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Car Show: Annual PMCC 9-11 Memorial Car Show

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Annual PMCC 9-11 Memorial Car Show

Newton, New Jersey
Sunday, August 18, 2013
Photos by: Don Walsh

We have just relocated from Florida to Pennsylvania and what better way to continue with my HRHL activities than to cover a Car Show sponsored by the Pocono Mountain Corvette Club – one I was associated with prior to moving to Florida.

This show took place in a beautiful grassy area of Sussex Community College in Newton, NJ. The day started reasonably but slight showers took over in the late morning. Even with the rain, I estimated there were at least seventy five vehicles in attendance.

Having been in the area before plus the fact that my son runs 'The Early Vette Shop', a local Corvette restoration shop, I thought I might find some old friends and I did. I also found some new ones. Glen Daves and his wife, Susan own a 1965 Pontiac that had been worked on by 'The Early Vette Shop'. This was my first time seeing Glen and there seems to be a good friendship starting. I also ran into Mike Kolar who owns a slew of Corvettes plus Bob Walsh whose Camaro was rebuilt by the 'Early Vette Shop'. There was quite a fine selection of vehicles in attendance. Near to Glen's Pontiac was a '57 Cadillac that took a major award. Something I hadn't seen in a long time was a 1951 Buick hardtop belonging to Tom DeGroat.

Both before and after the awards presentation, several items, including two TV sets, several other awards plus a 'Tricky Tray' award were taken care of.

By and large, it was a pleasant day for me, attending my first show after returning to PA. Along with that, a new friendship is always a great thing.

- Don Walsh

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