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Car Show: "Ready...Action!"


Daytona Beach, Florida
Monday, June 24, 2013
Photos by: Gary Rosier

This was the morning part of the filming for the German documentary on Florida and its diverse culture, history and happenings. It will air first in Germany/Frane with an eventual showing in Florida. All who participated in this morning session will get a copy of the CD/documentary.

A few friends dropped by for the first half of the days setting up and shooting. Of course, we really took over the old neighborhood, but everyone really seemed delighted with everything that was going on. Neighbors were taking pictures and it was very interesting, no "ACTION" here..... they say....PLEASE!
I cleaned the same part on my car so many times it wasn't funny but to go thru this whole production was amazing! GREAT People to work with and I can't wait to see how it all turns out.
In the afternoon, we filmed at Cypress Head Golf Course and then moved to the beach where we filmed myself driving up and down the beach. VERY Soft sand, was afraid of getting stuck and overheating too... but "The Beast" performed quite well and again, the whole crew was wonderful, accommodating and considerate of how my car and self were doing time and time again. We filmed well into the early evening at the beach - Cold water/beverages were provided throughout.

Check it out...First half of the day is all I got pic's of because I was doing so much driving or being interviewed, etc. I tried to give everyone I could think of a plug (NPD, DMC, HotRodHotLine -I was wearing your T-Shirt!, Speedi.TV, Mequiar's - I was using your detailer,CRUISE NEWS, etc,etc!)

Thanks Heike, Sascha and company - AWESOME!

Don't forget to check out my site too!  Gary
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