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May 2, 2012

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  The phone was ringing off the hook yesterday with “Sold” Car reports... so it MUST be the season.   Remember ...  Hotrodhotline has been selling cars for rodders since 1999 and we have the largest possible audience for YOUR car ...   Our Featured Ads are only $125. for 6 Months with 6 pictures and unlimited words....  and NOW until May 15th you’ll get a free Blueprint Calendar or  Hotrodhotline Poster when you place a Featured Ad ....    We are also here to help you with your ads .... you can call us at 877-700-2468 and we’re happy to help.  When placing an ad, you can use our automated online system ... OR .. you can email us the pics and info and We will place the ad for you ... you can even Mail your ad in ...  whichever works best for you is good with us ....     So get that ad running so you can sell your car NOW ...

   We received an email this week from long time reader Howard Tarnoff ...  seems Howard has “sellers remorse”  on a truck he sold a few years back ...  Howard would like to find his old truck and perhaps talk about buying it back....   Get the details on how you can help Howard find his old ride here

article find truck

We heard from our friend, Ron Main on the Speed Demon teams latest venture.  Bonneville champions George Poteet and Ron Main join forces  with Cyclone to build The World’s Fastest Steam Car. Cyclone believes that this alliance will help expedite vehicle construction and greatly enhance the Company’s chances to claim the title of world’s fastest steam car.  Read all about it here.

article cyclone is pleased to announce that we have a new Guest Columnist !  Steve Sharp has worked in our industry for many years and is the consumate enthusiast.  “I’m really looking forward to being a part of Hotrod Hotline,” he said. “I love the cars and most of all the people in our sport and our industry. This is going to be great! I was heavily involved with Pro Street back in the day and was a judge at the annual Road Kings show in L.A.  It’s a bit of a home coming and I’m thrilled to be a part of the team!”   Check out Steves first article here. 

article new guest columnist steve sharp

The Justice Brothers, Inc., after decades of race involvement and sponsorships, has been inducted into the prestigious Dry Lakes Racing Hall Of Fame. The induction took place during the 19th Annual “Gas Up” and Dry Lakes Racing ceremony at the Mendenhall Museum, located in Buellton, California on April 28, 2012.   Read more here

article justice brothers

SPRING HAS SPRUNG.... AND  We’re SELLING CARS  at Hotrodhotline  !
We’ve been online since 1999 and offer the best results and great service !

sold 31 ford4 sold 32 coupe2
sold 30 tudor sold 31 vicky
sold 32 roadster 2
sold 32 roadster sold 38 chev2
sold model a roadster
sold model a tudor
sold t bucke sold vette sold wildrod

And we can Sell YOUR Car too....

Did you know that you can see the most recent “SOLD” cars in our classifieds ?  Just go to the Classifieds,  Click on  Pre 76 Vehicles where you’ll see  Ford, Chev, categories etc... well there is a category  named  “Solds”  When we are notified of a sale we move the ad over to the solds where it stays until the term of the ad runs out. It’s a good way to see recent sales. 

This is the time of year when we are working on our cars ... and we need many products ...  this is a great place to find the new products and services you need, and we have lots more in our  News Section and our New Products Section

Alan Grove Components 401 - 425 BUICK Nailhead Bracket System. Steel bracket mounts to the intake and water crossover manifold.
 Two groove water pump and crankshaft pulleys are required for this application.  take a closer look here.

prod alan grov

Our Dolphin line of gauges are available in many colors: White, Gold, Aqua, Tan, Black and Gray. Dolphin Instruments has a style and color gauge set to compliment any custom interior. Our line of great looking, high quality gauges feature the finest air core movements available, glare free lighting, stylish curved glass lenses and polished stainless or gold bezels.

prod dolphin20

 Engine Factory...
Quality !
Commitment !
Excellence !
Click Here to learn more


Painless Performance 12 Circuit Street Legal Race Car Harness.  Use this 12 circuit fuseblock and harness to operate your street legal race car's circuits with the factory installed switches.  Fuseblock provides fused outputs to turn signals, wipers, hazard switch, stop switch, electric fan, radio, gauges, headlights, dome light, electric water pump, electric fuel pump, coil and an accessory... read more here

prod painless28

Clayton Machine Works Drilled i-beam styling. Inserts can be painted or upholstered. Durable chrome plating.  Fits GM, Ford and Chrysler.. These are very nice !
Take a closer look here

prod clayton machine9

Compu Tronix The DIS8™ (Distributorless Ignition System) is derived from new technology created by OEM's to improve timing issues, energy loss, spark degradation and low emission standards associated with normal distributors. By isolating the electronics and incorporating them into our billet aluminum lid, we are able to retrofit technology from this century into your classic American V8. Improving timing consistency at all RPM's, no loss in energy due to spark degradation, better fuel economy, easier start-up and more power.. read more here

prod compu tronix9

Juliano’s original ’40 Column has evolved into this second-generation unit with a re-designed shift lever mechanism and its internal parts more closely modeled after an original ’40 column and shifter assembly.  The new-gen ‘40 column features a spring-loaded shift mechanism with a fulcrum point that provides a mechanical advantage as you move the gear selector up and down, giving the shifter the same feel as one on a late model car.  Check it out here

prod julianos17

Kwik Wire 2nd Gen 22 Circuit Harness   This harness will adapt to G.M., Ford, and Mopar as a cut to fit harness. This harness is based on G.M. color codes. Each group of wires are long enough to adapt to almost any street rod. All of our harnesses are built with GXL type wire that is intended for use in the engine compartment where higher heat resistance is required.  Get more information here

prod kwik wire5

Radir Wheels Has been Quenching the Thirst of traditional Hot Rodders and Drag Racers with 60's Style Products for years, and the newest product from Radir is the 12 spoke Spindle mount Wheel.  Check out their latest offering here

prod radir wheel5

1967-72 Chevy/GMC Pick-Up Gen IV™ is Vintage Air’s most powerful and intelligent climate control system. The Gen IV uses an exclusive fully electronic microprocessor control system eliminate cables or vacuum connections. Separate high capacity copper parallel-flow heat coil and aluminum plate and fin cooling coils provide outstanding performance and instant temperature adjustments.  Learn about it here

prod vintage air7

Fatman Fabrications Our trick new 55-57 Chevy passenger car chassis is designed to fit directly to the original body and sheetmetal. There are 5 different bumper mount bolt patterns used on these cars, so we do not drill these, but we do punch reference points.. You can tuck your bumper up to a tighter custom fit and drill the one set of holes that suit your car. The only modification required to the body will be a small revision of the left rear truck floor for proper clearance of the upper Coilover/Shockwave mount.that small modification allows us to get a 5in stroke coilover to fit, allowing extra travel over the more commonly used 4in units. Learn more


prod fatman13

Bed Wood and Parts the leading manufacturer of specialty bed wood restoration and custom kits has announced a finishing kit for wood. Adding to the BedWood line of extensive and superior quality products are the new finishing products. BedWood EZ Seal & Shine™; a complete finishing kit for protecting and finishing bed wood.  Take a look here

prod bedwood3

Specialty Power Windows Universal Kits.  Our Power Wonder-Lift Cable Driven GM Motor Kit is the most versatile power window kit available and is simple to install. This lift kit completely replaces your old crank handle and regulator. Complete kit contains lower glass channel, GM switches, complete wire harness with switch and motor plugs and flexible stainless steel wire conduit kit for door opening.
Get complete details here

prod specialty power windows1

Hedman Hedders Featured Product - Hedman TIGHT TUBES Street Rod Headers .  TIGHT TUBES have the flattest collector on the market! Exclusively from Hedman, these headers feature a unique 4-into-1 flat collector that produces the same power as a standard collector, while providing maximum clearance. Perfect for Street Rods and custom projects... get all the details here

prod hedman27

Dynamat Featured Product   A better car right out of the box  No Cutting  No Guesswork  The Right Amount of Dynamat for the job. Dynamat Custom Cut is pre-cut to fit your vehicle right out of the box. All you do is peel-and-stick Dynamat to your interior body panels to greatly reduce buzzes, rattles and vibrations.  Check it out here

prod dynamat28

Spal USA Hot Rod/Custom Accessories    Replacement Solenoid     This solenoid has over 40 pounds of force and a small mounting size which make them ideal for early street rods with small doors, antique vehicles and many others..  learn more here

prod spal usa4

Snug Harbor has Hotrods for ALL... including some very cool  Pedal Cars that the weather is warming up, those little ones will want to be cruising too...  choose from  32 Fords,  Mustangs, Retro tricycles and lots of cool outdoor toys for the little ones.

prod snug harbor11

At Surf City Garage, we want your entire car to sparkle and look great .....that’s why we offer a complete line of products geared to YOU .. the enthusiast !    Our enthusiast grade products are top quality to do the best job on your car... like our  “Beyond Black” ... much better than what we’ve seen at the grocery store for years....  our tire dressing is made for enthusiasts to give you that NEW Tire look... not the greased tire look....  check it out here

prod surf city2

Is the dash in your classic muscle car worn out and old  ? Classic Dash 1966 Pontiac GTO/Lemans Black 6 Gauge Panel with Auto Meter Gauges .  Molded UV resistant ABS instrument panel with a Black   Finish will replace the stock gauge panel exactly.  Get all the details here

prod classic dash1

Made 4 You T-Clamp Kits to Complete an Entire Car  All of our clamp kits contain 10/32 stainless steel mounting hardware for a professional finish. A durable plastic storage case is provided for easy access and organization.  Contains everything you need to achieve a professeional chassis and under hood look.  Will complete one car, clamping every 18 inches.  Get more information here

prod made 4 u

Introducing MSD Atomic EFI, a throttle body kit designed to update engines using outdated carburetors with all of the modern benefits of a fuel injection system. Current aftermarket options to convert a vehicle to EFI can be difficult and time consuming, but with the all-new Atomic EFI all that will change. Atomic EFI was designed for the average car guy, like you. Installation is easy and replaces a 4-barrel carb with just basic tools.   Look Here

prod msd efi

Tanks New 1955-56 Ford Passenger Stainless Steel Fuel Tank.  Alloy Coated Steel and Stainless Steel    Made from our Laser Straight Dies the Best in the Industry.   Best Looking Tanks on the Market Today.  Stock Dimensions.  Get the details here

prod tanks

Steve's Auto Restorations ~ SAR
1933 Grille - stamped steel, Plain (fits all passenger cars.  This is a stock reproduction of a 1933 Ford grille with a stock crank hole in bare steel, not chrome plated.  Take a closer look here

prod steves auto restorations1

Gear Vendors ... FORD 3-Speed Automatic - Muscle Car / Street Rod / Restoration.The Ford C4 and C6 transmissions are two of the best performing, most durable transmission ever built. By adding a Gear Vendors Under/Overdrive to these transmissions you have an unbeatable package far superior to any factory overdrive automatic and with 6 close ratio gears for performance... read all about it here

prod gear vendors3

Performance Injection Intake Manifolds   All our intake manifolds incorporate many new features not found in competitive models. Some of today's most popular manifolds were designed 30 years ago and the makers have never bothered to update the tooling to include many of the new features desired by performance enthusiasts. We engineered those features into our manifolds.  Read about them here

prod performance injection1

Pete & Jake's 1932 Heavy I-beam Axle 2 1/4 inch boss ... Henry would be proud ....  Check it out here

prod pete and jakes

Stainless Steel Brakes - SSBC -  New Product Announcement   Quick Change Comp S 4-piston aluminum calipers. 68-73 Disc Brake Mustang
Calipers are constructed from 6061 T6 Billet Aluminum Assembled with stainless steel pistons & bleeder screws 25%more pad contact area than other calipers with this mount 20% thicker pads than other calipers with this mount. Get more info here

prod surf city3

BEBOPS INTRODUCES THEIR NEW 5 WINDOW COUPE BODY ...This "32" 5-Window Coupe Body comes complete with these features :
 Oak Reinforced Interior
Steel Reinforced 1" Boxed Tubing
Steel Plates in Floor Pan
Stock Hinges
Bear Claw Door Latches
Hinged Deck Lid    and many more features... look here

product bebops

New Classic Chevy 1955 Chevy Convertible Clipster    The Clipster is the least expensive way to achieve your dreams of building a classic convertible.  All you need is a donor cowl of any body style, a bit of welding and elbow grease and you have a true convertible body... WOW what a great idea .. get all of the details here

product new chevy classic

sale saldana 2

May Sale
at Saldana Racing
Check it out here

sale saldana 1


Hotrodhotline has a HUGE Event Listing Section....
Check it out here for a show near you.

Hotrodhotline Event Schedule is now Sponsored by Chrome Insurance ... and now when you list your events FREE at you will automatically have them listed in the Chrome IPad app and on the Chrome Event Listing Page

Good Guys Rod & Custom Association has  a fabulous  2012 schedule of events.  With new shows added, and some changes in locations for some events .. you’ll want to check out the new schedule and make you plans early.  Take a Look

HRH Animated 200x120

NSRA’s  schedule for 2012 is out and it looks like it will be a banner year.   With much planned for their stable of shows,  Joining the NSRA gives you many benefits including discounted show admission, safety inspections, your monthly magazine and much more.  The New NSRA Schedule for 2012 is  now online. So be sure to check that out as well.


Somernites Cruise season opener was a BIG HIT... with record attendance and fun for all. This series is the largest FREE gathering of muscle cars, street rods, hot rods and classics in the country. Every month from April through October, the streets of Somerset, Kentucky are rocking and rolling and roaring with the sounds of cars and rodders. ’Check out the upcoming activities for the April Cruise.... we know youll love it... Learn more here


Good Guys  7th Nashville Nationals
May 18, 19 & 20, 2012, Nashville, TN, LP Field, Titan Stadium
 Over 1,500 Rods, Customs, Classics, Street Machines, Muscle Cars and Trucks thru ’72.
 Super Sunday Get-Together
 Vendor & Manufacturer Exhibits
 Swap Meet & Cars for Sale Corral
Get the details here

biz gg nashville

19th Summer Get-Together presented by J. Rockcliff Realtors  June 2 & 3, 2012, Pleasanton, CA, Alameda County Fairgrounds    Over 3,000 All American or American Powered Rods, Customs, Classics, Muscle Cars, Street Machines & Trucks.   Huge Swap Meet & Cars 4 Sale Corral
 Vendors & Exhibitors  Goodguys AutoCross
 Model & Pedal Car Show  Kid’s Play Area Goodgals Gallery  Over 40 Outdoor Show'n Shine Awards . Details Here

biz gg pleasanton

The Syracuse Nationals is  right around the corner..  July 20th ...  and everything indicates a banner show.  The Twelfth Annual Syracuse Nationals was a Record Setter!   Every attendance record was broken! The car count climbed to 7,589 show cars. Five Canadian provinces and 40 US states where represented at the NY State Fairgrounds. Over 86,748 fans attended the three day event under clear blue Central New York skies.  Be sure you don’t miss the 2012 event ... look here

Right Coast 2012 animation

Tickets to the 10th annual Holley NHRA National Hot Rod Reunion presented by AAA are on sale now! ! The NHRR is scheduled for Father's Day weekend, June 14-16 (Thursday through Saturday) at Beech Bend Raceway Park in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The NHRR is a 3-day festival of speed, hot rods and American automotive enthusiasm. Family-fun activities include Hot Heads nostalgic drag racing, the sensational Cacklefest, free Honoree Reception, SoffSeal Show N Shine, swapmeet, vendor's midway and more. Purchase online

upcoming hrr

Shelby Reins Supreme in 2012  Ford Nationals to Host 50th Anniversary Display, Reunions and More
– When more than 45,000 Blue Oval enthusiasts converge for the 18th Carlisle Ford Nationals – presented by Gumout Performance Products, June 1-3 at the Carlisle PA Fairgrounds, they will take part in history.  The 2012 event will showcase multiple vendors, special displays, reunions, a downtown parade and a one-of-a-kind gathering of Carroll Shelby’s name sake, the Shelby Mustang... get the details here

Carlisle Ford_TopHead_2012

East Coast Indoor Nationals The Largest Indoor Pre-73 All American Car & Custom Motorcycle Show On The East Coast December 1-2, 2012    300 of the Regions Finest Antiques, Street Rods, Customs, Muscle Cars, Nostalgia Rods, Hot Rods, Nostalgia Drag Cars & Custom Motorcycles  Will Compete For Awards Including $10,000 in Cash PLus Awards in 2 divisions...  Learn more here


If you have a show or event coming up  be sure to let us know about it so we can get you posted in our Event Listings AND in the Anpac Mobile IPhone system.  please email us and we’ll be happy to post them in our Event Listings for FREE ! Email details to [email protected]

We continue to add many new businesses to providing you with the only place online you need to find the products and services you need..

A BIG Welcome to Goodmark Industries... where you can restore your ride and restore your passion with the finest in restoration parts.  Goodmark Industries is a leader in restoration sheet metal and trim for classic cars and trucks and now also offers a brand new line of quality refurbished O.E.M. and new aftermarket vintage wheels and wheel accessories.  At Goodmark, we strive to produce the best reproduction parts available on the market and at an affordable price.  With over 100,000 square feet of stocked warehouse space and a nationwide network of distributors, you are never far away from a Goodmark restoration part or accessory.


Bebops Glassworks,Inc,  .Athens Tennessee, is one of the nations leading manufactures of high quality fiberglass body for your custom and classic street rod, or restoration projects. Fiberglass body kits, fiberglass fenders, fiberglass street rod trailers and fiberglass street rod bodies are just some of the items we manufacture in our new state of the art facility. Check out their line here


Since 1979 American Street Rod, Inc. has refined the art of fiberglass part production. We've found that the only way to get quality finished fiberglass parts is to use the very best raw materials, attention to detail and experienced craftsmen.  We invite you to browse around and take a look at our street rod pictures and what we have to offer!  take a look here


Torqstorm and Accelerated Tooling, LLC has a passion for cars and racing. We are equipped to manufacture both stock and hi-performance engine parts and are servicing the automotive, racing, performance, construction and off-road industries. In addition to making many types of OEM and after-market parts, we have specialized capabilities: Our "TORQSTORM" Billet Supercharger IS A direct replacement supercharger offering 500+ HP, made from the finest components.  Take a look here


 We’re happy to announce that long time advertiser, Classic Instruments is now one of our Premium Advertisers... this means we will be bringing you more of their fine products here at  When a company is an innovator, and leader in both design and function like Classic Instruments,  there’s a lot of information that our readers really want to see ... and now we’ll be able to bring you ALL of the latest and greatest from a very fine company !

biz classic instruments

Performance Plus Connection is a business whose goal is to offer the best products at the most competitive pricing so your racing, street rod experience, and whatever your project can be fun and affordable. Our company specializes in Thermal Heat Control items, Electrical switches and connectors, automotive tools, and other products that you need to provide optimum performance and safety in your ride. Our commitment is to you the customer. We strive to give you the finest products on the market, and the best value for your money. We guarantee fast, reliable shipping with personalized service.   Take a look here


You may have seen the “Nibblerman” at a car show ... but maybe you didn’t stop to take a look at his amazing tool ... now you can see it in action in a video that shows just how fantastic this tool is ....  Check it out then you can buy online or look him up at a show this summer.  Be sure to tell him Hotrodhotline sent you ! 


Shiny-Hiney is a family-owned and operated source of affordable, high-quality, as well as easy-to-install LED taillights and retro-look accessories.  Being car enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the need for dependable and affordable products along with reliable support and service with integrity. You will notice that our website is  family-friendly (we are SafeSurf rated).  We respect the diversity of other vendors but understand that car restoration can be a family project. We invite you to surf our site and see what we have to offer.


Since 1974 Pete and Jakes has stood at the forefront of the Hot Rod movement. Starting in the seventies and moving into two thousand and beyond, Pete & Jake's will continue to be the first in quality and innovation leading the way and setting new standards in this exciting and rapidly growing market. We carry a full line of Chassis, Frames, 4 Bars, Ladder Bars, Axles, and many other true Hot Rod Parts. We guarantee you the Best Quality, The Best Service and the the Best Tech Help... check out our full line of products.   Learn more here

biz Pete and Jakes final banner

Tuff Stuff Performance Accessories is a family-owned and operated company that has been in business over 35 years. Tuff Stuff produces premium quality, made in USA, chrome plated, polished aluminum and powder coated alternators, starters, water pumps, power steering pumps, master cylinders, power brake boosters and related accessories for the custom, hot rod, and muscle car markets. All Tuff Stuff products are made from new – not remanufactured - components. All polishing, chrome plating and powder coating is done in house, in Cleveland, Ohio, along with hand assembly and testing. “Our Chrome Will Get You Home” is more than just a tag line – it is your assurance of premium quality and long term dependability that is built into every Tuff Stuff product . See what they have for you


Our readers just LOVE to see pictures and stories sent in by YOU....  it’s great to share you  build,  your garage shots,  and your RIde with your fellow rodders.  You can send in any pictures you would like to share and we’ll put them online for you.  Just email to [email protected]     Take a look at some of what other car guys have sent in ... and then SEND US YOURS .....

More than the best paint and the best support.
 As the world’s largest chemical company, BASF offers intelligent solutions based on innovative products and tailor-made services. We create opportunities for success through trusted and reliable partnerships. Our Automotive Refinish business makes and markets the finest coatings available for body shops, restoration facilities, customizers and commercial transportation.. Check out Paint  News for details

article basf9

Do you have some moldings or trim parts that look like this ??  Are you  in or near  Ohio ??? Then Superfine Shine is the place you need to get your  parts looking like new.   Take a look at how great these parts turned out after being sent to Super Fine Shine.. Check it out here.

article feat biz suuper fine

American Collectors Insurance covers more than cars!   Why insure your special bike with standard coverage? After all, your bike is anything but standard! With antique & classic motorcycle insurance, you not only benefit from broader “agreed value” protection, but you also potentially save hundreds of dollars per motorcycle on your annual premium..    Agreed Value protection is just one of the benefits we offer ...  Take a look here

article american collectors mc ins

Why Welder Series? Bracket Compar-O
We’ve spent a good deal of energy focusing on quality parts… quality steel, quality laser cuts, quality machining, and especially quality welding. When we see parts installed at a show, we can pretty much always tell if they’re Welder Series parts based on the weld and edge quality. That said, when a customer came in with a set of four bar brackets that he thought were ours, it didn’t take too much inspection to determine that they didn’t come from our shop.  I wanted to point out some of the features that a Welder Series bracket has versus this similar (but different) bracket... Take a look here

prod welder series8

Tech tip from Weedetr   We can all use a little help from the experts when working on our projects ... that’s why we like to pass along good information when we see it... Like this piece on Suspension travel, geometry, ground clearance and other misconceptions.   read it all here

prod weedetr7

We are kicking off a HUGE campaign to help all of clubs and small shows across the country get their events listed in the Hotrodhotline Event Listing page as well as in the CHROME Insurance  I Pad App and  Chrome Insurance Event Listing section.  Watch for news in a separate email next week... but you can get more info now too

article chrome ins

Edelbrock to Host Rev'ved Up 4 Kids Charity Weekend to Benefit Children with Learning Disabilities.  Edelbrockk is excited to host the Rev'ved Up 4 Kids Charity fundraising event from May 5th through May 6th. This year's event promises to have something for everybody, especially people with a passion for the automotive and aftermarket industry! This charity fundraising event benefits The Center For Learning Unlimited; a private educational institution that provides comprehensive education to students with complex learning disabilities.   Learn more here

article edelbrock revvd up

From Our Friends  ... we get articles from our readers that don’t really fit into any of our categories but which we still want to share.. one of those is from Jim L’Esperance  who writes  “Having grown up in the fifties and sixties my friends and I became hooked on fast cars with lots of chrome and high horsepower engines.  We soon realized that the guy with the hottest car had the best looking girlfriends. (The car was the attraction, not us.)  Because my parents owned two bright red Ford Galaxy convertibles I was able to drive around in nice cars, and of course attract some pretty nice girls! “ Read all about Jim and his path to Drag Racing here

article from friends  drag racing and restoring muscle cars jim lesperance

The Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum presented by Automobile Club of Southern California has collaborated with the Museum of Neon Art (MONA) to open a new exhibit, Neon and the American Road, on Wednesday, May 2 during the monthly Prolong Twilight Cruise. The exhibit is dedicated to automotive-related neon and their illuminating presence across American highways.
Located in the Museum’s Hall of Champions, the exhibit explores the history and development of neon signs along American highways, and how neon changed the look of the nighttime highway scene.   Learn More here

article nhra museum3

Murray Kustoms is a  Hot Rod shop dedicated to the custom metal fabrication of just about anything. Everything from general hot rod maintence and repair to the complete restoration of any classic. We primarily work on antique cars, trucks, and bikes, but we have been known to create parts for anything from assembly lines to aircraft parts. Our services are, but not limited. Check out Greg Harrison's 32 Ford Chassis that Murray Kustom Rods built.

article feat biz murray kustom

Summit Rod and Custom  has some pretty cool projects going on in their shop, Current Project  like this 54 Ford Custom
It’s quite a process... see how they’re coming along.
Check it out here


Image Street Rods has a lot going on in their shop these days... including a new build for Dave Lewis... this 39 Pontiac.    This is going to be one awesome project.. Check out the work on this cool car   You’ll also want to check out their Plasma Cutting Services ... AND  the brand new  Headers that Keith has invented... these are rectangular,  fabricated headers....  really awesome...  Take a look at all that they offer here.

article image street rods2

Rodders Row.... where you show off YOUR Car !

article rodders row ray exton pickup

Our New Format gives our Rodders Row a really neat new look.
Send in as many pics and info on your car and we’ll share it with your fellow rodders.

article rodders row 38 chev

Check out the Rodders Row cars here

Hey... It’s  SHOW TIME... and the show articles are rolling in ....  We are well ahead of last years number of shows so it looks like another huge year for Hotrodhotlne.. ...  If you have pics from a show or cruise that you’d like to share...    Email us   at  [email protected] 

NEWS NEWS NEWS  about our SHOW COVERAGE Articles:       We are still working on getting better navigation from our show article pages and a few other things that we are working out.  BUT ....  There are some Features our NEW Format has that you may not know about.

1)   When you Click on the Slide Show on any picture .... you get a LARGER Image that is very high quality .... AND  you can either save it to your computer if you like ...

OR  you can then advance through the slide show one picture at a time ... 

ALL Suggestions are appreciated ...  email [email protected]  or give us a call at 877-700-2468 with any issues.

show bakersfield les bateman

NSRA Bakersfield from Les Bateman

show benica dean court

Benica Show Dean Court

show cabezon park nm wayne mikosz

Calbezon Park, New Mexico from a new roving reporter, Wayne Mikosz

show connecticut bob warenda show LISRA Big Al
show carrolton va chris hunt

Carrolton VA show from Chris Hunt

Connecticut Show from Bob Warenda

LISRA show from Big Al

show somernites jack roberts
show moab utah bob kennedy
show oregon city roger brinkley

Somernites Cruise from good friend Jack Roberts

Oregon City Show from Roger Brinkley

Moab Utah show from Bob Kennedy

See all of our Show Coverage Here   and be sure to check back often as we add new articles every day.

Spring is here...  and it’s time to Sell Your Car so you can get that new ride for this summer.  Hotrodhotline has ben selling cars for rodders since 1999

Our ads start at just  $25. for our classified ad for SIX MONTHS ...  and our Featured Ads with six pictures and Unlimited words are only $125. for Six Months ...  We’re selling cars like crazy now.... so it’s time to get your ad in with us.   Questions ?  Call us at  877-700-2468  We’re here to help and are happy to place your ad for you or help in any way.   Customer Service is our SPECIALTY !

feat 31 ford pu
feat 32 dearborn 2 feat 34 ford14
feat 40 ford25
feat 35 ford2
feat 37 woodie
feat 51 cad2
feat 47 ford4 feat 49 ford
feat 56 ford pu1
feat 69 camaro3
feat all american manassas va jeff berry
feat chevelle5
feat 75 nova
feat ford pu
feat dearborn deuce
feat noa feat willys1

Check out THOUSANDS of Cars for Sale Here

feat tucson re

This recent listing in our Real Estate for Car Guys is a South Florida Auto Body Shop ... really a nice looking property.

This residence in Tucson, Az. includes an 8 bay garage featured for sale by owner.  Take a look

Do you have a Car Guy Property to sell ?  If so, advertise it with us... it’s only $150. for a SIX Month ad with 20 photos .....  and we DO have the audience for your property. 

  We’ve  ALL Got Parts.... and we all NEED Parts...  that’s why you should be checking  out the Parts Section of our Classifieds ... AND .. those parts you’ve been tripping over all winter...  the ones that you keep moving out of the way when you’re working in the garage ???   Yes... THOSE ONES....  You can sell them right here. The Ads are FREE ....  and there’s probably someone a few miles away who needs those parts... but they don’t know your HAVE THEM....  Unless you advertise them here.

parts 32
parts 31
parts 29
parts 30

Check out the


parts 24 parts 20
parts 33


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 Almost all of what we have at Hotrodhotline is sent in by our Readers... so if you  have show pictures,  a story,  something interesting to share... we’d LOVE to post it for you... Just send to  [email protected]


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