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Car Show: Fresno Dragways 5th Reunion

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Fresno Dragways 5th Reunion

Firebaugh, California
Saturday, May 17, 2014
Photos by: Dean Court

The Eagle Field, 1973 Fresno Drag Race Reunion promoted by Rocky Phillips is "Old School at its Best" This was the 5th. annual race, and it had a good turnout of racers, some who had not been to this track before. The show is opened by 86 year old Elmer ( unsprong ) Snyder who drive a 1953 era flathead powered dragster. Jeff Ataimian made a smoke and fire pass in the Jet powered Beast Dragster. Every race is a flag start by Earl or Chief who used to be the flag man starter at Fremont. Dragsters, Gassers, Muscle Cars and mini Bikes make a grudge race pass down the 1/8 mile 1940s Army Air Strip. Tire Smokin passes were made by Rich Guasco's Pure Hell ( driven by Ron August) and Stormy Byrd in his Revelation Modified Roadster They both smoked the tires the full 1/8 mile. We had to wait until the smoke cleared to see the top end flag girl, to find out who won. Next race in October.


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