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No Toll Road's Rally at State Capital

No Toll Road's Rally at State Capital


Notice to all concerned Arizona residents;

The Arizona Automobile Hobbyist Council or AAHC is hosting a meeting this coming Wednesday July 11th 2012 beginning at 7 pm at the Denny's Restaurant on 23rd Ave and Northern in Phoenix (1 block east of I-17 & Northern) to help plan the No Toll Road's Rally being held at the Az State Capitol in January.
This Rally is to bring people from all over Arizona together to show our elected officials that the driving public does not want ANY toll roads in our state.

We already pay 18 cents per gallon Az gas tax, (plus a Federal gas tax of 18.4 cents more,) all meant for highway use. So despite what our lawmakers are now saying, there was always plenty of money coming in to maintain our highways and build new roads in Arizona.
The Az State Legislature needs to leave our States gas tax money alone. Just in the last year they took $1.4 Billion of our States gas tax money to balance their budget. Then they turn around and complain that there isn't any money available to maintain or build roads in Arizona. Go figure?

All concerned citizens are invited to attend these planning meetings and we welcome people from the motorcycle rights groups, transportation industry, civic groups or anyone just concerned about adding huge new taxes to our economy through tolling scheme's.
So stand-up Arizona. It's united we drive and divided were taxed at the pump AND tolled on the road. We need to stand together and firmly tell our State Lawmakers that Arizona's motorists are not mobile revenue source's.

Please write or call with questions.

Please RSVP for the meeting on Wednesday,

Thank you,
Al Tracy, President AAHC
623-204-9172, e-mail: [email protected].
Arizona Automobile Hobbyist Council

Bill Gilmore, AAHC Legislative Liaison
602-230-7111, e-mail: [email protected]