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Lonestar Roundup 2014

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Lonestar Roundup 201450Lonestar Roundup 201451Lonestar Roundup 201452Lonestar Roundup 201453Lonestar Roundup 201454Lonestar Roundup 201455Lonestar Roundup 201456Lonestar Roundup 201457Lonestar Roundup 201458Lonestar Roundup 201459Lonestar Roundup 201460Lonestar Roundup 201461Lonestar Roundup 201462Lonestar Roundup 201463Lonestar Roundup 201464Lonestar Roundup 201465Lonestar Roundup 201466Lonestar Roundup 201467Lonestar Roundup 201468Lonestar Roundup 201469

Lonestar Roundup 2014

Austin, Texas
Friday, April 4, 2014
Photos by: Mitzi Valenzuela

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