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Car Show: Cosmic Charlie Weekend Report

Cosmic Charlie Weekend Report

Fredericksburg, VA
Friday, August 12, 2016
Photos by: Charles Shotwell
Friday we invaded Fredericksburg, VA and the weekly cruise hosted by FC&MCC at VA BBQ.  The temp was above 95 with the heat index somewhere around 103.  Few people came out before the sun went down, no doubt because of the heat.  But eventually there were about 25 hearty souls that braved the heat.  A couple rides were new to the cruise….like the green ’50 Chevy PU and the red/silver ’55 Chevy convertible.  And Ken visited with his white El Camino….we haven’t seen him for over a year!  
The club gave out the trophies and everyone motored home….we had to get ready for tomorrow….in the heat.  The weatherguessers were forecasting a heat index of 110….
Saturday we were going to attend the 14th Annual Fredericksburg Classic & Muscle Car Club show….it’s always a hoot and we like to support our favorite Car Club.  They work at collecting money all year from their 50/50 at the weekly cruise and the proceeds from their annual show.  They use the money to support local needy families especially around Christmas time.  They have always had a positive impact on the lives of many people in and around Fredericksburg, VA.  In addition to supporting something good….the show is the premier event of its kind south of the Occoquan River.
The club knows how to manage the show so it unfolds like a German railroad.  They always have a gaggle of quality vendors to keep the crowd occupied when they aren’t ogling the rides.  And they have a DJ…..  Calling Chip a ‘DJ’ is like calling the Grand Canyon a hole in the ground!  Chip has taken the pulse of the kind of music we all like….and he actually plays it with few announcements breaking up the sounds.  Without a good DJ an event stutters and coughs along….but Chip keeps everything rolling smoothly.
The weatherguessers said it was going to be hot….this is the first time this year that they hit it right.  The temp was 98 degrees with a 472% humidity reading….making the heat index around 10830 degrees centigrade.  Thermonuclear stuff for sure.  I think I saw some people’s unprotected skin begin to sag….like the ending of Indiana Jones!  The Princess does NOT LIKE the heat….not even a little.  She stayed under the canopy most of the day holding court with anyone that ventured into her realm.  The two of us drank nine, 20oz bottles of water and three, G2 Gatorades.  It may have not been enough. 
The quality of the entrants and the diversity of the rides are always over the top.  I think there were about 100 cars registered, which was down from previous years.  No doubt some thought better of sitting outside in the heat trying to drink in as much water as they were sweating out.  I liked the brown ’56 Pontiac the best but there were others that were some of our area’s best examples of hot rodding.  A lot of trucks are showing up at shows & cruises lately….18 trucks and a fire truck attended this show!  I think it’s a good thing.  
The heat began to get oppressive around 1PM and the club mercifully ended the human barbeque when they called the Chinese Auction winners early.  Then the trophies were awarded and the 50/50 winner drawn.  That was when we all dispersed like water on a freshly waxed hood.  
We had wanted to attend the Locust Grove cruise after the show….but….after enduring the asphalt softening heat all day; we decided to go toward the A/C instead.
If you have attended this show before you know it’s a must do show for the year….if you haven’t attended, you need to fix that next year.
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