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Car Show: Woodward Dream Cruise 2016 Coverage

Woodward Dream Cruise 2016 Coverage

Detroit, MI
Saturday, August 20, 2016
Photos by: Les Bateman
Once in a while I get to scratch something off my bucket list; this year it was the Woodward Ave Dream Cruise, held in Michigan.  Woodward runs from downtown Detroit north through Pontiac, Michigan and beyond, which is 17 miles long, and it was infamous for street racing, including a lot of OE manufacturers “testing” their hot new muscle car packages against regular Joes, at night, completely illegally.  
This show is the world’s largest one-day automotive event, and it is insanely crazy good.  Where else can you find a show that is 10 miles long?  Parking for spectators is difficult at best, as the show draws in 1.5 million people and over 40,000 cars; these numbers are estimates as there’s no registration involved.  I discovered that taking pictures is a real challenge because the participant cars are mixed in with regular “pedestrian” vehicles using the street.  This years’ them was a celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Camaro, and there were over 250 Camaros that came rumbling north on Woodward from the GM Center just as I got to Woodward Ave.  Then there was “Mustang Alley”, a side street that was covered with Mustangs for as far as you could see, including the Red Mustang Registry (RMR) cars (153) and the Yellow Mustang Registry (YMR) cars (86).  There’s always a friendly rivalry between the two groups to see who can bring in the most members.  A new feature this year was Roadkill Nights (sponsored by Dodge), which brought back “street racing” to the Avenue, by blocking off Woodward at 17 Mile Road in the town of Pontiac.
All in all it was a great show and I’m very glad I was able to attend.  It should be noted that although the show is a one day event, things start ramping up (informally) during the week prior to the show and continue on for a few days afterwards (informally).
If you haven’t made it to this show you owe it to yourself to attend, at least once!
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