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Car Show: Cosmic Charlie Weekend Update 11-29-14

Cosmic Charlie Weekend Update 11-29-14

Over The River And Through The Woods Run 2014

Concord NH
Saturday, November 29, 2014
Photos by: Charles Shotwell

Saturday, Nov 29, 2014, a small group of cruisers left the N. Stafford, Eustace Rd. WAWA to begin the first leg of the 6th Annual, ‘Over The River And Through The Woods Run’.  We would meet others at the WAWA in South Point, VA and leave there precisely 10AM for our 47 mile trek to Oilville, VA.  About 20 cruisers rolled south on Hwy. 1 to the old Arcadia Store where we turned onto Arcadia Rd. and made our way to Chilesburg where we would meet up with 5 more cars.  Winding our way south on the lesser traveled Virginia country roads through Beaverdam, VA and a few more little wide places in the road.  The road was enchanting and the scenery was amazing.  This is why we take the “back roads” whenever we can….it is just adds so much more to the day’s adventures.  When we arrived at the intersection of Rt. 250 and Oilville Rd., we made our only pit stop at the BP station.  Three of our group had stopped way back near Arcadia Rd. to assist Richard and his radiator belt problem on his ’60 Corvair….so while they caught up with us we all waited in the parking lot of the BP and adjacent car wash.

As soon as we were all together we started the last 6 miles to Page Custom Rods & Restorations, which was the destination of the day.  When we arrived we found another group of 15 cruisers already in the parking lot of the shop.  We drove around and finally parked on the access road to the shop….  I knew some were going to meet us at the shop….I just didn’t know how many would be there or what time they would arrive. 

The owner of Page Custom was one of the friendly staff that showed us around their shop.  They do really magnificent work….and they do just about anything from adding an upgrade to complete, frame off restoration or custom hot rod.  It’s always better to see how a shop operates when they “showcase” the projects that are under construction AND the completed ones.  You can tell a lot when the car is apart and going together.  Mr. Page & Rusty graciously showed us around and answered any questions we had….they were impeccable hosts.  They have a painter named Bobby that is renowned by most that know what a great paint job is supposed to be….really top notch.  Some of the shops we have visited over the years had a “snobby” persona….not at Page….they are “car guys” that are happy to serve your needs.  If you have anything you need done to your ride that you can’t handle….just check out Page and see what they can do for you.

Since the other group of cruisers arrived before us, they had done their visiting of the shop and were milling around in the parking lot.  Some left for the next stop at the restaurant before we got the whole group together.  We cut our visit a little short so we could all cruise to the restaurant as a group.  I had called the restaurant twice with the increasing number of cruisers that would be visiting for lunch.  My Mom once told me that if you can’t say anything nice about someone….don‘t say anything at all.  So….all I’m going to say is that I had to wait 2 hours for a glass of water at the restaurant….that’s all I’m going to say about the lunch.

Our group cruises a lot….if you have read my blog you know that.  Most of the times I lead because I know where we are going and I think most expect me to be in front.  But….sometimes I ask others to pick up the front of the pack so I can enjoy the trip too.  As any of you that travel over the roads know, sometimes the GPS or maps take you somewhere you weren’t expecting….  You get lost, or as my Marine Corps friends say “temporarily bewildered, never lost”.  We usually manage through the process and always have another “story” to tell that adds to the humor of our group.  I always wanted to have a sort of traveling award for the leader that gets us lost.  So the Princess and I made a certificate up and bought a coonskin cap and presto the “Boone & Magellan Broken Compass Award” was born!  Since our excursion to Ft. Belvoir recently, to present a donation check to the Fisher House on base, went a little awry when Fred & Lou led the pack, we decided to make Fred the first recipient of the BMBCA.  At the restaurant we presented Fred with the award and with the charge that he must take it wherever he cruises….and prominently display it for others to see, and ask about it.  He was further charged to protect the coonskin cap from his puppies so they don’t use it for a chew toy.  Fred good naturedly accepted the award and began his lobbying for Lou to lead soon!?  Fred will keep the award until the next “leader” has an ‘opps’ moment, then he can award it to the new confused leader….fun, ever heard of it?  After the presentation some of the cruisers began leaving the restaurant and by the time we ate there were only 8 of us left!  So we began the return to our homes via a different route from the one we used to get here.  We always try to change the look of the scenery on the way home.  It was a good day to cruise and be with our friends while checking out a primo shop….next year you have to join us.  It’s always the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

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