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Car Show: Hershey AACA Fall Meet

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Hershey AACA Fall Meet

Hershey, Pennsylvania
Saturday, October 12, 2013
Photos by: Ben Deutschman

The trip to Hershey always seems endless, going on, and on, and on, and then, you finally arrive. Unfortunately, due to threatening weather on the day we arrived, and absolutely horrendous rain on the day before, vehicle owner attendance was down quite a bit over last year, however, this is not to say there wasn’t a varied and interesting collection of vehicles to see. One such vehicle was a Keller, a little known, and short lived company, founded by George Keller, and located in Huntsville Alabama. For more information on this little known automaker, who only managed to produce 18 vehicles, of which only 3 survive, please go to There was also a rather ungainly vehicle built on the chassis of an International Harvester Travelall, called a Moz at the Show, a Munz, Autocar, a Flanders, a VIM, and a EMF to name a few of the lesser known makes represented at the Hershey A.A.C.A. Fall Meet. For those vehicles that don’t meet the rather rigid standards of the main judging classes at the A.A.C.A. Fall Meet, there is a class called Driver Participation, where a varied collection of vehicles can be found. Of those vehicles, some were a bit shop worn, but by and large, there were a good number of very nice presentable vehicles to be seen, including a Crosley, a Bantam, and a 1970 Plymouth Satellite, among others.

By midday the Sun shown brightly, and the Show drew to a close around 3:00 P.M

I hope I can make this trek with my Son and his girlfriend again next year, so maybe I can get to see more automotive treasures, the likes of which one might never see anywhere else, and maybe one day, that the A.A.C.A. might see fit to add a class, somewhere above the lowly Driver Participation Class, and just below the H.P.O.F. (Historical Preservation of Original Features) class.

- Ben Deutschman

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