subframe with a brand new, OEM-style subframe from PST! Our faithful reproductions are electrocoated black and even feature hidden extra bracing on the lower crossmember for added strength when jacking up the car.  Get the details here

prod pst

How HOT is it in your shop or garage ??   You NEED this Quiet Aire cooler.. it’s the perfect solution to keeping cool while you work. Nothing worse than trying to work in a hot building.. Check out all of your options here...  Jack has one and he loves it !

prod quiet aire

 Ricks Tanks is the country’s premier manufacturer of hand crafted stainless steel tanks. Since the early 21st century Rick’s has been providing fuel tanks and specialized fuel system components to the automotive aftermarket. Whether your project requires basic features, or technical chambering with staged multiple pumps you can rest assure your product will be hand made with the highest of standards and concourse quality. We have an extensive product line of production fuel tanks specializing in but not limited to mid 50’s through early 70’s muscle cars, and trucks.. take a look here

prod ricks tanks1

Rust Bullet has been awarded an unprecedented Two Patents from the United States Patent & Trademark Office. Never before has the U.S.P.T.O. issued Two Patents for Two New Technologies to One Rust/Corrosion Control Product. Rust Bullet is a unique single component high solids industrial coating, unparalleled in the coatings industry. Rust Bullet is an advanced coating, which provides far more than just protection. Read More

prod rust bullet1

Spirit Industries 1932 Ford 3 window Coupe Fiberglass Body: Comes fully assemblied. Steel Structure and we use Nida Core on the inside of roof and over the fiberglass floor. We take the nida core and glass over the fiberglass roof and floor. Inner and out door skins which are hinged and latched. Inner and outer trunk is also hinged and latched. Power Windows kits are installed and include weather strips and glass.  Get the details here

prod spirit2

Get the BLACK BACK !  Got cloudy gray trim, but want the black back? Black Max is here to save the day. Vinyl, rubber and plastic will look showroom new in minutes, no matter what color they are. Finally, a dressing that's a cream so it stays on the car, not dripping to the ground. Black Max contains powerful UV blockers to stop or prevent bleaching and cracking from the sun. The finish isn't greasy or glossy, so you get a perfect factory-new look.   Take a look

prod surf city

What do YOU Need?? Braided Stainless Hose Assemblies? Fasteners?? AN Fittings ? Air Tools? Socket or Wrench Sets? Our friends, The Baldi Family, at Top Line Industrial, can help you with so many of your parts and tool needs. Top Line has a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Policy on all of their products. Check out their website then give them a call, they’re great people who you’ll love doing business with ! Check it out here

prod top line1

New Billet Supercharger – The TorqStorm™   This new supercharger is designed to boost performance while also enhancing the look of any custom car, said the company. The supercharger’s unique housing and cover are precision-machined from 6061 aluminum and are available in natural, micro-polished or black anodized finishes.  Internally, the new supercharger features a unique high-flow billet impeller that’s capable of supporting over 500 horsepower while still producing meaningful low rpm boost for improved drivability.  Learn more here

prod torqstorm

Install a stainless steel Williams Shifter Adapter so you can use a different handle on a Lokar shifter. Mounting Holes are 3/8" on 7/8" center like Horst and Tremec. A simple push from the palm of your hand allows you to change gears. Check it out and see how this cool new product works.. Look here

prod williams street rods1

Flaming River Steering Column Accessories  Simplify steering column installation with our Steering Column Accessories. These attractive steering solutions include: Steering Wheel Adapters, Steering Column Installation Kits, Aftermarket Cruise Control, Column Wiring and Horn Relays, Floor Mounts, Column Drops and more. Take a look here

prod flaming river1

Hotronics Products offering FREE Shipping
              Battery Disconnects
           Self Cancelling Turn Signals
         Electronic Fan Switches
 These and many many more top quality MADE IN THE U.S.A. products are avaliable at Hotronics.  We have been working with Hotronics Products since 2000 and have always heard great things about their product line..  Check out all of the fantastic products they have then give Greg at Hotronics a call and get your order shipped FREE
Get details here



Engine Factory
Chevy and Ford Crate Engine Specialists
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Hotrodhotline has a HUGE Event Listing Section....
Check it out here for a show near you

Hotrodhotline Event Schedule is now Sponsored by Chrome Insurance ... and now when you list your events FREE at you will automatically have them listed in the Chrome IPad app and on the Chrome Event Listing Page.   List your event FREE HERE

Good Guys Rod & Custom Association has had a block buster schedule of events for 2012. With some location changes, and new shows... there are still lots of great events for the remainder of the year  with Good Guys.. Check out the 2012 Schedule Now


Somernites Cruise is gearing up for the  August  Mustang Alley.
Are you ready to get stampeded?
At this month's show, we are setting aside a special “Mustang Alley” showcase area to feature all makes and models of Mustangs! Last year, a record 566 Mustangs turned out and put all the other specialty months to shame! Who knows how many will show up this year? Mustangs clubs, make this event a mini-meet for your membership! Somernites welcomes the EliteStangs Mustang Club as our special guests! The club will be holding its national meet at this show! Look for special displays to be on hand as well. All of this Mustang coolness is sponsored by the good folks at Alton Blakely Ford located “on the strip” here in Somerset!
Get the details here


The National Street Rod Association has a great schedule for 2012.   Street Rod Nationals North Plus is next on the calendar September 14 - 16, 2012, at Kalamazoo County Fairgrounds in Kalamazoo, Michigan  Discount available through Friday, August 24th, 2012.   Check out the 2012 schedule and make your plans now


Our friends from the Wheels of Time Show in Macungie are gearing up for another fantastic show this August.   You’ll find many events going on at the show and lots of great cars.   Get the details and make your plans now.



The largest and most fun-filled Corvette event in the world, the annual Corvettes at Carlisle event features more than 5,000 Corvettes representing all generations of America’s classic sports car. Corvette enthusiasm is contagious with participation in autocross, dyno testing, burnouts, and the parade through historic downtown Carlisle...  lots of things going on at this great show so check out the details here.  August 24 - 26th

GOODGUYS 26TH WEST COAST NATIONALS PRESENTED BY FLOWMASTER RETURNS TO PLEASANTON AUGUST 24-26!   This is is the longest running and most prestigious national event on the calendar and will return to the Fairgrounds in Pleasanton August 24-26! The Goodguys 26th West Coast Nationals promises to feature a sun-soaked weekend of hot rodding fellowship and the highest quality cars in the country!  Get the details here


 Cruisin For A Cure is The world's largest one day charity car show in the US.   13th Annual Show - Saturday, Sept. 22, 2012
OC Fair & Events Center, Costa Mesa CA
Supporting CITY of HOPE Prostate Cancer Program
This year the event is just PACKED with special happenings and features. Lots of special PRIZES, and entertainment galore... This is a GREAT SHOW so make your plans now. Look Here


The Schedule is set and all is looking great for a fantastic  California Hot Rod Reunion coming up October 19 - 21, 2012.   This is always a really fun event .... Cacklefest,   Racing at it’s best just like the   good old days ... and a midway full of vendors and Hot Rods..    Tickets are on sale now ... so get the details and make your plans to head out to the California Hot Rod Reunion ... you’ll be glad you did !   Check it out here

article chhr

East Coast Indoor Nationals
The Largest Indoor Pre-73 All American Car & Custom Motorcycle Show On The East Coast December 1-2, 2012    300 of the Regions Finest Antiques, Street Rods, Customs, Muscle Cars, Nostalgia Rods, Hot Rods, Nostalgia Drag Cars & Custom Motorcycles  Will Compete For Awards Including $10,000 in Cash PLus Awards in 2 divisions...  Learn more here


Dead Man's Curve Wild Weekend
Hot Rod Shindig! Aug. 31 & Sept. 1st
The Crossroads Sheraton
One International Blvd.
Mahwah, NJ 07945
For Details

article dead mans curve

More This Week at

 Being a member of the National Street Rod Association® (NSRA) just became even more rewarding. CHROME® classic car insurance from American National Property And Casualty Company (ANPAC®), an official product sponsor of the NSRA since 2010, is proud to announce that it will offer NSRA members ANPAC’s exclusive Benefits Xpress SM  discount.   NSRA members have the opportunity to receive a classic car insurance discount of up to 10%, subject to availability in their state. For details click here

article chrome discount

Dyna Mat Tech Talk   Dynamat Door Kit installation is easy as 1,2,3 ....  Take a look at these step by step instructions and you’ll wonder why you didn’t install Dynamat in your doors before....  it’s really easy and makes such a huge difference in the quality of your ride.   Take a look here

article dynamat tech talk

Rodders Row... Where you can show off YOUR RIDE ...  Our readers love seeing what other guys have done to their cars ....  so send us your pics and tell us about your ride .... share your pride and joy with fellow rodders... Check out the latest.. then send us yours.

article rodders row

Good Guys Giveaway   The iconic Goodguys ’32 Ford sedan logo car is being cloned. Not in a laboratory, but by custom car builder Dave Kindig of Kindig-It Design in Salt Lake City, Utah. Kindig and his team have already spent months building the “new” Goodguys ’32 sedan, readying it for its grand debut at this year’s SEMA show October 30-November 2nd in Las Vegas. The car will be featured in the Goodguys SEMA booth on Hot Rod Alley as well as at the HRIA Industry Awards Reception Wednesday, October 31st.   Get the details here

article gg giveaway

Lojack Recovery in ONE HOUR ...  Lojack, the company that invented the stolen vehicle recovery market, helped police recover the first stolen classic car equipped with a LoJack for Classics system. The 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu, valued at approximately $20,000, was reported stolen on Sunday, December 5 in Vallejo, CA and tracked down –just one hour after LoJack for Classics was activated ...  Get the story here.

article lojack

Kill Switch Car Show – Custom Candy Truck Paint  This past weekend Steve brought out his Chevy Silverado Custom Truck painted BASF R-M Carizzma Cinnamon Quarts Pearl.  So far this year he has won 11 Best of Shows.  Take a closer look here.

article basf paint

American Collectors specializes in TLC ....   Before you take your car to the show, don’t forget the TLC.
  TLC is the most comprehensive emergency expense reimbursement plan available for collector vehicles. Learn more about the extra layer of TLC we offer with our Towing and Labor for Collectors Plan  Learn more here

article amer coll tlc

This Month, Downs Industries is offering a Special on their
"In Stock" 32 Roadster Bodies.

also on sale and In Stock are
 Corvette Roadster Bodies
These Bodies are IN STOCK and available NOW... no waiting !
This special is NOT on our website ...
So Call us and we'll give you the details

article downs

Larry Fisher Named Executive Director of the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum    Fisher is a longtime automotive enthusiast, holding membership in the Society of Automotive Historians and himself a collector of vintage autocycles, motorcycles and microcars. Most recently, Fisher was an interpretive, planning and experience design consultant providing expertise to cultural heritage institutions, parks and attractions. He served as CEO and executive director of the Herreshoff Marine Museum/America’s Cup Hall of Fame in Providence, R.I. Fisher also was a consultant to the president on the creation of the Experience Design Department for The Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Mich.   Read more here


BEHIND THE DOORS ... WITH AL LIEBMANN Shelby’s Speed & Kustom    I had the opportunity to sit down my friend Mark Cain of Shelby’s Speed & Kustom while on trip to NSRA Street Rod Nationals Plus in Louisville, KY.  Mark and his family has been involved in the car scene for a lot of years building there our own cars and years spent with both son’s Shelby and Cody racing the WKA Oval Kart Series and USAC trying to run a Ford Focus Midget. For Shelby the apple didn’t fall far from the tree, he spent all his younger years working at home and in their own shop building cars, engines and setting up his race equipment.   Take the tour with Big Al here

article shop tour shelby rod  and custom big al

sema alert

Court’s Ethanol Decision Jeopardizes Historic Vehicles, Specialty Parts

The U.S. Court of Appeals dismissed a lawsuit which challenged the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) authority to permit 15% ethanol (E15) content in gasoline for 2001 and newer model year cars and light trucks. Over a year ago, the EPA raised the amount of ethanol permitted in gasoline from 10% (E10) to 15% (E15). The agency has approved applications to sell the fuel and it may soon appear at a gas station near you. The SEMA Action Network (SAN) opposes E15 based on scientific evidence that it causes corrosion with incompatible parts. In light of the court’s decision, the SAN is now seeking passage of congressional legislation (H.R. 3199) that would prevent the EPA from permitting E15 sales until the National Academies has conducted a study on how E15 may impact gas-powered vehicles. .. Learn More here.

West Coast Kustoms 2013 Calendar  The New Year will soon be upon us and it is time once again for the West Coast Kustoms 2013 Kustom Car Calendar!  Thirteen beautiful custom cars are featured in full color in 8.5” X 11” format. The cars chosen are all top notch, as they are the winners in the top 3 categories of the 2012 Cruisin'’ Nationals: The best part is, the proceeds from the sale of the calendar go towards the Rich Pichette 1954 Mercury Alzheimer’s Awareness Project with final proceeds going towards Alzheimer’s research and hopes of an eventual cure

article west coast kustoms

When considering  new Disc Brakes, we always have a lot of questions ....  well your questions are all answered by the experts at Stainless Steel Brakes..  From the simple to the complex.. you will get all of the answers in the  FAQ and Tech Info pages.. Take a look here... 

ssbc faq

Featured Shops This Week

JR Custom Plating Performs Professional, Custom Chrome Plating that Exceeds Customer Specifications

We offer custom chrome plating for classic automobiles and antique automobile parts, motorcycle chrome plating, nickel plating on stained glass or leaded glass, and more. JR Custom Plating also specializes in chrome plating some materials that other companies won't work with including the plating of pot metal (diecast) and aluminum. We also can chrome plate brass, steel, and cast iron.. take a look here

article feat biz  jr chrome

Steve's Auto Restorations in Portland, Oregon is a multi-faceted shop specializing in transforming automotive dreams into reality. The street rods built at Steve's range from capable cruise-night machines to highly-detailed, top-echelon show stoppers. In addition to building street rods Steve's Auto Restorations owns and operates Real Steel, a division that specializes in the manufacturing of steel '33/'34 Roadster bodies and replacement sheet-metal parts....  take a look at the build process on this amazing 39 Ford .. a recent SAR Project

article sar 39 ford

Snug Harbor Hot Rods Complete Service For Your Street Rod and Custom Built Engines   Snug Harbor offers a wide array of services and products.. and they also have some great cars for sale... Check out their offerings here

article feat biz snug harbor

At Heinzman Street Rods, we feel the basis of a good car is the enginuity of a custom built chassis.  We specialize in many designs and options for any street rod chassis.   We have many options and years to choose from.... take a look here

article heinzmann

Woody's Hot Rodz has great success at the 43rd Annual NSRA Nationals! See Photos   Louisville was a fantastic show for the team from Woodys Hot Rodz ..  their new Tri Five Chevy products and cars got a huge response and great approval from the spectators at the show... Check it out here.

article woodys

Ready to put the Finishing Touch on your car ??   The Interior can make or break your car ... both in looks and comfort.   Choosing the best is of utmost importance ...  and Finish Line Interiors has a world of experience ... You can see dozens of examples of their work on their website... a great way to get IDEAS too.. Take a look

rticle feat biz  finish line


We are getting in  TONS of car show coverage every day ... and thanks to our new system, we are able to get the articles online quickly.  Last year we had over 1600 car show articles and this year we are way ahead of the number we had at this time last year.. so this will be a RECORD BREAKING YEAR for show coverage.   We want to give a BIG THANKS to our great roving reporters ...  so if you see one of them at a show give them a big thank you for all that they do.  To see our most recent show articles  CLICK HERE

show sticks reunion big al

Sticks Reunion from Big Al Liebmann

show andys picnic michael corazzeli

Andys Picnic with the Brizio team and much more from Michael Corazzelli

show colorado mike bourg1

Mike Bourg sent in 2 shows from Colorado

show harleysville pa dave guttman

Harleysville, PA from Dave Guttman

show hot summer nites deland fl gary rossier

Hot Summer Nites in Florida with Gary Rossier

show rally for cure ohio bill barrand

Rally for a Cure in Ohio from Bill and Cathy Barrand

show hazzard virginia chris hunt
show havasu john stimac1

They’re cruisin in Lake Havasu City .. from John Stimac

Hazzard Reunion in Virginia from Chris Hunt

show nostalgia days dean court

Nostalgia Days from Dean Court

show wheelfast canada jim madigan

Wheelfest in Canada from Jim Madigan

show simi rick merkow

Click Here To see  Our Most Recent Car Show Coverage

Simi Valley Cruise from Rick Merkow

If you take pictures at car shows and would like to share them with our readers, email  [email protected]  or call us at 877-700-2468 and we’ll give you info on sending in show pictures.   If you are having a show and would like us to help you out with goodie bags or stuffers just give us a call  or email  [email protected]

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We are putting on classified ads all day long... so be sure to check back often.  Click here to see the most recent Featured Ads... has been online selling cars since 1999 and we have the best program with the best customer service on the web.  A Featured ad with six pictures and Unlimited Words will run for SIX MONTHS  for only  $125.   We have many repeat customers who say we do the best job at selling their cars ....  You can place an ad online, you can email an ad or you can send it in the mail.  If you need HELP with any of the ad process call us at 877-700-2468 we’re happy to help.

feat 32 ford 3
feat 32 ford 2
feat 23 ford
feat 57 lincoln
feat 32 ford1 feat 34 ford 5 window
feat 61 falcon
feat 62 ford
feat 31 vicki

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