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Car Show: 2014 NorthEast Rod and Custom Nationals and the Elite 6

2014 NorthEast Rod and Custom Nationals and the Elite 6

Oaks, Pennsylvania
Sunday, March 23, 2014
Photos by: "Big Al" Liebmann

The NorthEast Rod and Custom Nationals provided the single most spectacular competition within the indoor car show circuit on the East Coast!! Here were the 6 finalists- Rocky Boler / 1933 Ford Coupe, Alan Beers / 1954 Chevy Pick-Up, Jack Stone / 1969 Chevy Chevelle, Dave Warner / 1948 Studebaker Pick-Up, Ken Hollinsworth 1963 ½ Ford Galaxy & Tom Bain / 1969 Chevy Nova received a cash award of $2000, a custom embroidered Elite 6 jacket, and a special award.

The NorthEast Cup is a competition within a competition!! The NorthEast Cup and the "Elite 6" are for those cars shown and registered for our Show Class. Only cars shown for the first time in Philadelphia will be eligible to compete. In addition to the standard judging guidelines, these cars will also be judged on creativity, engineering, workmanship, and "appeal".

The Show Class will be narrowed down to our 6 finalists, which will be known as the "Elite 6". If a vehicle is chosen as part of the Elite 6, they will not be eligible for any class awards. Cars not chosen for the Elite 6 will then compete for the class awards provided by the NorthEast Rod and Custom Nationals. On Saturday evening, the Elite 6 car owners will be asked to attend a meeting to meet the other finalists, the promotion staff, and judges

The winner will receive an additional cash award of $8000 (making a total purse of $10,000 to the winner), the NorthEast Cup winner's jacket, and a one of a kind trophy. Congratulations to Alan Beers 1957 Chevy Pick- Up named “Quicksilver” ...Every single metal panel has been reshaped in some manner by fabricator Jason Smith, and to spectacular effect, but it’s still recognizable as a ’57 Chevy pickup. Body modifications include a smoothed and reshaped firewall, custom inner fenders, pancaked and reshaped hood, a 3 inch chopped top, the cowl was filled and moved forward, the front bumper was narrowed and reshaped, custom tail light bar, hand-formed tailgate and roll pan along with a full belly pan. The bed is fully custom, to accommodate the custom 22″ rims. Both the windshield and back glass opening have been reshaped and flush mounted with custom cut glass

Alan Beers' 1957 Chevy Truck is HOT of being a 2013 Great 8 Riddler finalist and winning Truck of the year, Shades of the Past .Quicksilver has now placed in the top 10 out of 2600 entries at this year's SEMA. Quicksilver, built by has outstanding fit and finish which attracts constant attention at shows.

- Big Al

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