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Car Show: Antique Gas & Steam Museum with Model T Ford Club of America

Antique Gas & Steam Museum with Model T Ford Club of America

Vista, CA
Saturday, June 20, 2015
Photos by: Guy Shultz

The Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum in Vista, CA has a biannual show in which antique cars, trucks, tractors and stationary engines are paraded or started and run. The hot rods we so enjoy today are a result of the labor and ingenuity of the folks who designed, built and ran these awesome beasts. From the road graders that smoothed rocks, dirt and mud into passable roads over the Great Plains, deserts and mountains to the tractors that ran the framework of building America into a great country; they are displayed here in all of their glory.

The Model T Ford Club of America was there in force with FUBAR’s, fishing vehicles, W’sIP, to pristine restorations. There were military vehicles, bulldozers and train rides for the kids. There were live forge demonstrations with shop tools being run by a single stationary engine. There were threshing demonstrations that utilized the monstrous steam tractors.

These things are reminders of where we have come from and the hot rods we build and drive today are the heart and soul of America’s love of the automobile.

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