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We’re off to  MINNESOTA ...  Back to the Fifties is this weekend and Hotrodhotline is making the trip for the eleventh year !  What a great time we have at this show... if you are  there... stop by and see us in the Merchandise Mart Building near the space needle.... If you’re not going to BTTF .. WHY  NOT ????  It’s fabulous


1999 Chevy Crew Cab truck, 48 ft. Pace gooseneck trailer with our 1987 Mustang race car was stolen from where it was parked next to our house in Las Vegas, NV on June 18, 2012. The truck has "PineApple Express Racing" on the back of the cab window and is Pewter in color. The trailer is a white Pace, triple axel and also has "PineApple Express Racing" with an image of a Gecko on the back drop down door...  get the details here and let’s see if we can help find this car.

article stolen4

Andy Brizio and Gary Meadors' "Rodfather/Goodguys Road Tour" Set for September Blastoff . On Friday, September 14th a spirited pack of seasoned hot rodders from around the country will gather together as one out on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, go over final checklists then blast east in a thunderous flurry – all one hundred of them whooshing down the highway. Their destination? Indianapolis, Indiana – the Racing Capital of the World, to take in the Goodguys 2nd WIX Filters Speedway Nationals, an event which fills the infield of Indianapolis Motor Speedway with thousands of customized, candy colored classics and hot rods. Learn more here

article gg rodfather

Spring has SPRUNG and cars are selling at ... 
  Everything from Rods to Muscle Cars and more

sold 38 chev2
sold 29 ford3
sold 33 ford1
sold 57 chev1
sold 55 chev3
sold 40 ford4

And we can Sell YOUR Car too....

Did you know that you can see the most recent “SOLD” cars in our classifieds ?  Just go to the Classifieds,  Click on  Pre 76 Vehicles where you’ll see  Ford, Chev, categories etc... well there is a category  named  “Solds”  When we are notified of a sale we move the ad over to the solds where it stays until the term of the ad runs out. It’s a good way to see recent sales. 

This is the time of year when we are working on our cars ... and we need many products ...  this is a great place to find the new products and services you need, and we have lots more in our  News Section and our New Products Section

Engine Factory
Chevy and Ford Crate Engine Specialists
Click Here to See What our Customers
Say About Us


Click Here to see 100’s of Customer Engines Running


Pretty Soon .... it’s going to be SWELTERING in your shop or garage !    There’s only one way to fix that....  we hate to work when the temp is in the 90’s or even higher...  and we get so much more done if we’re working in comfort...  what we’re saying is  YOU DESERVE THIS ...  The perfect system to cool down your shop ... It’s   Quiet Aire ...Jack got one last year and it’s awesome.   Take a look

prod quiet aire

Flaming River Flaming River Synthetic Power Steering Fluid
Formulated for High Performance Steering Systems! This newly developed line of Synthetic Power Steering Fluid is a natural addition to Flaming River’s Power Rack and Pinions and Power Steering Accessory product lines.   Learn more here

prod flaming river14

McGard  Car Lock  The Car Lock, most commonly referred to as a Wheel Immobilizer is the ultimate theft protection for the true car enthusiast. Hot rods, muscle cars, classics and exotic rides are extremely vulnerable to theft when left unattended. Older cars don’t have electronic alarms and are not very secure. Get the details here.

prod car lock

PST   Performance Suspension Technologies 64 -88 GM A/G Body Lowering Springs   Springs are the “muscle” of your suspension and installing brand new units from PST is one of the easiest ways to improve your handling! Mileage, corrosion, age and hard driving all contribute to the eventual failure of springs. PST’s precision-engineered G-MAX® Lowering Springs feature a lowered ride height and increased spring rate for ultimate handling and cornering. Take a look

prod pst2

 Painless Performance 12 Circuit Remote / Trunk Mount Universal Harness  In many street rods and custom cars there is little or no room to mount the fuse block under the dash, forcing modifications to either the car or the harness. This 12 Circuit trunk mount harness provides additional wire from the fuse block to the dash and front end, allowing the remote installation of the fuse block in the trunk or behind the rear seat. Kit comes completely pre-wired and terminated. Take a closer look

prod painless27

Phoenix Transmission   The C6 transmission was introduced in 1966 and was used by Ford for everything from massive Lincolns, to 4x4 trucks and Cobra Jet Torino’s. These are large and strong transmissions that can take much abuse when properly modified. If you need a seriously strong Automatic Transmission for your Ford, a C6 is worth consideration. Gear ratios are: 2.46 1st gear, 1.46 2nd gear and 1.00 3rd gear. Overall length is 33 inches, face to mount distance is 22 3/8 inches  Take a look here

pord phoenix

Top Line Industrial  knows that it’s the fittings that finish off the look under your hood ... all of the great engine components are wasted if the fittings  don’t look just as good !   Our friends the Baldi family at Top Line have the largest inventory at the best prices...  and they’re the greatest people to deal with too.   Check out Top Line for all of your AN fittings and many other accessory parts... Take a look here

prod tp line

Rick's Stainless Steel Muscle Car Gas Tanks
Rick's gas tanks are a direct replacement for the OE tanks. All tanks and parts are fabricated in house at Rick's to ensure only the highest quality for a long lasting, trouble free product. Each tank is hand formed from 304 grade Stainless Steel and TIG welded. All tanks feature a unique baffle system to control fuel tank slosh. Each tank has baffles running front to rear, side to side, and surrounding the fuel pickups to eliminate fuel starvation during acceleration and hard braking. Learn more

prod ricks tanks4

Dynamat New 1967-1970 Charger / Coronet Floor Kit
The perfect sound Damping solution just got easier with Dynamat Custom Cut. Give your floor the solid car feel and effectively block road noise. Dynamat Xtreme Custom Cut to cover the toe board area (pedal area) to the front of the rear riser on:1966-1970 Dodge Charger, Plymouth RoadRunner, Dodge Coronet, Plymouth Satellite, Plymouth Belvedere... others are available as well. Look here

prod dynamat30

 Hedman Performance  BOLT-ON HORSEPOWER FOR 3rd & 4th GEN F-BODIES
Hedman Shorty Hedders for 1982-97 Camaros and Firebirds make great power, Are Made in the USA and now feature CARB E.O. numbers . Get the details here

prod hedman27

Williams Shifter Handle Adapter from Williams Street Rods Install a stainless steel Williams Shifter Adapter so you can use a different handle on a Lokar shifter. Mounting Holes are 3/8" on 7/8" center like Horst and Tremec. A simple push from the palm of your hand allows you to change gears! For more information  click here


Koul Tools    Koul Tools How To Build A Complete AN Hose Assembly  with a little help from a very  Koul Tool ....  Check out this video.


prod koul tools5

US Mags  MHT Forged Edition Offers Ultra High Performance Tire and Wheel packages for a vast range of luxury and exotic application. From the dramatically staggered combination on the Dodge Viper or Lamborghini Murcielago to massive 32" Hummer application, MHT Forged Edition can accommodate nearly every difficult application.  Check it out here

prod mht

Wise Guys Upholstered Seats Coupe 28-34
Since its inception Wise Guys has tried to take an innovative approach to the seating needs of the industry, i.e. 3 point seat frames, tilt pedestal, swivel pedestal to mention a few. We are always looking for new product and ways to improve the existing items not in our product line up. We always welcome ideas from our customers, they are the ones on the front lines   Check out our line here

prod wise guys6

 Performance Plus Connection VIPER BLUE HEAT PROTECTOR SLEEVE SPARK PLUG WIRE BOOTS 10 CYL   You paid dearly for that new spark plug wire set, protect your investment. These Fire Boots are designed for extreme protection of spark plug boots and wires, in excess of 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. (648.8 Celsius) They are used from ultimate race cars, street vehicles, to motor homes.. Take a look here

prod performance plus2

Spirit Industries is home to the biggest T Bucket gathering on the planet ....Held in Mountain Home, AR, T-Buckets come from all over the country to have the time of their lives in the beautiful Ozark Mountains of North Central Arkansas.
 So bring your car, your family and your friends to be reunited with fellow BucketHeads who all share a love for the experience that is....a T-Bucket! Check it out

article spirit1

Rust Bullet   Rust Destroyer Introducing a Patented New Technology for Rust and Corrosion Protection to the Automotive World. Rust Bullet has been Scientifically Proven to be the BEST and has received an unprecedented Two United States Patents! "MORE CARS ARE DESTROYED BY RUST THAN BY ACCIDENTS"-Automobile Association of America (AAA), department of statistics Take your BEST Shot and Start Protecting your Investment Today. Learn more here

prod rust bullet3

The PRO-TEC System is designed to monitor and protect the trailer and it's contents. Any movement of the trailer, or the opening of a door will trigger the alarm. This will cause the electrical brakes of the trailer to be applied making movement impossible in addition to exterior alarms alerting the public.   You can download and view their information brochure here

article pro tech one catalog

Snug Harbor Hot Rods is a full service shop where you can have a car built ... or we can add those features you’ve always wanted... Check out the services offered.

article snug harbor

Classic Dash  GET YOUR FIREBIRD LOOKING HOT WITH A NEW CLASSIC DASH   Is the dash in your Pontiac Firebird worn out and old? Replace it with these stylish new panels from Classic Dash. Built to replace your current dash and fit like a glove, you have a choice of twenty two different gauge pairing types or you can get these dashes predrilled without any gauges. All of these are available in Carbon Fiber, Black and Brushed Aluminium to fit what ever style you have in mind. Look here

prod classic dash

Eaton Detroit Spring  We offer a full line of Leaf Springs, Coil Springs, Attaching Hardware, Edelbrock Shocks and QA1 Shocks for all our applications. Stock ride height, as well as up to 3 Inches lift or lowering is available for most applications.
Our springs are built with the correct SAE 5160 steel, from our library of over 24,000 OE Blueprints. High quality application-correct suspension components are our only business. Let us show you how the proper suspension can give you the ride height and ride quality you are looking for.

prod eaton5

Goodmark  Doing a classic car, classic truck, or hot rod restoration? Goodmark has the sheet metal, trim, and auto parts you need to complete your project.
 Check out this 70-81 Camaro Hood  Look here

prod goodmark1

NEW FROM  MSD ...The Atomic EFI will fit your carbureted engine. The Atomic EFI was designed to bolt on to any square bore, 4-barrel intake. This includes common 4150 and 4160 designs. These intakes can be found on countless engines for muscle cars and hot rods including small and big blocks by Ford, Chevy, and Mopar. There are even aftermarket intake manifolds to convert LS engines.  Learn all about it here

prod msd7

SAR  These are glass replacement lenses for Woodlite (Woodlight) headlights. They are sold in pairs only.  What I have done is take a large round headlight lens for a specific car out of the 1920's that has this fluted pattern and I have cut the donor lens under water then water belt sanded the edges to fit the profile of an original lens. Pictured is one of these lenses in an actual Woodlite... get the details here

prod steves auto

It’s  SHOW TIME .... and you want your car to look it’s best when you’re rolling into a show.   Surf City Garage is the only company that offers  “Enthusiast Grade” detail and car care products.  That’s because it’s founder and owner IS A Real Car Guy.   We tried the Surf City line several years ago ... and now we won’t use anything else... Check out all of the great products here.

prod surf city6

Heinzmans Street Rod Shop '33-34 Ford New Reproduction Frames COMPLETE CHASSIS with IFS   Get the details here.

prod heinzman3

Accelerated Racing Products™ has announced the release of its new TorqStorm™ line of billet centrifugal superchargers.  This new supercharger is designed to boost performance while also enhancing the look of any custom car, said the company.
 The supercharger’s unique housing and cover are precision-machined from 6061 aluminum and are available in natural, micro-polished or black anodized finishes.   Internally, the new supercharger features a unique high-flow billet impeller that’s capable of supporting over 500 horsepower while still producing meaningful low rpm boost for improved drivability,  Take a Look

prod torq storm

 From JB Microfinish...Made for the 64 - 66 Mustang, there isn't any reason why these taillight bezels couldn't be retrofit to other makes or models.  Two finishes are offered - brushed and polished and also a red prismatic lens is available upon request.  Mounting these bezels is a snap.  They are designed to bolt through the OEM light fixtures with hidden fasteners provided.  With a smooth and clean appearance, this product will highlight any early model Mustang street machine.  Take a look here

prod jb micro4

It's all right there in the name. Real Deal Steel.
 The genuine article. At a great deal.
Made just like they were made over 50 years ago; only better.
“The biggest thing to happen to the collector and hot rod market since the reproduction of the '32 Ford.” States well known builder Chris Sondles of Woody's Hot Rodz. “I've been waiting for this day to come.”  Take a look

prod woodyz

We add lots of NEWS articles every day Check out our NEWS SECTION HERE.


Hotrodhotline has a HUGE Event Listing Section....
 Check it out here for a show near you.


Hotrodhotline Event Schedule is now Sponsored by Chrome Insurance ... and now when you list your events FREE at you will automatically have them listed in the Chrome IPad app and on the Chrome Event Listing Page

Good Guys Rod & Custom Association is off to a roaring start with their 2012 season.   With a couple of events under their belt they are forging on to another 20 this year... there’s something for everyone in all parts of the country.   Plan now for your trip ... Click Here


National Street Rod Association has begun it’s 2012 schedule and  as always there is a full schedule of fantastic  Street Rod  “Plus” events ... cars 30 years and older are welcome at all events.   It’s time to make your plans for your favorite NSRA events .. so   Check out the entire schedule now


The kickoff for Somernites Cruise was RECORD BREAKING....  tons of cars and people having fun ! The good news is that they have a cruise every month through October...FREE cruising and lots of fantastic family events going on at this HUGE  monthly cruise. Get the details and make your plans NOW ...Somernites Cruise You’ll also want to check out their very COOL new shirt designs in the Somernites online store...


Carlisle Events has an OUTSTANDING Schedule this year....  this weekend is One of the largest and most diverse of General Motors events, this is the place to be in June. Organized by year, make and model, the NPD showfield will be loaded with top quality restored classics, original muscle cars and modified high-performance new models. Buckle up for: autocross action, indoor displays of concepts, customs, performance and historic vehicles;and  more take a look


The Syracuse Nationals is right around the corner.. July 20th ... and everything indicates a banner show. The Twelfth Annual Syracuse Nationals was a Record Setter! Every attendance record was broken! The car count climbed to 7,589 show cars. Five Canadian provinces and 40 US states where represented at the NY State Fairgrounds. Over 86,748 fans attended the three day event under clear blue Central New York skies. Be sure you don’t miss the 2012 event ... look here


The Wheels of Time Annual Rod & Custom Car Jamboree is held every year on the weekend BEFORE Labor Day weekend. I say this because this way reservations can be made, vacations taken and all round planning will be easier. It’s AUG  24th - 26th
We are happy to present this show for your enjoyment and to give you a chance to show off your ride and to give you a great weekend of fun, relaxation and a opportunity to meet with friends.This is a great show you won’t want to miss.. get the details


East Coast Indoor Nationals
The Largest Indoor Pre-73 All American Car & Custom Motorcycle Show On The East Coast December 1-2, 2012    300 of the Regions Finest Antiques, Street Rods, Customs, Muscle Cars, Nostalgia Rods, Hot Rods, Nostalgia Drag Cars & Custom Motorcycles  Will Compete For Awards Including $10,000 in Cash PLus Awards in 2 divisions... Learn more here


BASF Paint News .How are traditional candy colors made? They are created by spraying a base color, then tinting a clear coat with a dye and spraying it over top. Since dyes typically degrade in sunlight, several coats of clear on top of the tinted color are necessary.

CARIZZMA Dye bases break out of this traditional pattern..... Read more here

prod basf candy

Hotronics Products offering FREE Shipping

Battery Disconnects
Self Cancelling Turn Signals
Electronic Fan Switches

These and many many more top quality MADE IN THE U.S.A.  products are avaliable at Hotronics.  We have been working with Hotronics Products since 2000 and have always heard great things about their product line..  Check out all of the fantastic products they have then give Greg at Hotronics a call and get your order shipped FREE. Check out their line here.


article special hotronics

Stainless Steel Brakes

article special ssbc1

Finding the value of a classic car or a list of nearby car shows just got easier (and cheaper). IPhone users can now download an updated version of the popular CHROME iPhone Application, the first app to include a price guide for classic and antique automobiles, for free. The app was originally released in October 2009.
 Instead of carrying a Blue Book, Black Book or relying on limited online information, iPhone users who
download the CHROME iPhone Application can have at their fingertips.  Learn about this cool  App here

article anpac2

Have you ever seen the “Nibbler” demonstrated at a car show ?  If  not, you are missing out on a fantastic tool.  The Nibblerman is often next to the Hotrodhotline booth at many shows and last year Jack bought one ... well he has not stopped raving about it  !   Take a look at this Demo  VIDEO and you’ll see what a great tool it is.  You can buy one online,  by phone, or you can catch up with Milan aka “Nibblerman”  at a show this summer.

article nibbler man

Finish Line Interiors ..If you have a 60’s car we have some great looking interiors to show you ...  you’ll get some ideas for your next project with the design and execution so well done at Finishline. Take a look here

article finishline1

JR Custom Plating Performs Professional, Custom Chrome Plating that Exceeds Customer Specifications.  The best way to know this is to take a look ..  and this weekend take a look at some of the cars at the Back to the Fifties show.... we’re sure  you’ll see some of their work there ...and JR Custom Plating will have a booth at the show as well so be sure to stop by and see them.

article jr chrome

Centerforce Clutch Diagnostics & Installation guide.
This clutch diagnostics guide will help determine the cause of several known clutch failures. Please read all the diagnostics before concluding the cause of a clutch failure. Often, compounding problems will cause a clutch to fail. Keep the following questions in mind... read more here

article centerforce

Tom Kanyuk, American Collectors’ Founder and Chairman, has always been into cool cars.  When his family had an opportunity to acquire his Dream Car – an original ’57 Ford Fairlane – they did so without realizing what kind of over-the-top project it would become.  Earlier this year, Tom began chronicling his “Journey of a Restomod,” and you can read all about his entertaining highs and lows here...

article american collector2

LoJack Helps to Find a Stolen Mustang Classic.. this is an amazing story ... On March 17, 2012, the owner of a 1965 Ford Mustang Classic went for a cruise on a Saturday, came home and parked his Classic Mustang in front of his home. On Sunday afternoon, March 18, 2012, he discovered that someone had stolen his car. The owner immediately reported the theft of his Mustang to Los Angeles Police Department-Northeast Division. In less than 50 minutes after entry into the California stolen system/National Crime Investigation .... read the rest here

article lojack recover

We got a little note from JoAnn Carlson of the SCTA to remind all of you about Bonneville Speed Week 2012 ... For those who have never gone to Bonneville .... it’s a REAL  Must DO .....   and for those who have been there.... we don’t have to tell you why you have to go already know.  This is the year you should make the trip ... it’s one you’ll never forget... For details look here

article bonneville1

Fastlane Speed and Rod Shop is having a special on their 32 Coupes and Roadsters...  giving FREE options on both of these models...   Get a Bop Top on the roadster and a Fender Package on the Coupe... Get the details here... this is a Hotrodhotline SPECIAL

article fastlane specials

We continue to add many new businesses to providing you with the only place online you need to find the products and services you need..

CRUISE N COMFORT .has a wide range of products for the Car Collector,  Rodder or Muscle Car Enthusiast.  Ranging from  garage equipment,  shaved door kits, their Mobile Lock GPS, Remote Entry systems and much more.  Take a look through the Cruis N Comfort site to learn about all of their great products.  Take a look now


 CAMARO’S From DOWNS ! WOW... what a great development in our industry ! The company that we have known and trusted for years to build fine street rod bodies is now making Camaro bodies... Check this out.. you’ll need one .. And if you have a Camaro and need some body parts ..


Are you concerned with the security of your one-of-a-kind pride and joy?  Classic cars are stolen every day.  To address this problem, LoJack, the company that delivers a 90 percent success rate in tracking and recovering stolen cars and trucks, now offers a stolen vehicle recovery system specifically designed for collector cars.  LoJack for Classics works directly with the police and leverages LoJack’s new self-powered stolen vehicle recovery technology, which doesn’t need to be connected to a vehicle’s electrical system. Learn more here


Cobra Imaging is a  leader in the technology of water transfer printing; providing the opportunity to restore your vehicles interior dash, bezels, and trim mouldings in the traditional look of wood grain or to a more contemporary looks such as carbon fibre, etc.
Used in the automotive industry for years to apply decorative patterns to vehicle interiors, this technology is as durable as it is beautiful. With this process you can customize and restore your interior, engine and wheel components giving them that wow factor.
We have patterns in wood grains, carbon fiber, camouflage, skulls and more, and with our ability to match custom colours the  possibilities are only limited to your imagination. Contact us today and see what we can do for you  Learn more here.


A BIG Welcome to Goodmark Industries... where you can restore your ride and restore your passion with the finest in restoration parts. Goodmark Industries is a leader in restoration sheet metal and trim for classic cars and trucks and now also offers a brand new line of quality refurbished O.E.M. and new aftermarket vintage wheels and wheel accessories. At Goodmark, we strive to produce the best reproduction parts available on the market and at an affordable price. With over 100,000 square feet of stocked warehouse space and a nationwide network of distributors, you are never far away from a Goodmark restoration part or accessory.  Check out their line


We’re breaking records for car show articles this year already..  Thanks to our fantastic Roving Reporters who are doing such a great job ... If you have pictures to share with your fellow rodders  you can upload them at   if you have questions email us   [email protected]

See all of our show coverage here

show gg colo mike bourg

GoodGuys Colorado from Mike Bourg

show la roadster michael

LA Roadster Show from Michael Corazzelli

show west coast muffler dean court
show smithfield cruise wilmington nc big al
show rosies cruise michigan frank english

Cruise in MI from Frank English

Smithfield cruise in Wilmington NC from Big Al

West Coast Muffler show from Dean Court

This is just a FRACTION of the shows that came in this week
We add new shows every day so keep checking back for the latest.
See this weeks shows here !   We list the shows by the date we have posted them but do have the show date in the description. so they are not in order by the date of the show, but by the date we posted them.  .

We’re starting off setting records this spring .....    Check out the new listings every day and if you have a car to selll.....   We can help you

feat 29 ford13
feat 32 ford34
feat 40 ford24
feat 58 chev4
feat 40 ford25
feat 41 ply
feat 65 ply
feat t bucket
willys 2  has been helping rodders sell their cars now for TWELVE +YEARS....  and we offer the best service on the planet.  If you need help with an ad call us tolll free at  877-700-2468.    

We continue to sell more cars and list more private party cars than any other online venue... You can see new featured ads

1 real estate ozarks

Just Two of our recent Car Guy Homes...  Check them all out now... and if you have a home or commercial property that is looking for a  Car Guy Owner... we can show it off for you.

1 real estate wa

Million Dollar View in the Ozarks for only $240,000 includes a huge shop... and a great rambler in Washington for $309,000 are among recent Car Guy properties listed here.  Check them out.

  We’ve  ALL Got Parts.... and we all NEED Parts...  that’s why you should be checking  out the Parts Section of our Classifieds ... AND .. those parts you’ve been tripping over all winter...  the ones that you keep moving out of the way when you’re working in the garage ???   Yes... THOSE ONES....  You can sell them right here. The Ads are FREE ....  and there’s probably someone a few miles away who needs those parts... but they don’t know your HAVE THEM....  Unless you advertise them here.

parts 26
parts 20
parts 27 parts 28

Check out the


parts 21
parts 23
parts 24 parts 25

This is a great time to clear out your garage of those old parts you won’t be using this year... because  someone else NEEDS them !   People all over the country cruise through these parts ads...  there could be a guy a few miles away who needs those parts you want to sell... and they don’t know you have them.... so LIST YOUR PARTS FREE !  Help a fellow rodders and get some extra $$$ in your pocket.


We also want to remind you about our  EMPLOYMENT Ads .... If you have a job opening in the auto industry this is a great place to advertise it ...  we have many talented people in our readership who may be looking for a job.Check it out here


catalog speedway painles2005_Catalog_cover__2_ catalogronfrancis1 catalog eaton steele_catalog
catalog clayton catalog alan grove catalog-julianos FatmanCatalogCover catalog holley

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Hotrodhotline 34 Ford

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