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Car Show: Dead Mans Curve Wild Wednesday Party

Dead Mans Curve Wild Wednesday Party

Montville, NJ
Wednesday, September 2, 2015
Photos by: "Big Al" Liebmann

It doesn't get any better than this on a WEDNESDAY NITE .....Dead Mans Curve WILD WEDNESDAY Party presented by "Dead Man’s Curve Custom Machines" Car Club, held at the world renown Radir Wheels ‘Hot Rod Farm’.

It was insane from when the gates opened at 11AM. OVER 1000 cars & trucks all shapes and styles and they just kept coming in even into the darkness. The burnout pit was opened up after many years and everthing went perfectly. What a night.This GIG is DA BEST !!! OF ALL PARTIES ]The next stop will be Dead Man's Curve Wild Weekend Hot Rod Shindig! Sept 4-6 at Sheraton in Mahwah, NJ

Thanks to the host Richie Conklin and Dead Man Curve gang NJoy the pics.... Big Al

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