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   Linda Vaughan is such a great lady and an icon in our industry ... we always enjoy seeing her at shows as she is just a fun gal to be around... and much loved in our community.   We wish we could have gone to the Linda Vaughan Roast put on by the Quarter Mile Foundation ..  we knew it would be a big hit ... and of course it was ....  Read all about it here ...

article linda vaughan roast story

The 7th annual Power Cruise  sponsored by Holley Performance  has a new date for 2012!
  September 22nd is the day and it's coming soon so, mark your calendars now! All classic car owners can now join in the rolling car show on what will hopefully be a cooler day than in the past. It's time to tune up your ride and get ready to Power Cruise!  What is the Power Cruise?  On the morning of Sept. 22nd hundreds of hot rods will roll out from six cities: Nashville, Bowling Green, Louisville, Cincinnati, Pikeville, and Chattanooga, all headed for Somernites Cruise in Somerset, KY! We will pickup additional cruisers as we pass thru other cities and towns along the way. Please have your ride fully gassed up and ready to roll!  Get the details here

article somernites

Cars are SELLLING  on ! has been selling cars for YOU since 1999 and we have MANY Repeat customers who come back to us time and again to sell their cars ....  You can count on getting great customer service, and an audience of dedicated car guys who are looking for their perfect car.    Give us a call at  877-700-2468 and we’ll be happy to help you sell your car.


And We Can Sell YOURS Too !

Did you know that you can see the most recent “SOLD” cars in our classifieds ?  Just go to the Classifieds,  Click on  Pre 76 Vehicles where you’ll see  Ford, Chev, categories etc... well there is a category  named  “Solds”  When we are notified of a sale we move the ad over to the solds where it stays until the term of the ad runs out. It’s a good way to see recent sales.

Our  “SOLDS”  section has increased by about 25% over the past month .. so things are SELLING here at ! 


EStopp -   Last month at the NSRA Nats in Louisville .. the EStopp was the buzz at the show.  This fantastic new product won  a Best New Product award and had the whole show talking.   The E-Stopp replaces your existing Emergency Brake  hand, pedal or lever brake and mounts conveniently under your vehicles carriage.  It also serves as an anti theft device.. Learn all about it here.


Our friends at Gandrud Auto Group have signed on as a VIP advertiser at Hotrodhotline .... bringing you the best prices ever on GM Crate motors and Performance parts...  they have a huge stock of motors ready to ship at all times and the best prices ever ... Check it out here.


Product News

Woody's Hot Rodz is proud to announce that the all NEW steel '55 Chevy sedan bodies are now in production.  Woody's and Real Deal Steel have over the past two years introduced all new '55 and '57 convertibles and hardtops to the marketplace but not until now has the '55 post car been available.  The '55 sedan is know as an icon to hot rodders far and wide.  Made popular by cult classic "Two Lane Blacktop" and the classic "American Graffiti" the '55 Chevy two-door post is a part of Americana.  Woody's has also expanded its role in the tri-five marketplace as not only the largest dealer for Real Deal Steel tri-five bodies but now also as a final body assembler of the tri-five bodies at its South East Indiana manufacturing facility.. check it out

article woodys2

Alan Grove Components Flathead Ford Brackets
This bracket is designed for the Ford/Merc. 1937-48 car and 1937-47 truck motors running the 5/8" wide belt. Bracket mounts the Sanden A.C. compressor and GM standard case alternator off of the original generator mounting flange.  Get the details here

prod alan grove1

 Good chance you already know that Hot Rods have been around since the early 1930’s and Bebops has been re-creating these classics for almost 3 decades. From frames to fiberglass bodies, fenders and more… Take a look at our growing list of fiberglass products and let your imagination go wild with the possibilities.. Now you can get their awesome  32  5-Window ... an icon in rodding.. check it out here

prod be bops

The same quality that you have come to expect from MSD products is now available in the NEW DynaForce Starter. Every starter is all-new and hand-built in the USA. For maximum performance and reliability, each unit is dyno tested and blue printed before it leaves the factory. The armature is balanced during assembly and guided by two ball bearings for smooth engagement during thousands of starts.  Look here

prod dynaforce

Bedwood and Parts, LLC has developed a truly innovative product to deliver yesteryear’s classic touch for all light trucks – from 2010 domestic and import models back though the muscle car era to the pre-war classics– the RetroLiner™ wood bed liner system. The RetroLiner wood bed liner system is designed for Pickups, plus SUVs and Crossovers with steel beds or floors.The RetroLiner™ system is a complete package containing all of the required materials needed to make the installation without damage to the factory steel bed.  Learn more here

prod bedwood1

Centerforce® Rebate Alert!    Get A Grip on saving with the NEW Centerforce Rebate Program.
Centerforce is proud to get up to $75 back in your pocket with the NEW Rebate Program. Offer Valid from September 1st, 2012 thru November 31st, 2012.

Get the details here

article centerforce special

  Is the dash in your classic muscle car worn out and old? Replace it with these stylish new panels from Classic Dash. Built to replace your current dash and fit like a glove, you have a choice of twenty two different gauge pairing types or you can get these dashes predrilled without any gauges. All of these are available in Carbon Fiber, Black and Brushed Aluminum to fit what ever style you have in mind.   Get the details here

prod classic dash2

Clayton Machine Works aluminum trim provides that added touch of detail. The trim, available in 4 and 6 foot lengths, can be easily shaped into an unlimited amount of styles and designs. Not only can they be used on door panels, they also make a great design detail on valve covers, air cleaners, etc. Check it out here

prod clayton

Dolphin  5 Gauge Sets ...Our line of great looking, high quality gauges feature the finest air core movements available, glare free lighting, stylish curved glass lenses and polished stainless or gold bezels. The electronic sets include a fully programmable electronic speedometer for easy calibration with any tire size/axle ratio.
 These are just two styles .... check them all out here

prod dolphin1

Dynamat  has The perfect sound Damping solution just got easier with Dynamat Custom Cut. Give your trunk lid the solid car feel, stop vibrations and effectively block road noise. Dynamat Xtreme Custom Cut to cover the inner structure to create a solid quiet ride.  Take a closer look

prod dynamat1

Fatman  Fabrication  trick new 55-57 Chevy passenger car chassis is designed to fit directly to the original body and sheetmetal. There are 5 different bumper mount bolt patterns used on these cars, so we do not drill these, but we do punch reference points.. You can tuck your bumper up to a tighter custom fit and drill the one set of holes that suit your car.   Get all the details here

prod fatman

Hedman  The X-treme X-Junctions is the heart and soul of every Hedman X-treme X-pipe system. And, if you are the consumate do it yourselfer, you can clearly save money, and achieve more horsepower while doing it. Hedman offers it's torque producing X-Junction on its own, allowing you to build a complete exhaust system around it.  Learn More Here

prod hedman

 Juliano’s original ’40 Column has evolved into this second-generation unit with a re-designed shift lever mechanism and its internal parts more closely modeled after an original ’40 column and shifter assembly.
The new-gen ‘40 column features a spring-loaded shift mechanism with a fulcrum point that provides a mechanical advantage as you move the gear selector up and down, giving the shifter the same feel as one on a late model car.
Take a look here

prod julianos1

Kwik Wire  This harness will adapt to G.M., Ford, and Mopar as a cut to fit harness. This harness is based on G.M. color codes. Each group of wires are long enough to adapt to almost any street rod. All of our harnesses are built with GXL type wire that is intended for use in the engine compartment where higher heat resistance is required.  Each of our harnesses are equipped with a coil kill switch. This switch kills power to the coil while allowing power to flow freely to the rest of the vehicle. This switch is used as a safety future when you park your vehicle.  Take a closer look

prod kwik wire1

Made4You T-Clamp Kits to Complete an Entire Car   All of our clamp kits contain 10/32 stainless steel mounting hardware for a professional finish. A durable plastic storage case is provided for easy access and organization. Contains everything you need to achieve a professeional chassis and under hood look.  Will complete one car, clamping every 18". This complete selection of T-Clamps makes it easy to mount and route fuel, brake and transmission lines, electrical wiring, battery cables, vacuum lines and hoses.  Learn more here

prod made 4 you1

Painless Performance Transmission Controller   State-of-the-Art stand-alone transmission controller for the General Motors 4-speed 4L60/65E and 4L80/85E automatics. Fully compatible with carburated, fuel injected and diesel engines. Laptop software included with several "base" calibrations to start off with for each application.  Take a closer look

prod painless1

Performance Injection Intake Manifolds   All our intake manifolds incorporate many new features not found in competitive models. Some of today's most popular manifolds were designed 30 years ago and the makers have never bothered to update the tooling to include many of the new features desired by performance enthusiasts. We engineered those features into our manifolds.  Check out our SPECIAL OFFER HERE

prod perf injection

Pete and Jakes  ‘32 Heavy Axle ... Just Like Henry Made.  Our front ends and rear end assemblies are now a standard in the traditional hot rod chassis. Becoming a cornerstone of the industry took an unwavering commitment to rods and to rodders — guys just like you. It also took talent, enthusiasm, innovation and dedication.  Check out our line here

prod pete and jakes

Radir Wheels Has been Quenching the Thirst of traditional Hot Rodders and Drag Racers with 60's Style Products for years, and the newest product from Radir is the 12 spoke Spindle mount Wheel.   Radir has the coolest in 12 Spoke, and Tri Rib wheels on the Planet. Available in many sizes, Radir Wheels are the perfect accessory to finish off your new ride... or to give your old ride a New Look ! Nothing changes the look of a car more than a new set of wheels. You'll also find the famous Radir Cheater Slicks available now in 8 Sizes. Take a look at the entire product line now

prod radir1

Shiny Hiney Anniversary Sale - 1955-56-57 Chevy Custom Trunk Panel Kit   No Figuring, No Cutting, NO Flimsy Panels    CNC precision-cut, automotive-grade laminate panels install with no mounting hardware!   All four (4) panels come ready to upholster.   Take a look

prod shiny hiney1

SPAL USA, a leader in high performance cooling fans, electronics and vehicle safety accessories, introduces the new Multivision system that is ideal for tow vehicles, RVs, tractor trailers, boats, buses and additional vehicles needing increased visibility. The SPAL Multivision (part # 35100040) allows users to connect up to four cameras to the unit, which in turn splits a single in-cab monitor screen into four images. The device automatically splits the screen into 2, 3, or 4 pictures according to how many cameras are attached to the unit. "For drivers maneuvering a large RV or tow vehicle, the high-quality Multivision is the ultimate in rear vision safety Take a look

prod spal1

Specialty Power Windows Universal, Heavy Duty, Easy to Install Power Window Kits.  Our Power Wonder-Lift Cable Driven GM Motor Kit is the most versatile power window kit available and is simple to install. This lift kit completely replaces your old crank handle and regulator. Complete kit contains lower glass channel, GM switches, complete wire harness with switch and motor plugs and flexible stainless steel wire conduit kit for door opening.  Get the details here

prod specialty pwr windows

SSBC  Stainless Steel Brakes Classic Muscle Car Caliper Kits    New Product Announcement
Quick Change Comp S 4-piston aluminum calipers. 68-73 Disc Brake Mustang 
 100% made in the U.S.A.  get the details here

prod ssbc

Steve's Auto Restorations 1933 Grille - stamped steel, Plain (fits all passenger cars)   This is a stock reproduction of a 1933 Ford grille with a stock crank hole in bare steel, not chrome plated.  Take a closer look here

prod steves resto

Surf City Garage Says ..If you're serious about buffing, here's the all-in-one package with everything you need to do the job. Also includes our revolutionary Beyond Clay product that makes regular clay bars obsolete. So throw away your clay bar and go Beyond Clay to remove contaminants, swirl marks and surface scratches and then to polish.  see the list of products included here.

prod surf city1

New Vintage Air 1967-72 Chevy/GMC Pick-Up
Gen IV™ is Vintage Air’s most powerful and intelligent climate control system. The Gen IV uses an exclusive fully electronic microprocessor control system eliminate cables or vacuum connections. Separate high capacity copper parallel-flow heat coil and aluminum plate and fin cooling coils provide outstanding performance and instant temperature adjustments. Get details here

prod vintage air1

Weedetr Street Rod Components Universal Coil Over Parallel Four Link Kit   Universal parallel four link rear kit with front crossmember/ driveshaft loop and coil overs. Kit includes front crossmember with driveshaft containment loop, front brackets, bars, axle brackets for bars and coil over mounts, shock crossmember,panard rod and axle bracket, aluminum body coil over shocks, hardware and instructions.  Check it out here

prod kwik wire 2

Welder Series Through-Frame Hairpin Mount Kit
HAIRPIN MOUNT KIT to attach an early Ford tie rod end on a split radius rod or hairpin through a 2″ wide boxed frame. From the outside, the look is traditional, but without the bracket below the frame. The unique taper lock keeps the inside of the boxing plate clean. Only a button head shows – no cotter pin to snag the cleaning rag or cut your knuckles  Watch a video on how slick these are...

prod welder series1

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Hotrodhotline Event Schedule is now Sponsored by Chrome Insurance ... and now when you list your events FREE at you will automatically have them listed in the Chrome IPad app and on the Chrome Event Listing Page.   List your event FREE HERE

Good Guys Rod & Custom Association has had a block buster schedule of events for 2012. With some location changes, and new shows... there are still lots of great events for the remainder of the year  with Good Guys.. Check out the 2012 Schedule Now


somernites sept 2

Somernites Cruise  is pleased to announce that Dennis Gage and the My Classic Car tv show crew are scheduled to be at the Sept. 22nd show filming for an upcoming episode! Your car could be featured on national TV! Mark your calendars and save the date!  There is SO MUCH going on in September...  POWER CRUISE,  Meet and Greet ..   Dodge Challenger Raffle and more.. Check it all out here.

somernites sept

The National Street Rod Association has a great schedule for 2012.   Street Rod Nationals North Plus is next on the calendar September 14 - 16, 2012, at Kalamazoo County Fairgrounds in Kalamazoo, Michigan  .   Check out the 2012 schedule and make your plans now


Good Guys 2nd WIX Filters Speedway Nationals
September 21, 22 & 23, 2012, Indianapolis, IN, Indianapolis Motor Speedway   Over 2,500 Rods, Customs, Classics thru ’72,  Super Sunday Get-Together, •Commercial Exhibits.  Swap Meet & Auto Trader Classics Cars 4 Sale Corral ,  Thursday Poker Run, •Nightly Parties
 Indy 500 Track Cruise ,  Model & Pedal Car Show,  Goodguys AutoCross  Get all of the details here

article gg wix nats

 Cruisin For A Cure is The world's largest one day charity car show in the US.   13th Annual Show - Saturday, Sept. 22, 2012
OC Fair & Events Center, Costa Mesa CA
Supporting CITY of HOPE Prostate Cancer Program
This year the event is just PACKED with special happenings and features. Lots of special PRIZES, and entertainment galore... This is a GREAT SHOW so make your plans now. Look Here


The Schedule is set and all is looking great for a fantastic  California Hot Rod Reunion coming up October 19 - 21, 2012.   This is always a really fun event .... Cacklefest,   Racing at it’s best just like the   good old days ... and a midway full of vendors and Hot Rods..    Tickets are on sale now ... so get the details and make your plans to head out to the California Hot Rod Reunion ... you’ll be glad you did !   Check it out here

article chhr

East Coast Indoor Nationals
The Largest Indoor Pre-73 All American Car & Custom Motorcycle Show On The East Coast December 1-2, 2012    300 of the Regions Finest Antiques, Street Rods, Customs, Muscle Cars, Nostalgia Rods, Hot Rods, Nostalgia Drag Cars & Custom Motorcycles  Will Compete For Awards Including $10,000 in Cash PLus Awards in 2 divisions...  Learn more here


Sept 30th in Nassau County  New York ...  a fantastic fun filled car show with entertainment,  a downtown cruise, and lots more.   Eddie Money, The Car Fellas,  George Barris and HUNDREDS of Cars expected.   This will be a great event.. don’t miss it. Get the details here

Cruise to the show large

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Hotrodhotline is very honored to have been selected to help our friends Dave and Joyce Emery to help them market one of the most outstanding cars we have ever seen.  “XS CASH” was unveiled at the Detroit Autorama this year and captured both a Great 8 win and the prestigious  Al Maynard Best 32 Ford award.   This car is truly one of a kind and would be an amazing addition to a discerning collectors stable.  See the Build and learn more about XS Cash Here.

feat xs cash

 Being a member of the National Street Rod Association® (NSRA) just became even more rewarding. CHROME® classic car insurance from American National Property And Casualty Company (ANPAC®), an official product sponsor of the NSRA since 2010, is proud to announce that it will offer NSRA members ANPAC’s exclusive Benefits Xpress SM  discount.   NSRA members have the opportunity to receive a classic car insurance discount of up to 10%, subject to availability in their state. For details click here

article chrome discount

  How are traditional candy colors made? They are created by spraying a base color, then tinting a clear coat with a dye and spraying it over top. Since dyes typically degrade in sunlight, several coats of clear on top of the tinted color are necessary.  CARIZZMA Dye bases break out of this traditional pattern. Formulated as part of the Diamont tint base system, CARIZZMA candy colors have the speed of a basecoat for fast drying and taping times.  Learn more here

article basf2

Gear Vendors FAQ... I have a 3 speed auto and was thinking of a 700R4 swap to get overdrive, but I am wondering how a GEAR VENDORS would be better?
See what Gear Vendors says about these and many other Transmission and Overdrive questions.... Look Here

article gear vendors

Image Street Rods  has lots of great projects ongoing in their shop all the time ...  This 40 ford got wheel tubs and much more... CHeck it out here

article image

Murray Kustom Rods is a Hot Rod shop dedicated to the custom metal fabrication of just about anything. Everything from general hot rod maintence and repair to the complete restoration of any classic. We primarily work on antique cars, trucks, and bikes, but we have been known to create parts for anything from assembly lines to aircraft parts. Our services are, but not limited.  Check out Greg Harrison's 32 Ford Chassis that Murray Kustom Rods built. Take a look

article murray rods

Saldana Radiators  September  Special  All of our  aluminum cores are oven brazed and never use epoxy. Street Rod radiators are available with 1 or 2 row cores and can be built as a single, double, or triple pass for maximum efficiency. We can always add a Spal fan and shroud to cool even the most stubborn engine. Custom radiators to fit your Street Rod are always welcome - they’re our specialty.  See what we have on SALE THIS MONTH

article special saldana1

Snug Harbor Hot Rods 330HP Small Block Chevy Engine
Based on the Economy premise, the Small Block Chevy Engine runs on 87 octane "pump gas", yet maintains great performance and idle qualities of a true ,"HAND BUILT" performance engine ready for the street.  Starting with a polished Intake .450 lift hyd. camshaft [17" vacc. for proper power brake use] Signature aluminum valve covers, 67cc performance cast iron heads, balanced and blueprinted short block with chrome oil pan and timing cover,  You get the "LOOK" and performance at a an unbeatable price.

article snug harbor

article fastlane 2

Why buy used when new is cheaper and Fast too !


Order your Coupe or Roadster in Sept. and get Free Shipping ...  Fastlane Speed and Rod shop has a huge selection of options, paint colors, interiors so that you can build a car to suit your dreams .... 

article fastlane1


We are getting in  TONS of car show coverage every day ... and thanks to our new system, we are able to get the articles online quickly.  Last year we had over 1600 car show articles and this year we are way ahead of the number we had at this time last year.. so this will be a RECORD BREAKING YEAR for show coverage.   We want to give a BIG THANKS to our great roving reporters ...  so if you see one of them at a show give them a big thank you for all that they do.  To see our most recent show articles  CLICK HERE


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