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Car Show: Weekend Update from Charles Shotwell (Cosmic Charlie) September 20, 2013

Weekend Update from Charles Shotwell (Cosmic Charlie) September 20, 2013

Fredericksburg, Virginia
Friday, September 20, 2013
Photos by: Charles Shotwell

Friday we had planned on visiting Ashland, VA and the weekly Chick-fil-A cruise but at the last minute we decided on staying close to home and visit VA BBQ in Fredericksburg instead. Since it’s getting cooler it seems the crowds have been thinning out a bit and Friday there was about 35 vehicles at the Q. All were the usual suspects except for the black ’54 Ford that had been made into a Ranchero of sorts. It is an interesting idea and the second time in two weeks that I have seen something like that. As the evening grew cooler we decided to call it a day and cruised home.

The weatherguessers were calling for lots of rain on Saturday but late in the afternoon so we took the day off. The rain started around 5PM and would last till about midnight which may prove to be problematic for the event Sunday. But around 8PM I received an email from Vince telling me that the show was a go!

Sunday we left Stafford at 8AM and cruised 46 miles to the Orange County, VA airport. The Orange County Cruisers were holding their event that got rained out in June and we always try to make their deals. Last year the event was rained out and the makeup date didn’t work for us and the year before I got sick so the Princess went by herself. So I had not been to the airport for a few years and when I arrived I found that a lot had changed….like all the baseball diamonds, the soccer fields, the new roads in and around the park….it all made a good venue much better. The permanent restrooms were clean and well stocked….something that is always welcome and the food was pretty good for car show fare. The weather could not be improved on….mid 70’s temp, deep blue sky, puffy clouds and a 8-10 mph breeze….it really was comfortable. Except for the morning dew on the grass the field was solid….no worries. They also have the coolest DJ around smacking out the tunes. Except for one missing song, he has a great playlist and runs fun activities during the event to keep everyone interested. Sadly this will be Ron’s last year at the DJ table….he wants to take some time enjoying the retirement he worked for so many years to secure. He has a motor home that would dwarf the space shuttle! So….goodbye DJ Ron, hello RV Ron….the highways will never be the same…grin We parked with Lou & Arlene and shared a canopy all day….it’s always fun spending the day with friends at a car show.

The event had only around 70 vehicles attend….no doubt because of the rain the night before. As I have said before shows and cruises have a personality and this show is loose and comfortable….kinda nice just to be part of it. They also attract a higher percentage of pre 1970 cars which is ok….but I like them all! The one vehicle I always like to see is the pearl white ’32 Ford PU with a blown Boss 429 motor with the radiator in the bed of the truck. I really like this setup. I also like Jerry’s green ’51 shoebox along with red/white ’59 Buick. But the coolest vehicle was the Rat Rod….it had many different parts to make the whole, 32 Chevy grille, some Packard parts, .50 Cal. Ignition wire separators, a belt of 7.62 machine gun blanks….too many interesting parts….and there was always a crowd around the truck….and a young guy was the owner….too kool.

Lou floated the idea and the Princess & Arlene decided that we should take a cruise after the show and go to Elkton, about 44 miles away and check out a cruise there and then try an Italian restaurant out that Lou said was “OK”. The cruise took us through the gorgeous Virginia countryside….becoming one with the rolling hills, the trees and wild flowers….it really is almost a spiritual experience. Till….the Princess says to me “the telephone poles are crooked”….”and some are bent”! Huh? “How did they get that way? Is it global warming? Who would put something up like that? Why don’t they fix them, they look so messy”. I think to myself….has the Princess turned into an escapee from a ‘Sleeping with the Enemy’ movie set? Who cares about the telephone poles with all the scenery to behold? But no….we talked about maybe they are naturally warping as they age, maybe the prevailing wind bends them…. Then she saw about 400 rolled up straw bales and the telephone poles were history….yup.

So when we arrived at the cruise it seemed very unfriendly, only one way in and out and the lot was full and no one offered to assist us! So we backed out and drove across the street to the Italian restaurant for dinner.

Ciro’s Italian Eatery is one of the three best Italian restaurants we have tried. The wait staff is top notch, very attentive and helpful. The outside porch is just perfect for viewing the sweeping Virginia foothills. And the food is superb; cooked correctly, nice portions and presented proficiently. The Princess had Chicken Marsala and I tried the Gnocchi Ciro’s, both were just right. The fried cheesecake is as good as it gets! I would whole heartily recommend Ciro’s to anyone wanting to sample some authentic Italian fare, you will not be disappointed.

Soon it was time to cruise back home….we said our goodbyes to Lou & Arlene then began our 90 mile cruise to the Shotwell hovel….another great day enjoying God’s breathtaking grandeur and wonderful friends while driving around in hot rods….I love this hobby.

- Cosmic Charlie

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