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Car Show: Goodguys 17th PPG Nationals

Goodguys 17th PPG Nationals

Columbus, Ohio
Friday, July 11, 2014
Photos by: Jeff Berry

Always a show in itself, big crowd live music great food perfect weather. The Crown Plaza staff did a fantastic job. When we arrived on Thursday, it was a great treat to ride in the Great 8 1965 Buick built by J.F. Lauier. It was really cool running 115 mph in 3rd gear.

This was a special year at Columbus for me and my son Tyler, he has been to every GoodGuys event since 4 years old. I bought a 1962 Nova from Dave Lane over the winter for Tyler's 16th Birthday. Dave was nice enough to take time from his busy schedule to bring the Nova out from Iowa Friday. He was really busy building a 1963 Galaxy Fastback for himself to go on the powertour that he had a deadline on. (awesome car by the way) I will never forget the look on Tyler's face when we met Dave on a remote parking lot where he already had the car unloaded. It was really neat Friday and Saturday evening talking to Tyler about the car at the Host hotel at our trailer. I was surprised a lot of the people remembered the car when Troy at RadRods built the car for George Poteet. The big one of the year there is one show of the year that nobody should miss, the autocross growing every year, all the new builds being debuted and the big car count. The crew at GoodGuys I don't think get enough credit for putting these events on year after year that run like clockwork.

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