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Car Show: Kanagroo Express, ‘These Colors Don’t Run’ show

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Kanagroo Express, ‘These Colors Don’t Run’ show

Milford, VA
Saturday, June 29, 2013
Photos by: Charles Shotwell

Friday the eminent threat of rain kept us home and the weatherguessers were forecasting massive rain for Saturday too.  So when I got up early Saturday to see what they were pontificating for the days rainfall I was shocked that they were downgrading the storms to 40% probability.  That would still be iffy since we were going to go an hour from home and I really didn’t want to run in the rain that far.  But….the Princess had been confined inside the house far too long to let a little rain keep us from making a drive south to the show.

So Fred and the Princess & I began our 37 mile cruise to Milford, VA and the Kanagroo Express, ‘These Colors Don’t Run’ show.  This was the first attempt of this group to put on a show and it went pretty well.  The venue was on grass, the restrooms were great with the Ladies using the inside permanent facilities and us guys using the porta potties….that worked out well.  I hate it when I’m inside a porta potties and some shrill loud lady is banging on the door yelling “Pregnant Lady, hurry up”  They had a lineup of vendors and the host business, Southern Truck & Custom, had their shop open for us to check out.  Coach was playing his outstanding inventory of music while interjecting some trivia contests to keep the day moving.  They had food but it was a little below what “car show” food usually is….ok but….  The day was just a tad warm but the gentle breeze kept us from leaking too much body fluid out….

Unfortunately there were a couple other shows the same day, one within 19 miles of this one.  This is something that is avoidable if the show planers would consult the websites on the net where shows are listed and respect the date when someone else already has a show planned.  The planner of the show in Milford listed their show early enough that the other planner could have adjusted their show….but they didn’t.  So….everyone loses!  The show we attended had 42 cars; the one in Fredericksburg had a few more than that and the one a little further north had about 30 cars.  So everyone’s attendance was lower than it could have been and the show planners did not make as much money for their charities as they could have….it’s a recipe for a lose-lose scenario and it is easily avoidable.

Of the 42 cars in attendance my favorite was the silver & orange ’55 Chevy big block….it was just neat as a pin and done minimally.  I also like the yellow & white Nash Metropolitan; we have seen that car at other shows over the years.  The Virginia Stockers and Fredericksburg Classic and Muscle Car Club came with a few of their members to support the show.  Both clubs are very active in local events.

The award ceremony was interesting in that because of the low attendance most people went home with a trophy, even the Princess!  The Princess also answered a trivia question correctly and won a left handed softball mitt….think about that.  The Princess, who doesn’t know a thing about softball and would never do anything as strenuous as softball, now has a mitt.   To offer a little insight into what I am going to endure….when the ceremony was over she came hobbling back across the field to the truck, holding up the mitt, yelling “Gentlemen Start Your Engines”.  I shook my head and told her I think she means “Play Ball”…..she says it doesn’t matter, it’s the same thing….I’m doomed.  After the awards were given out we cruised to Family Diner in Fredericksburg for dinner and to attend the weekly cruise that was going on there.  Debie met us there and had called ahead to Debra to make sure they were serving the Seafood Salad!  The Princess gets so whiney if she can’t have what she wants….Debie & Debra know!  A few more cars cam in so we stayed till around 7PM then cruised home….a long day….a good day.


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