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Car Show: AACA Museum Visit

AACA Museum Visit

Hershey, Pennsylvania
Saturday, October 12, 2013
Photos by: Ben Deutschman

The last stop after we left the Hershey A.A.C.A. Fall Meet, was the A.A.C.A. Museum. Even if one isn’t an automotive enthusiast, this place is worth the time and effort to visit it. The vehicles there aren’t simply stuck in a building aimlessly, there is an order, and a purpose, with each vehicle having an explanatory note about it, detailing its significance, along with the technical details of the vehicle, and original price. In addition to the vehicles, there are also period displays of items that also have explanatory notes with the displays, telling how they fit into automotive history, and American history. In one section, they even had a continuous montage of period Television Shows, from the time period the vehicle display represented, so there was more than just a nice showing of vehicles to look at.

While the Fall Meet had many little known car manufacturers represented at it, the Museum had a number of lesser known Motor Coach manufacturer’s products represented there.

Most of the displays change periodically, so each time one visits, there is always something new to see, and as was the case for me, the opportunity to revisit a display, and learn something I had managed to overlook on my last visit, which was just how many different companies had produced Motor Coaches.

- Ben Deutschman

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